Raise zeros from the currency in 2014

Future News / Baghdad:

The Iraqi Central Bank,told the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives that they will try to raise zeros from the currency beginning in 2014. ”

The Commission Abdul-Hussein al-Yasiri said in a press statement that “the application of the decision to lift the zeros, will contribute significantly to reducing the monetary blocs to quarter, which coincides with the increase in the value of the Iraqi dinar.”

He explained that “the Central Bank informed that they strive to accelerate the implementation of the project beginning in 2014.”

Yassiri added, “demands the central bank to accelerate the application of the decision to lift the zeros, in order to reduce the problems that occur due to the continuation of the current currency trading.”

Observers stresses that deleting three zeros from the currency means deleting three digits from billing records, which requires reform of the currency management system and accounting system in the country.


3 thoughts on “Raise zeros from the currency in 2014

  1. so we are down to well yes we will oh no we won`t yes we are no were not well maybe? this country really sounds confused huh?
    watch what they do not what they say!

    • I’m with you, 2COLLECTDINAR, are they, or aren’t they. That is the question. You are right, watch what they are doing, not what they are saying. There is no contradiction in the direction Iraq is going and in the legitimate steps Iraq is taking to bring its currency to its rightful place in the world. I am waiting with you to see this dinar revalue process come to its fruition. And, oh, what a ride this has been, I am anxiously waiting for it to end.

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