Iraqi government rejects the request of the Deputy U.S. Treasury Secretary to impose a blockade on Iran and Syria

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{Baghdad Ambassador: News}
Revealed the Iraqi Foreign Ministry for the meetings held by the government with the Deputy U.S. Treasury Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence David Cohen, did not lead to any agreement on the application of sanctions on Syria and Iran.

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry said the government had asked the Americans an exemption from the sanctions against Iran, rejecting also be applied to Syria.

He said, however, Abawi, senior agent of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “We have not reached any agreement in meetings between us and the U.S. envoy, regarding sanctions against Syria and Iran, and confined the meeting to exchange views with Deputy U.S. Treasury Secretary for terrorism,” adding, “We told them that our commitment to the application international resolutions must not be at the expense of the interests of Iraq. ”

He Abbawi “We have asked the United States exemption from the application of sanctions on Iran,” stressing that “our economic relations with Iran continues, does not conflict with the international resolutions.”

Abawi said that Iraq “against sanctions on Syria, will not share the blockade,” explaining that “our economic relations with Syria stalled because of the security situation, and the attacks carried out by militants near the border.”

The U.S. embassy in Baghdad said in a statement that “Deputy U.S. Treasury Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Information David Cohen, visiting Iraq in an effort to continue the efforts of the Treasury Department in the face of threats from terrorist financing, as well as for the application of international sanctions signed against the Governments of Iran and Syria.”

The statement pointed out that Cohen “a series of productive meetings with senior Iraqi officials, during which he discussed the importance of economic sanctions signed in pressure on the Iranian government in response to the concerns of the international community toward Iran’s nuclear program.”