Ministry of Transport launches 260 red bird buses in Baghdad

red bird
Range Press / Baghdad

The Ministry of Transport, on Wednesday, received 260 two-storey buses contracted by the Company (Alba House), and while confirming that these buses will be launched soon in the capital Baghdad, pointed out that the ministries of health and communications had submitted requests for the deployment on buses.

The general director of the General Company for travelers and delegations in the Ministry of Transport Adel al-Saadi said in an interview to (range Press), “It has been contracted with Alba House to buy 260 buses to work in the streets of Baghdad were receiving a large number of them,” noting that “the remaining amount of them will arrive in the next few days. ”

He said al-Saadi “Some technical measures between us and the General Directorate of Traffic to put the paintings traffic to those buses Once complete these measures will see the streets of the capital, Baghdad descent buses (Red Bird to fly towards the service of the citizen),” noting that “a package of concessions will be allocated for bus drivers, such as the allocation of the driver to encourage him and urged him to work on a daily basis and we’ll show this package tomorrow on the Board of Directors for approval. ”

al-Saadi said “There are requests by the Ministry of Health and a number of telecommunications companies to contract with the ministry to publish their advertisements on these buses and this will also benefit the drivers,” pointing out that the ministry “will allocate the proportion (1%) for the driver as well as summer clothes and boots given to the driver including at least (300) thousand dinars. ”

The Ministry of Transportation opened, earlier, the first office for the transfer of citizens from their residence at Baghdad International Airport, “and showed that” citizens can contact by mobile phone to be transferred to the airport terminal directly, “while confirming that” the coming period will witness the opening of a number of offices in Baghdad and the provinces hotels. ”

And declared the Iraqi Ministry of Transport, in the April 28, 2012, that the streets of Baghdad witness mid-May, entering the modern and sophisticated buses double-decker had been imported recently, confirming that it works from central electronic control system .

The company signed a public transport of passengers of the Ministry of Transport in December 2010 signed a contract with the Iraqi Jordanian Alba House company to buy 60 double-decker buses and 10 buses with one floor.

The Ministry of Transport has the equivalent of 50% of the shares company Alba House which will be the exclusive agent for the sale of buses in Iraq.

The bus came to Iraq at the end of the forties of the last century with the expansion of the city of Baghdad and entered some buses one type Coeur then was called red car and then came (to jackets red) and were these cars are divided into two parts The front sections of cloth and be conducted fifteen wooden benches ten fils.