Secretary-General of the United Nations

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The Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon said that “to Kuwait and Iraq, a historic opportunity to renounce the past and move forward to the announcement of a new era of cooperation,” he said, adding “full support of the United Nations to normalize and coordinate relations between them.”

In a report that to the Security Council addressed the options available for the continuation of the functions coordinator of the High-Level for prisoners and the return of Kuwaiti property, (Gennady Tarasov) after the end of his later this month, it was considered that the “next few months longer period to build confidence for Kuwait and Iraq, to settle the outstanding issues between them, “adding: he can” during the next six months that the two sides depends on the full support of the United Nations in order to normalize and coordinate relations between them. ”

He said: “It is considering options to deal with the tasks the United Nations Mission to help Iraq (UNAMI) after a period of work Tarasov later this month,” noting that “one of the options under consideration by the demand of the mission (UNAMI) to accomplish these tasks that Parties concerned have expressed their consent to this option. ” He explained that he “informed the Governments of Kuwait and capacity Iraq Bmnzawrh on Mission (UNAMI) to deal with the relevant authorities in Kuwait and Iraq and the large crowd to its offices and its follow-up to the human rights issues, the makings to follow up on outstanding issues continuously inside Iraq.”

He pointed general secretary of the United Nations that “Kuwait hopes to establish a new mechanism under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations by either appoint a new coordinator or appoint a new special representative or expand functions Mission (UNAMI), to include issues of missing Kuwaitis and others and return of Kuwaiti property after Levy Iraq other obligations. ”

He continued: “It is despite the fact that Baghdad would prefer to end the life of the Tarasov and deal with these issues bilaterally with Kuwait, they do not oppose the inclusion of this file to the functions of the mission (UNAMI).”


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  1. What Moon is really saying is: Iraq, pay your debts to Kuwait you arseholes and stop screwing around.

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