Chatroom Log Sunday

[21:28:26] TRC: CBI governor was busy yapping
[21:29:49] design: whats the latest news?
[21:30:07] TRC: CBI governor said.. no currency float, like other countries
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[21:30:43] design: πŸ™‚
[21:31:03] TRC: will be set rate for now.. and money laundering laws being enforced and trained
[21:31:36] TRC: goal is to get rid of USD in iraqi markets, decreasing demand for it
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[21:32:04] TRC: best way to do that is to increase the dinar value
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[21:32:23] TRC: whether it be set rate or float..
[21:32:59] AMG: set rate then float to $3+
[21:33:09] TRC: UN will start electronic tender for Iraq May 1st
[21:33:58] AMG: ^.^
[21:34:15] TRC: an iraqi was named the second highest position at UN
[21:34:42] TRC: deputy to secretary general,
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[21:34:58] TRC: first time in iraqi history
[21:35:24] AMG: their status is rising
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[21:35:27] TRC: Director of ESCWA
[21:35:47] TRC: which is middle east region
[21:36:17] TRC: western asia
[21:36:51] TRC: very high status position
[21:39:06] TRC: iraqi airways will start using visa to book flights at all its offices globally
[21:39:26] TRC: offices are still limited
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[21:39:50] TRC: as it is still getting approvals to fly in various places
[21:40:23] TRC: supposed to start flights soon, to Venice,
[21:40:36] TRC: and other european cities
[21:41:22] TRC: Iraq and Kuwait are going to integrate their economies
[21:41:33] TRC: to become one
[21:42:02] AMG: sweet
[21:42:07] TRC: will be in depth meetings and various committees formed with each participating
[21:42:14] design: cool
[21:42:34] TRC: similar to what is happening with Jordan
[21:42:52] TRC: Jordan-Kuwait-Iraq
[21:43:20] TRC: coincidence they all use the dinar
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[21:44:11] AMG: the dinar brothers
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[21:44:28] Tf: that speaks volumes
[21:44:39] TRC: was reading on Mosul it is almost over… military are waiting for final command to storm mosque.. then it will be over..
[21:44:56] Tf: shared oil….shared currency….
[21:45:14] Tf: that is good news
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[21:45:23] TRC: they are trying to preserve as many lives as possible
[21:48:19] TRC: Allaq in the workshop of anti – money laundering held Babylon Hotel in central Baghdad and attended by Economy News, the great mobility is happening today in the banking sector to develop its employees on important banking issues such as anti – money laundering and risk management, adding that the exercises that are happening now in a very large evolved and its goal expand the circle of culture
[21:48:24] TRC: knowledge of the banking employee
[21:48:50] TRC: Iraqi banking sector in significant progress in its activities and has become focused on it locally and internationally, pointing out that the central bank is working to build a sound information base through the use of information technology.
[21:49:37] TRC: private banks association it is currently working on the development of the relationship with foreign banks in addition to the use of the world β€˜s best technology and the application of international standards.
[21:49:37] AMG: πŸ˜‰
[21:50:33] TRC: Iraqi delegation headed by the Minister of Finance Abdul Razzaq al- Issa will go to the American city of Washington this week to discuss the readiness of credit signed by Iraq in the general agreement in 2015, noting that the delegation will begin its meetings with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank on Friday, the next day on April 21st and lasts for three days.
[21:51:07] TRC: the delegation and the Minister of Finance Abdul Razzaq al- Issa, Central Bank Governor Ali Allaq and Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister Mohammed Saleh, officials from the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Oil, the Ministry of Planning, Oil Marketing Company SOMO, the Central Bureau of Statistics, the Central Bank of Iraq, representatives the Kurdistan Regional Government,
[21:51:20] TRC: Office of financial supervision
[21:52:21] TRC: CBI governor stopping selling through a currencies window in the Bank would lead to the collapse of the Iraqi dinar financial situation in Iraq generally, stressing that the Central Bank is obliged to do the job
[21:52:54] TRC: cancelling dollar sale window, price change to 3 and 4 thousand dinars, and maybe more
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[21:53:11] AMG: oh
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[21:53:34] TRC: The prospects for Iraqi dinar to float, like other countries in the region, this relationship does not arise in the present, we are working on is not currency float, and the big difference between the two
[21:54:08] TRC: He noted that the solution in Iraq lies in dollar demand reduction through structural correction of the Iraqi economy, not through refraining from selling the dollar.
[21:55:11] TRC: He added that β€œthe issue is receiving local and international attention and we are working on building sound rules by adopting international standards that regulate financial work and constitute immunity to the banking sector and prevent money laundering.”
[21:55:38] TRC: β€œIt is important for local and international efforts to work together and coordinate work mechanisms to achieve the objectives that prevent such practices from taking place in different economies,” he said.
[21:58:11] TRC: to link with global financial system in all ways, they need to enforce international money laundering laws
[21:58:57] TRC: that is what has been happening over last few months training iraqi banking employees
[21:59:31] TRC: plus learning new modern electronic systems
[21:59:40] When is RV?
[21:59:40] Do we have date and rate
[21:59:49] TRC: they have trained 600+ thus far
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[22:00:21] TRC: making a sound financial system
[22:00:43] TRC: a base to grow economy
[22:01:14] TRC: with international investment, for free market economy
[22:01:37] TRC: ISX internet brokers still not launched
[22:02:27] TRC: delay
[22:02:52] TRC: was supposed to be launched in first quarter
[22:03:03] TRC: with electronic dinar
[22:03:42] design: hmmm
[22:04:39] TRC: according to CBI director of issuing currency, he said the technical process to delete the zeros is under way.. was posted last week.. but delayed due to Mosul
[22:06:23] TRC: he said all provinces need to be secure to move to next step
[22:06:37] TRC: and that’s all I got

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