Iraq exceeded 1000 tons in the export of liquid gas for the first time in its history

Minister of Oil Jabbar Allaibi on Thursday said that Iraq has exceeded the threshold of 1,000 tons in the export of gas for the first time ever.

“The export rate for the first time in Iraq exceeds 1,000 tons of liquid gas and the capacitors exceed 14,000 tons per day,” Al-Luaibi told a news conference during the opening of the liquid gas unit in the southern refineries.

He added that “the unit of liquid gas in the refineries of the South will operate 200 tons per day of liquid gas to add to the national production capacity and reach the threshold of 6000 thousand tons a day,” stressing that “the gas sector has seen qualitative leaps and accelerated and will be opened during the coming period other projects”.

“Major achievements have been made in the oil, extractive sectors and in the infrastructure, transformation and distribution sectors,” al-Luaibi said, expressing the hope that “these achievements will be in the interest of the Iraqi people.”


Alghad Press