Chatroom Log Sunday

[12:14:35] Tennessee firebrand: Is the dinar rate still closing in Iraq??
[12:15:13] Tennessee firebrand: It is down on your converter. Has been yesterday and today.
[12:17:08] TRC: converter freezes on friday at 5 eastern time
[12:17:35] TRC: starts back up on Sunday at 5 eastern
[12:18:09] Tennessee firebrand: Is the steet rate of the dinar frozen, too?
[12:18:30] TRC: it moved 5 dinars
[12:18:48] Tennessee firebrand: 5 pm eastern?
[12:19:08] TRC: yes
[12:19:21] Tennessee firebrand: How close is it now to where the CBI wants it to get to.
[12:20:19] TRC: 5 dinars
[12:20:22] Tennessee firebrand: You said within 2 percent right??
[12:20:29] TRC: yes
[12:20:46] Tennessee firebrand: It’s almost there then, right?
[12:21:09] TRC: got another ten dinars or so
[12:21:46] Tennessee firebrand: That is good news.
[12:23:24] Tennessee firebrand: Do you think the dinar will not start trading on Reuters until after it rvs??
[12:24:26] TRC: not sure, onl;y thing we know pretty well for sure, is the dinar will rise..
[12:24:52] TRC: right now Thursday looms large
[12:25:37] Tennessee firebrand: Step one is almost a reality. Step two and three we don’t know what CBI’s plan is, right?
[12:26:04] TRC: we discussed plan to change the currency many times
[12:26:21] Tennessee firebrand: Yes, Thursday is a milestone. BIG milestone.
[12:26:40] TRC: we just dont know what rate they will start it with
[12:28:16] Tennessee firebrand: I don’t remember you saying what you thought steps two and three would be. I thought that we were waiting to see.
[12:28:25] TRC: yes
[12:28:33] TRC: always waiting
[12:28:39] TRC: 😛
[13:01:00] Tennessee firebrand sent an audio message: Drumroll
[13:03:37] Tennessee firebrand: So far, this process has proved to be following your read of the news and information.
[13:07:15] TRC: did you read the latest dinar post
[13:08:14] Tennessee firebrand: Yes
[13:08:35] TRC: was said the dinar will rise in value
[13:09:13] Tennessee firebrand: Yes
[13:10:13] TRC: now was said by many, but not anything released officially by US Treasury, there was a currency swap , of about 4 billion dollars worth for IQD back then
[13:10:47] Tennessee firebrand: Your news and information posts continue to build on the foundation of news and information that we already understand and believe.
[13:10:54] TRC: so , therefore can rest assured the IQD will rise in value
[13:10:56] Tennessee firebrand: Yes
[13:47:27] Tennessee firebrand: I have believed from the beginning of my investing that the dinar’s rate would rise. What you have given me is an understanding of the process getting to that point. As I said, your news and information only reinforce the foundation that you have already laid.
[13:55:12] Tennessee firebrand: Hopefully, our waiting is soon to be over. The questions we continue to ask will soon be answered. Hopefully, the dinar’s rv rate and rv date will soon be history. Iraq will have a new lease on it’s life and future. And we, will go forward to live our lives with our memories of the days, weeks, months, and years of our waiting for the dinar to reach this point. Hopefully, our waiting will be worth
[13:57:43] Tennessee firebrand: Hopefully, our waiting will be worth everything that we have hoped for, for Iraq, it’s people, and for our dreams.
[14:43:32] teledive: seems like this will be a busy week for Iraq!
[14:43:45] Tennessee firebrand: Yes
[14:43:55] TRC: parliament is out til next week
[14:46:44] Tennessee firebrand: Parliment takes off more that the US congress, seems like.
[14:55:46] TRC: Iraq wants to have the biggest of everything
[14:56:20] TRC: biggest sea port is already under construction
[14:56:48] teledive: hopefully the biggest currency exchange in history…:)
[14:57:03] TRC: largest oil producer, under construction
[15:11:57] Tennessee firebrand: One article spoke of the countries who have forgiven Iraq’s debt holding Iraqi dinar. Waiting for the rv.
[15:12:15] Tennessee firebrand: Somewhat like the USA??
[15:12:47] TRC: ok
[15:13:02] Tennessee firebrand: I hope it is true.
[15:14:34] Tennessee firebrand: Alot of hope here.
[19:22:43] AMG: June 28th – Iraq Compensation fund report due
[19:23:16] AMG:June 27th Consultations (11:00 A.M.) – Iraq/Kuwait
[19:23:26] AMG: 😉
[19:24:05] TRC: yes, 11 am Thursday
[19:24:18] AMG sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[19:24:19] TRC: will be webcast
[19:24:44] AMG: and I will be off on Thursday
[19:25:39] Tennessee firebrand: I still wonder if the networks will report it.
[19:26:26] Tennessee firebrand: I will be surprised if they do.
[19:26:35] AMG: CNN and Reuters might if it’s positive
[19:27:00] Tennessee firebrand: It seems to be beyond them.
[19:28:05] AMG: you may be right…….we’ll see in a few days………….we for sure will know
[19:28:06] Tennessee firebrand: The general rule is, If it is not negative, it won’t be covered.
[19:28:36] TRC: lol
[19:28:59] AMG: there may be truth in that lol
[19:29:29] TRC: Reuters is best world media
[19:29:57] TRC: half canadian owned
[19:31:35] AMG: It seems the voting went fairly well in Anbar province…………..unless i missed something
[19:32:42] TRC: still being counted
[19:32:44] AMG: The alleged deal between the Kurds and baghdad…….sounds good……….hope it is true
[19:33:11] TRC: well we will see
[19:33:23] AMG: wonder if there is any oversight of the counting?
[19:34:52] TRC: oversight?
[19:35:10] AMG: also wonder how long the CBI is going to continue these “open” auctions…………and what is going on behind the scenes in the streets
[19:35:19] TRC: there is over 8,000 observers
[19:35:41] AMG: TRC, oh ok 8000
[19:36:55] AMG: Rahmadan is approaching………………………..and the delay in progress in may entail
[19:37:15] TRC: not sure if it was for both provinces or just one
[19:39:26] Tennessee firebrand: After the rv, there will not be a need for the open auctions, will there??
[19:39:36] AMG: hmm, no clue
[19:40:00] AMG: on either
[19:41:25] TRC: auctions would be phased out as letters of credit , becomes universal to do business , and currency is traded on forex market globally
[20:09:43] AMG: FYI, if anyone cares: 08-Aug-2013 Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan)
[20:09:50] Tennessee firebrand: Do you have any thoughts about what the dollar will do after Basil III?
[20:09:58] AMG: not sure of start date
[20:11:04] Tennessee firebrand: Ramadan starts Monday, July 8, 2013
[20:11:54] AMG: thanx
[20:12:18] AMG: oh crap……………another 30-day break
[20:14:43] Tennessee firebrand: I hope that Iraq is ready to pull the trigger.
[20:15:02] Tennessee firebrand: I hope that the plan is in place and ready to be implemented.
[20:15:37] Tennessee firebrand: I cannot think of one reason that Iraq would want to wait one day longer than they have to.
[20:16:29] Tennessee firebrand: Can you??
[20:16:58] Tennessee firebrand sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:17:02] AMG: not really
[20:30:09] Stormy: Remember, patience is a virtue
[20:30:16] TRC: Thursday morning 11 am eastern time
[20:32:15] Stormy: Does anyone think that RI could happen? After 23 years, IQD returns to late 80s status?
[20:32:29] TRC: some do..
[20:32:57] Tennessee firebrand: I asked the question before you came here today, Stormy, if anyone could think of one reason why Iraq would wait one day longer than they have to, to implement their plan.
[20:35:23] Stormy: It is interesting to see Iraq in action. 3 major ethnic/religious groups, along with Christians and Turkmens, actually working together. The opposite of what is taking place in Syria
[20:36:34] Stormy: TRC, what are you speculating for what takes place after Ch 7 sanctions are lifted?
[20:36:45] TRC: historic event on Thursday..
[20:37:09] Stormy: Absolutely.
[20:37:23] TRC: CBI retrieves iraqi funds globally
[20:37:43] TRC: lots of money out there
[20:37:45] AMG: and Iraq cheers
[20:38:00] TRC: been out of reach since 1990
[20:38:00] AMG: we are sovereign
[20:38:32] AMG: like our rv……………outta each since 2003
[20:38:35] AMG: lol
[20:38:57] TRC: currency will be convertible again ..
[20:39:10] TRC: not sure on exact time table
[20:39:32] TRC: nothing happens with push of a button
[20:39:47] Stormy: What happens, if ch7 sanctions lifted and IQD takes off on Friday. Is this a scenario CBI wants?
[20:39:56] TRC: need to get by Thursday first
[20:40:06] TRC: lol
[20:40:37] TRC: am sure CBI has plans..
[20:40:38] Stormy: Agreed, just speculating
[20:41:23] TRC: the protection of iraqi funds by US Treasury , was under UN auspices due to being still under Chapter 7
[20:41:57] TRC: , so I dont think it is good for whole year, on removal of Chapter 7
[20:42:27] TRC: they do become sovereign state in all ways
[20:43:05] Tennessee firebrand: They have a plan.
[20:43:19] Tennessee firebrand: They have had a plan.
[20:43:51] TRC: after the vote..they will have so many hours or days to get things done
[20:44:12] Tennessee firebrand: They have been working inside and outside of Iraq to prepare for this.
[20:44:12] TRC: by July 1st maybe
[20:44:35] Tennessee firebrand: They want this more than we do.
[20:44:36] Stormy: Kind of feels like horses at the gate of the KY Derby. The horses are chomping at the bit and once the gate lets, it will be hard to control
[20:44:47] Tennessee firebrand: Yes
[20:45:23] Tennessee firebrand: Like TRC says, we don’t know the rv rate or the rv date.
[20:45:45] Tennessee firebrand: But, I believe that Iraq knows.
[20:46:21] Tennessee firebrand: Everything TRC has taught me tells me that Iraq is ready to pull the trigger.
[20:46:35] TRC: even Canada is asking to activate trade agreement with Iraq..things look good
[20:47:02] Tennessee firebrand: ALE wrote a very good article about this.
[20:47:20] TRC: recent words were re activate trade agreement, that was active in 1980′s..
[20:47:44] TRC: foreign minister of Canada
[20:48:05] Tennessee firebrand: At some point in my search for understanding. it became more speculative to believe that the rv would not become a reality.
[20:48:05] TRC: very exciting time
[20:48:34] Tennessee firebrand: ALE expressed this very aptly.
[20:50:52] Tennessee firebrand: I believe we will soon see the reality of the dinar’s rv. The rate and date is the only part that I am not sure of.
[20:53:19] Tennessee firebrand: I am so thankful that I took a chance on Iraq and the dinar.
[20:55:22] TRC: lots of Chapter 7 articles out there by various people and media in iraq, but basically saying same thing
[20:56:55] TRC: many iraqis dont understand the importance, been under the umbrella for so long
[21:06:49] AMG: amen brother
[21:09:13] Tennessee firebrand: amen, AMG???
[21:09:26] TRC: been talking to some investers , who know iraqis with family in Iraq
[21:09:51] TRC: they dont seem to understand this at all
[21:14:16] Stormy: TRC, you mean Iraqis don’t seem to get what is going on, correct? A whole generation of people living under same conditions.
[21:17:07] TRC: many yes
[21:17:17] TRC: not all of course
[22:40:17] TRC: CBI Governor had meeting Sunday with governors of the austrian and german central banks
[22:40:39] TRC: established bi-lateral ties
[22:43:16] TRC: iraqi central bank now has bi-lateral ties with US Fed, Bank of england, Bank of japan, kuwaiti central bank, jordan’s central bank, austrian central bank, germany’s central bank, french central bank
[22:43:52] TRC: :whistle:
[23:03:27] TRC: Union of Arab Banks hold a conference in Vienna on June 27th and 28th
[23:13:56] TRC: may see more countries , central banks sign bi-lateral agreements with CBI this week
[23:21:19] Tennessee firebrand: Are you ready for this coming Thursday??
[23:21:49] Long time no see: READY!!
[23:22:13] Long time no see: 🙂 :):bow:
[23:22:52] TRC: Turki will be attending a global banking summit in Vienna during UN Security council vote on Thursday
[23:24:32] Long time no see: :-c
[23:24:47] TRC: IMF will be there ..along with many other central bank governors
[23:25:27] Tennessee firebrand: More good news, TRC.
[23:25:35] Tennessee firebrand sent an audio message: Drumroll
[23:25:58] TRC: very interesting
[23:26:38] Tennessee firebrand: You found another piece to this puzzle.
[23:26:48] Tennessee firebrand sent an audio message: Drumroll
[23:31:55] TRC: so after the vote at UN, 7 is lifted,
[23:32:24] TRC: Turki in Vienna will then meet with IMF and other central banks
[23:32:37] TRC: hmm
[23:32:52] TRC: IQD is then convertible
[23:32:58] TRC sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[23:33:26] TRC: do we get rv too..

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