Iraq calls on Germany to release frozen funds in some of its banks and the opening of its consulate in Basra

Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari called on Germany to release its frozen funds in some of its banks, and called for the opening of its consulate in the province of Basra.

“We have demanded the release of frozen Iraqi funds in German banks,” Jaafari told a news conference with his German counterpart Ziegmar Gabriel.

“The support provided by Germany is not small, both financially and logistically, and Germany has stood by the issues demanded by Iraq to strengthen its position in the United Nations. We highly value this, but because the confrontation with the terrorist gangs is not limited and the sabotage capability has threatened not only Iraq Syria is threatening the Middle East and the world, and its danger is large and wide, so we need support.”

“While we thank Germany for its support, we look forward to doubling its support for Iraq at all levels, both financial and military, as well as supporting Iraqi positions at the United Nations,” he said.

Jaafari pointed out that the various military forces all united their position under the command of the commander of the Iraqi armed forces Haider Abadi, all fighting under one tent and achieved victories respected by the world, and the security process in Iraq progress but do not eliminate the factor of financial support Iraq is a country rich and multi-resources, The current situation is suffering from a decline in the financial budget due to the drop in oil prices and the high costs of the war.

“Germany fought wars in World War I and the second and well appreciated the circumstances of the country that is going through the war,” Jaafari said, noting that “the Iraqis have made every effort to unite the Iraqi situation and we need financial support from friendly countries.”

Jaafari called on Germany “to receive the injured from the security forces for treatment in German hospitals, especially since Germany has a surgical experience according to the wars I and II, which has experienced a very experienced experience in the field of surgical overlap.”

Al-Jaafari expressed his thanks to his German counterpart for visiting Iraq and providing his country with assistance, expressing his hope to exchange visits on an ongoing basis.

For his part, the German foreign minister pointed to “the importance of building the state without corruption with a competent administration and judicial field depends on it, and these steps are important for the development of Iraq and without it will not come investors to him.”

“We have provided Iraq with a total of one billion euros since 2014 and now we are doing a lot of things for Iraq. In the context of the reconstruction of Iraq, we have provided an unconditional 5 billion euro loan,” he said.

He pointed out that “it is not enough only to provide money to Iraq, the restoration of stability is linked to the reforms that the government seeks to implement and must be implemented.”

“Our discussions today have not focused on Germany strengthening its military efforts in Iraq. Our main efforts are focused on rebuilding the country and providing jobs in the future,” he said.

“The media is talking about military efforts only, but we provide assistance, we train the Iraqi security forces, and this is the role we play here alongside Iraq,” he said. “As far as fighting terrorism is concerned, life is without a better excuse.”

“After the liberation of Mosul, security can be restored by providing opportunities for the population and we should not focus solely on the security aspect,” he said. “The Iraqi army is making great sacrifices to protect the civilians it uses as a human shield.

“The financial loan provided to Iraq two years ago is worth 500 million euros. It has not been used. It should be used first before providing additional funds for the reconstruction of schools, vocational training, infrastructure and encouraging people to return home.”

The German Foreign Minister Ziegmar Gabriel arrived today in Baghdad and met with President Fuad Masum and Speaker of Parliament Salim al-Jubouri.


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