Russian parliament backs investigation into US media

MOSCOW (Reuters) – The Russian lower house of parliament, the State Duma, has approved a proposal to launch an investigation into U.S. media organizations that operate in Russia, it said in a statement posted on its web site late on Friday.

The investigation, which will be conducted by the Duma’s information policy, technologies and communications committee, will check whether CNN, the Voice of America, Radio Liberty and “other American media” are complying with Russian law.

The statement said the Duma backed the move on Friday evening after Konstantin Zatulin, an MP from the pro-Kremlin United Russia party, proposed an investigation to retaliate for what he called a “repressive” U.S. move against Russian state-funded broadcaster RT.

He said he was referring to an initiative by U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen, who has introduced a bill to empower the Justice Department to investigate possible violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act by RT.

Shaheen, a Democrat, cited a U.S. intelligence agency assessment that suggested RT was part of a Russian influence campaign to help Donald Trump win the White House last year. The Kremlin and RT have strongly rejected that allegation.

Foreign media in Russia are overseen by the Russian Foreign Ministry, whose spokeswoman Maria Zakharova this week singled out Shaheen’s demarche for criticism, quipping ironically that the senator should have included a clause drawing up a list of books for burning.

The U.S. move also solicited the ire of Margarita Simonyan, RT’s editor-in-chief, who on Wednesday told the daily Izvestia it had echoes of the activities of U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy, who oversaw a campaign to expose people he regarded as communists in the 1950s.



‘Ridiculous’ claims that GCHQ spied on Trump ‘will not be repeated’

The White House has assured the Government that allegations that British intelligence services spied on Donald Trump will not be repeated, Prime Minister Theresa May’s official spokesman has said.

GCHQ described as “utterly ridiculous” the claims, repeated by the US president’s official spokesman, that the eavesdropping agency was used by Barack Obama to spy on Mr Trump before last year’s election.

The Government then “made clear” to the US that the “ridiculous” claims should be ignored and received assurances in return that they will not be repeated, showing that the administration does not give them any credence, Mrs May’s spokesman said.

At a regular Westminster briefing, Mrs May’s spokesman refused to say whether the US apologised in its conversation with the British ambassador to the US, Sir Kim Darroch, and the PM’s National Security Adviser Sir Mark Lyall Grant.

The PM’s spokesman said: “We have made clear to the (US) administration that these claims are ridiculous and that they should be ignored and we have received assurances that these allegations won’t be repeated.”

Asked if the allegations posed problems for the special UK-US relationship, he replied: “We have a close, special relationship with the White House and that allows us to raise concerns as and when they arise as was true in this case.”

He added: “We have received assurances that these allegations won’t be repeated and this shows the administration doesn’t give the allegations any credence.”

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., pushed back against his Senate counterparts’ categorical conclusion that Trump Tower was never under surveillance during the campaign or presidential transition.

Nunes stood by his Wednesday assertion that there was no “physical” wiretap on then-candidate and President-elect Trump. But beyond that, he said, is unknowable.

“I don’t know how anybody would have that information, with that different information than me, because we know that Flynn was picked up” by surveillance not directed at him, Nunes said about Gen. Michael Flynn, who stepped down as Trump’s national security adviser after undisclosed conversations he had with Russia’s U.S. ambassador came to public attention.

“We don’t know the extent of that, how widespread…and that’s why we’ve asked a whole series of questions that we need a lot of data for from the agencies” to answer, he said.

There was no physical wiretap on Trump but “you can’t rule out surveillance because we know for a fact that they picked up incidental collection on General Flynn—now we don’t know if that was it,” Nunes told reporters on Thursday.



Iraq’s economic center reveals a project of President Trump

President Donald Trump’s project, he called (Iraq reconstruction for oil) showed to the US House of Representatives, the legality of the move is the first and true toward Iraq, where the project includes more than (100) paragraph legal and financial mostly, from which to mode a reconstruct map.

(Iraq’s economic center) also published Disclaimer for obtaining the most important project details, which has not been announced until now to the public opinion and the media, the center got the most important project items from private US sources, and unique position to deploy the most important items.

The project presented by President Trump attended by more than (20), a legal expert and economist, and some advisers of specialized centers on the Middle East project, which was approved by some members of the House of Representatives according to the leaks that have been confirmed by sources (for Iraq’s economic center), but a comprehensive discussion and modifications will leave the meetings of the House of Representatives US public.

The project, which named by President Trump (IRAQ RECONSTRUCTION versus oil) which carries the seriousness and insistence on being implemented will help Iraq’s reconstruction and that the United States get Iraq’s oil in a legitimate way, and this is something that will contribute to the work of US companies in Iraq.

As paragraphs, to be reconstruction and rebuilding of Iraq, especially the areas that have been liberated from the “Daesh” as opposed to have (oil-for-reconstruction), and prices are agreed upon between the Iraqi and the US government, and following an agreement between the two countries to join the Convention.

According to private sources that President Trump wants Iraq to be “a new Middle East,” but it does not beat the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, being the strategic allies of the United States and can not lose the two states for economic interests for the United States and Trump’s companies.

The project also provides for the intervention of US companies and firmly in Iraq, to begin the process of reconstruction and distributes small and medium on the Arab and Iraqi companies acts, in addition to the project allows countries that participated war against “Daesh” to benefit from the reconstruction process by giving them large projects determined by agreement between the United States and those countries, and that Iraq will be a partner in it.

The project guarantees the rights of US companies by diverting oil money to their assets, and the US government benefit from this money, too, according to the mechanism to be agreed upon, as well as the operation of hundreds of Americans from experts and managers, engineers and other terms of reference in these projects, were determined percentage (20 %) for each project.

Among the most important paragraphs stipulated by the project, which could contribute to the strengthening of the US military budget, that the troops stationed on Iraqi soil after activating strategic frameworks between Baghdad and Washington that have signed the 2011 agreement, or from within the new agreement, the protection of large enterprises, without interfering with the work companies, and allows companies to reconstruction contracts with security firms to protect them and that those US companies exclusively.

Initial reconstruction project awarded to areas that have been liberated from the “Daesh” grip in addition to the desert regions to exploit it properly, and the focus of the reconstruction process on the housing sectors, hospitals and hospitality sector.

The project estimated that Iraq needs more than 400 billion dollars to be a new model in the Middle East, especially since Iraq has enough money and resources, and oil to help to secure the cost of reconstruction.

US special sources revealed that the recent visits to some Arab officials and Europeans of Iraq, came on the recommendation of the United States, to give a clear message that Iraq is on the way to stabilize the security and economic, especially since the recent visit of the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Adel al-Jubeir, mission and wanted to Saudi Arabia prove its new approach to the Iraqis and to Washington and the region, Saudi Arabia that this time will not stray from Iraq, and will not move away from the US strategy in Iraq, and also wanted to send a double message to Turkey and Iran that there is a third important player they are Arabs, led by Saudi Arabia in the Iraqi file, this will change a lot of positions and angles of the Iraqi scene.

The sources refused to talk about how they would deal with the administration of President Trump foreign law groups and some countries intervention in Iraqi affairs, but they confirmed that of carrying arms is “terrorism” and must be eliminated.

And the impact of the project by President Trump, experts and advisers in the (Iraqi economic center) spoke about the benefits of the project and its disadvantages, if approved or implemented after studying the most important paragraphs.

Dr. Ahmad Zuhairi expert in the (Iraqi economic center) says, that the Trump project is to save Iraq, and will create an economic Iraq again, indicating that the project has some ambitions but Iraq is the biggest beneficiary of it.

Dr. Zuhairi, said that the project of its provisions are clear and indicates that it is the intention of the United States to deal with Iraq, this time seriously and help it, expressing his concerns about the exploitation of Iraqi oil significantly and the acquisition of the rest of the wealth of Iraq through an agreement may be held by politicians on the impact of this project.

However, he explained that the seriousness of the US administration has been pushing us to help them, to prepare studies and proposals with during the (Iraqi economic center) to be on the lookout more and greater knowledge of what Iraq needs all of his province.

Zuhairi called on the United States to involve European countries the process of reconstruction of Iraq in all fields, especially as Britain and France, the Czech Republic, Canada and Turkey, the countries with well-known and vast experience in international companies.

Expert, warned of attempts by some political parties, blocking the agreement or the project to implement some foreign agendas that impede the United States and Iraq, work on this project.

As highlighted Iraq’s economic center adviser Mohammed Naji Al Bayati, that ensures Iraq’s right to claim the United States implementation of the project to support Iraq economically and to encourage international companies to invest and develop a clear strategy for the reconstruction process and that Iraq will be a key partner, and not to exploit Iraq’s oil for the United States

Al-Bayati said, that the project could constitute a qualitative leap to the reconstruction of Iraq and contribute to the elimination of unemployment by providing employment opportunities, stressing the need for the Iraqi government and local governments contribute to the preservation of creating a safe environment for the company, and to facilitate the complex administrative procedures, as the House of Representatives that It contributes to rapid approval of oil and gas law and other economic laws to enable Iraq contracting and how to ensure that oil-producing provinces rights.

Chancellor Al Bayati, expressed the readiness of (Iraq’s economic center) offer special reconstruction process studies, and studies of the most important companies that could contribute to the process as well as making proposals and holding seminars on how to rebuild Iraq at the lowest cost and fastest time.

This is seen by some to be absorbed with the reconstruction process for the Western powers all the carries related to oil and wealth in the targeted rebuilding cities backgrounds, as well as what constitutes the scope for new markets.


Iraq’s Economic Center

Chatroom Log Wednesday

[20:09:22] AMG: ISX60 doing weell
[20:09:28] TRC: yep
[20:09:35] TRC: rally continues
[20:10:40] design: 🙂
[20:10:52] TRC: Central Bank, has begun proceedings for postal bank
[20:10:54] AMG: news still seems a little slow right now…………….
[20:11:09] AMG: saw that….postal bank??
[20:11:49] TRC: where you can send money, convert in minutes to any currency around the world
[20:12:02] TRC: at post office
[20:12:28] design: oh, wondered
[20:12:37] TRC: money gram?
[20:12:40] AMG: ahhh
[20:12:50] design: ic
[20:13:03] TRC: western union is used, in Iraq but only using USD
[20:13:04] AMG: like our money orders
[20:13:22] TRC: CBI is talking bout converting IQD
[20:13:39] TRC: all restrictions are off now
[20:14:16] TRC: this all goes hand in hand with launching article 8 at IMF
[20:14:30] TRC: convertible currency
[20:14:58] AMG: postively encouraging
[20:15:01] TRC: just another thing that goes with that
[20:15:24] TRC: lots of things go with a convertible currency
[20:16:25] TRC: internet brokerage firms for ISX, to buy n sell online from any where in world, converting between IQD and other currencies
[20:16:39] TRC: in minutes
[20:17:11] TRC: 5 brokerage firms will do just that in first quarter of 2017
[20:17:38] TRC: they have been licensed to do so by CBI and ISX
[20:17:57] AMG: maybe it’s time for me to visit the bank……………….and smile at my IQDs 😉
[20:18:17] AMG: lol
[20:18:35] TRC: then we have the talk of edinar being activated in first quarter of 2017
[20:18:48] AMG: yup
[20:18:59] TRC: that is electronic dinar, aka convertible dinar
[20:19:23] TRC: then there is the deleting the zeros
[20:19:42] TRC: then there is a new currency lower categories
[20:19:47] TRC: etc
[20:20:42] TRC: but we are still breathing normally, no real change this January day
[20:26:08] TRC: but it sure looks to Me this is the last year we sit around the round table
[20:33:52] design: 🙂
[20:40:38] AMG sent an audio message: Are you sure?
[20:46:24] TRC: Recently, TBI has changed its organisational structure to have become more responsive to serving its customer base where three new departments have been introduced: retail banking, private enterprise banking and government enterprise banking. Also, the bank has started ISO 9001-2015 certification process for its foreign trade operations, in addition to revisiting its anti-money laundering policies
[20:46:42] TRC: implementing automation in AML processes and procedures,
[20:47:27] TRC: new anti money laundering procedures per FATF removing iraqi banking off black list
[20:47:55] TRC: this should include converting IQD into all currencies
[20:48:20] TRC: outside those on black list like Iran, North Korea etc.
[20:49:32] TRC: Furthermore, the bank is one of the first in Iraq to utilise banking solutions and is working to upgrade its systems to provide new product channels, including internet and mobile banking services.
[20:56:21] design: 🙂
[20:57:24] AMG: ^.^
[20:58:31] TRC: a year ago or abouts CBI told iraqi banks it was illegal to buy or sell iranian currency
[20:59:45] When is RV?
[20:59:45] Do we have date and rate
[20:59:46] AMG: but did they all listen?
[20:59:55] AMG: :whistle:
[21:00:27] TRC: they must
[21:00:54] TRC: that is why FATF removed Iraq from black list CBI just fined two banks
[21:01:08] TRC: for another rule breakage
[21:01:09] AMG: cool
[21:01:23] TRC: CBI is doing their job
[21:01:57] TRC: any evidence CBI is not will put Iraq back on FATF black list
[21:03:10] TRC: took decades to get off black list
[21:03:38] TRC: would be terrible for country to get slapped back on
[21:03:49] AMG: for sure

Syrian army and its allies fully liberate Aleppo

The Syrian army and its allies succeeded in liberating Aleppo in full after the terrorists suffered heavy losses in lives as well as the escape of a large number of them.

The source said in an interview with the news agency that the people of Aleppo filling the streets with joy and celebrate the victories of the Syrian army and its allies against terrorists.

Buratha News Agency

Find weapons of Alexander the Great at historic location in Dohuk

Historic site in the province of Dohuk in the Kurdistan Region villages found the weapons belonging to the war that broke out between Alexander the Great and Darius III.

Signed battle “Kocamala” between Alexander the Great and the emperor of Persia Darius III in 331 BC, in the plains “Tel Comel.”

Found remnants of war that took place between Alexander the Great and Darius III, in the village of “Tel Comel” of the region. “Sheikhan” in Dohuk.


The director of historical sites in Dohuk, said : “this is the fourth time that is found in the remnants of the weapons used in the battle.”

According to the history books ” Alexander’s army was consisting of 300 thousand warriors, while the strength of Darius the third Army about a million warriors, though Alexander defeated them thanks to military tactics and the quality of weapons.”