Chatroom Log Monday

[21:08:54] TRC: next weekend tariffs start
[21:09:30] Tf: good news
[21:09:36] TRC: in all provinces
[21:09:52] Stormy: So how do they enforce tariffs on Syrian and Jordanian borders? I thought IS controlled them.
[21:09:56] TRC: except Anbar
[21:10:07] TRC: Anbar is closed
[21:10:23] TRC: iraqi forces have isis trapped
[21:10:37] TRC: they got to mop it up
[21:11:04] Tf: good news
[21:11:26] TRC: borders with Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait tariffs start
[21:11:43] Tf: good news
[21:11:58] Stormy: That is like adding tax to people
[21:12:15] TRC: Jordan and iraqi delegations are negotiating on shipping , most likely thru saudi border
[21:13:07] TRC: and bigger amounts thru Basra sea ports from Aqaba Jordan
[21:13:29] TRC: until Anbar is free of all isis
[21:17:20] AMG: tarrifs = 5 days……………………………..nice
[21:21:44] TRC: ok lots happening
[21:21:58] TRC: Turkey is getting involved
[21:22:15] TRC: they will soon be part of coalition
[21:23:05] Tf: good news, TRC
[21:23:19] TRC: the new money laundering law will allow CBI to begin changing the currency
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[21:23:40] Tf: good news
[21:23:52] TRC: global finance has given Iraq until October to activate the law
[21:23:55] AMG: WB says 2 months
[21:24:01] brown sugar: TRC we may be getting close
[21:24:33] TRC: if they do not pass it and activate it, Iraq will be put on black list
[21:24:58] TRC: considered a money launder nation
[21:25:14] TRC: lol
[21:25:34] TRC: which would also include the dinar dropping in value
[21:25:50] Tf: well, we thought the currency auctions were a thing of the past….
[21:25:57] TRC: how far , no bounds
[21:26:30] TRC: currency sales still ongoing
[21:26:36] Tf: the only other way is to let the dinar be traded on open currency exchange, right??
[21:26:50] TRC: but will be closed for few days from Thursday until the 4th
[21:27:13] Tf: that is what they thought would happen…then something happened….
[21:27:13] TRC: they are upgrading system
[21:27:28] Tf: still transitioning….
[21:27:35] TRC: always
[21:28:06] brown sugar: I hope they upgrade the value of the dinar lol
[21:28:20] Tf: the same old story… took longer than we thought..
[21:28:24] TRC: the website had some issues renewing for another year brown sugar,
[21:28:50] Tf: just so it happens….better late than never…
[21:28:50] TRC: the server host changed data servers
[21:29:19] Tf: what a ride….
[21:29:51] brown sugar: good things in the wait I hope
[21:31:09] TRC: so the reason this is fluid situation is the money laundering law needs to be prioritized in parliament
[21:31:26] TRC: along with investment law
[21:31:37] TRC: to change the currency
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[21:31:56] brown sugar: how long will that take
[21:32:02] TRC: lol
[21:32:09] TRC: aka fluid
[21:32:28] TRC: they are supposed to speed things up
[21:32:29] Tf: we still have a few days left in July, brown sugar…
[21:32:52] TRC: but , speed may not be in iraqi lingo
[21:33:17] TRC: parliament meets Tuesday
[21:33:22] Tf: hurry up….and wait…..maybe even take a few steps back….
[21:33:45] Tf: so it seems..
[21:33:47] brown sugar: please not backward
[21:34:00] TRC: two finance experts have said time is ripe to begin
[21:34:12] TRC: in last 7 days
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[21:34:35] TRC: CBI will not reveal their hand
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[21:35:12] TRC: IQD street value rose about 20 to 30 dinar this week
[21:36:16] TRC: if you want to buy treasury bonds you can with dinar at any iraqi bank, at 1095 dinar per dollar
[21:38:33] AMG: hmm, bonds & Warka
[21:38:37] TRC: iraqi banks are having difficulty meeting demands for their customers
[21:38:52] TRC: limiting withdrawals
[21:38:53] AMG: liquidity
[21:39:45] TRC: the reason is they are not big enough, they need to merge with other banks local or international
[21:39:53] Tf: good news…
[21:40:31] Tf: any good news from Anbar today, TRC?
[21:40:33] TRC: merging with global banks will not happen until investment law in current form is voted and activated
[21:41:19] TRC: iraqi forces took more towns
[21:41:19] Tf: it seems they have a sense of urgency again….
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[21:41:39] TRC: in and around Fallujah and Ramadi
[21:41:47] Tf: good for them…
[21:41:47] AMG: Security IS the key
[21:42:06] TRC: they are tightening noose in both those areas
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[21:42:47] TRC: Fallujah residents protested against isis, wanting to be allowed to leave
[21:43:04] TRC: isis refused to allow it
[21:43:27] TRC: isis executed 80 of their own
[21:43:46] Tf: bad people….
[21:44:12] TRC: more rumors baghdadi is dead
[21:44:29] Tf: let’s hope..
[21:44:34] AMG: hmm
[21:44:35] Tf: again..
[21:45:15] TRC: there will be big increase in air attacks in both Syria and Iraq shortly
[21:46:25] TRC: US air force based in Turkey will be able to double their sorties
[21:46:53] TRC: turkish air force will be including paralell sorties
[21:47:00] Tf: I hope they don’t stop at the Iraqi/Syrian border in their pursuit of ISIS….
[21:47:23] Tf: I hope they don’t let them have a safe haven like before…
[21:47:25] TRC: isis is doomed
[21:48:01] Tf: follow them….find them….end their threat….once and for all…
[21:48:30] TRC: Turkey wants to remove assad, so something must be put on table for turks help to wipe out isis in Syria
[21:48:57] TRC: both isis and assad are now turks enemies
[21:49:17] Tf: how is the GOI with Assad?
[21:49:41] TRC: note prime minister of Turkey had private meeting with Putin yesterday
[21:49:44] Tf: how is the USA and coalition with Assad?
[21:49:58] TRC: Putin is assad supporter
[21:50:01] AMG: oh…..Putin
[21:50:04] Tf: yes
[21:50:13] Tf: its complicated…
[21:50:18] AMG: really don’t like him
[21:50:25] AMG: :-(
[21:50:39] TRC: I think we may see agreement , allowing assad to leave to safe haven country
[21:50:54] Tf: well…
[21:51:01] AMG: we can only hope
[21:51:19] TRC: assad said today they are falling short in manpower to fight isis
[21:51:49] Tf: Assad killed his own people…
[21:52:09] TRC: with assad gone , they could use remaining syrian army as allies to remove isis
[21:52:18] TRC: use too
[21:52:22] Tf: don’t know how he could remain in power and have any lasting peace…
[21:52:24] AMG: yup
[21:52:54] AMG: IMO, he can’t
[21:52:55] TRC: turks would also help much more , maybe with turkish forces on ground
[21:53:18] TRC: Russia has naval base in Syria also
[21:53:25] Tf: yes
[21:53:42] TRC: with assad gone they could all work together to kill isis
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[21:54:12] TRC: turks, russians americans, etc.
[21:54:16] AMG: nice thought
[21:54:32] Tf: will the Russians get on board, though??
[21:54:38] TRC: isis is common enemy
[21:54:55] Tf: I mean to get rid of Assad?
[21:55:03] TRC: russians do no want isis overtaking country
[21:55:21] TRC: their naval base is very important
[21:55:31] TRC: they would kill for it
[21:56:00] TRC: if assad got to go to save Syria
[21:56:21] TRC: Putin would make an agreement
[21:56:49] Tf: I hope he would..
[21:57:03] TRC: maybe I am thinking these folks are smarter than they seem
[21:57:31] TRC: but was interesting to see turkish leader and Putin meeting
[21:57:50] TRC: turks are not best of friends with Russia
[21:57:55] TRC: lol
[21:58:05] Tf: who is??
[21:58:29] TRC: historically they have never gotten along
[21:59:00] TRC: ottoman empire fought three wars with russian empire
[21:59:04] Tf: I have Russian friends…
[21:59:13] Tf: sweet people…
[21:59:32] TRC: Turkey could say crimea belongs to them
[21:59:40] Tf: yes
[21:59:49] TRC: turks were there before russians
[21:59:49] When is RV?
[21:59:49] Do we have date and rate
[22:00:38] TRC: getting off track here
[22:00:48] TRC: we are talking bout Iraq
[22:00:54] AMG: lol
[22:00:56] Tf: :)
[22:01:07] AMG: back to Iraq
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[22:01:16] Tf sent an audio message: Drumroll
[22:01:23] AMG: where’s my rV?
[22:01:46] TRC: Tuesday will be cabinet meeting see what they say
[22:02:06] TRC: parliament session too
[22:03:07] Tf sent an audio message: Drumroll
[22:03:35] Tf: you mean tomorrow, TRC?
[22:03:48] TRC: yes
[22:03:57] Tf: or actually, tonight…our time…
[22:04:18] TRC: what ever
[22:04:32] Tf: their Tuesday will be ending in the morning when our Tuesday is just beginning, right?
[22:04:48] TRC: suppose so
[22:05:18] Tf: that is why I am always hopeful in the mornings when I awake….
[22:05:38] Tf: hoping they have done something while we have been asleep…
[22:21:59] Tf: 1130.6000
[22:22:26] Tf: heading in the right direction….
[22:22:50] Tf: slowly….
[22:23:00] Tf: still up and down…though…
[22:23:13] Tf: still being manipulated….
[22:23:54] Tf: been waiting to see them let it go….run with the big dogs…

Chatroom Log Tuesday

[12:54:08] design: so iyo, what did Saleh mean “not suitabe for such a move now” propaganda?
[12:55:16] TRC: he is saying same thing as the rest, the other guy from parliament said in a couple months they will start delete the zeros, aka not right now
[12:55:43] design: i see…..
[12:56:24] TRC: they are all saying same thing
[12:56:46] design: yes, seems like they are
[12:56:53] design: :)
[12:59:32] When is RV?
[12:59:32] Do we have date and rate
[13:00:06] TRC: when the 50k and 100k is released
[13:02:06] design: ok
[13:02:50] TRC: but of course we got investment law too,
[13:03:49] design: yea, hope that gets done fairly soon
[15:13:29] TRC: they never passed investment law today, was not mentioned at all
[15:13:48] TRC: did alot of readings of various laws
[15:14:08] TRC: long speech on Anbar battle
[15:17:48] TRC: back in session tomorrow
[16:39:31] TRC: see Iraqi people are afraid of devalue of the Iraqi dinar
[18:03:40] teledive: Good morning america had Iraq taking a major loss to isis..I chalked it up to propaganda…:(
[18:06:32] teledive: the way it looked on tv was opposite what Abadi Iraq news says they have a handle on isis..GMA says the Iraqi army was a poorly led unit…full of incompetent soldiers..etc.etc
[18:06:59] TRC: according to Iraqi military commanders it was strategic move, preparing for counter offensive, much larger force moving into position.. Abadi removed Anbar commander, but not sure of what force he was in command of
[18:08:51] teledive: that is a relief GMA was strongly saying otherwise Iraq will go down without More help from USA
[18:09:05] TRC: approximately a force of 100,000 are heading to, or moving into position near a air base outside Ramadi, the city mentioned
[18:09:26] TRC: from all over Iraq
[18:09:48] TRC: 5 brigades from Basra alone
[18:09:56] teledive: that is what I read on your posts and I even replayed the GMA story now I can relax…:(
[18:09:58] teledive: :)
[18:10:52] TRC: Anbar is the biggest battle, may be the biggest, in fight with “daash”
[18:11:54] TRC: when Anbar does get liberated, daash should collapse, it has been the center of sunni and former regime support since 2003
[18:11:57] teledive: those tanks in the posts looked like they mean business
[18:12:41] TRC: hence it is more important than Mosul
[18:13:19] TRC: it was never really overtaken, by US forces
[18:13:45] TRC: they go in win a battle, then leave, the insurgents return
[18:13:58] teledive: that is what I was reading on the posts but the gma story was so not conveying the same picture.
[18:14:11] TRC: what is gma?
[18:14:24] teledive: Good Morning America..
[18:14:30] TRC: oh
[18:15:31] TRC: even during Saddam era, Fallujah was not messed with, he negotiated with the people for support
[18:16:02] TRC: in Anbar
[18:16:49] TRC: some in that province have shown support for daash, no doubt
[18:16:58] TRC: some do not
[18:17:58] TRC: Abadi did not send forces other than Iraqi military into Anbar until he had asked Anbar provincial council to approve such a move
[18:18:55] TRC: they approved it, a couple days ago, now you will see thousands of volunteers to join in the fight, like battle of Tikrit
[18:19:29] TRC: convoys and air transport are moving forces near Ramadi
[18:20:23] TRC: of course in USA, republicans will be blasting obama
[18:21:04] TRC: political forces associated with republicans in the media
[18:21:31] teledive: yea I thought as much propaganda…:(
[18:21:58] TRC: but, a major point is missing, US forces cannot intervene in a sovereign state without their permission or a declaration of war
[18:22:29] TRC: under Maliki, the parliament voted to have US forces leave
[18:22:39] teledive: now there you go they are stirring the pot via the media
[18:23:06] TRC: Abadi has not asked nor parliament approved to have foreign combat troops based in Iraq
[18:24:08] TRC: some politicians singular approach to have foreign troops, but they do not have the authority
[18:24:51] TRC: Iraqi forces far outnumber isis
[18:25:03] TRC: and they have air power
[18:25:33] TRC: fighting in populated area like a city takes time
[18:26:02] TRC: unless you are going to carpet bomb each city like what happened to Berlin
[18:26:13] TRC: Stalingrad
[18:26:17] TRC: Dresden
[18:26:58] TRC: or like Syrian cities now look
[18:27:05] TRC: rubble
[18:27:50] TRC: Abadi does not want to turn occupied cities to rubble
[18:28:01] TRC: :*-/
[18:28:17] TRC sent an audio message: Yell!
[18:28:55] TRC: that’s how the allies got the Germans out of cities in WW2
[18:29:15] TRC: where they made a stand
[18:29:51] TRC: isis could not care less if they turned Iraqi cities to rubble
[18:30:03] teledive: no they would love it!
[18:30:24] design: right, could not care less
[18:30:27] TRC: Abadi wants to win and preserve as much as possible
[18:30:50] teledive: he wants to lead his country to riches not rubble
[18:31:08] TRC: Iraq has the force capable bulldozing isis and everything in it’s path
[18:31:17] teledive: unlike Maliki that wants to merely line his pockets
[18:31:36] teledive: and leave the country a shambles
[18:32:21] TRC: there is 36 million people in Iraq as opposed to 150,000 terrorist gangs
[18:32:51] TRC: most of population is in south and central areas
[18:33:04] TRC: away from isis battles
[18:33:42] TRC: very sparsely populated regions, where the battles are
[18:33:53] TRC: mostly desert
[18:34:43] TRC: Iraq could send a million men under arms into Ramadi if they chose
[18:35:36] TRC: but would lead to chaos I think, as opposed to orderly assault

Chatroom Log Sunday

[20:53:40] design: more good news today i see
[20:54:30] TRC: process continues
[20:54:41] TRC: we got to wait
[20:55:19] TRC: the trade agreements activating, is per the passing of the investment law
[20:56:10] design sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[20:56:13] teledive: due out on Tuesday!
[20:56:23] design: :)
[20:56:28] teledive sent an audio message: Yahoo!
[20:58:59] TRC: we will see
[20:59:24] When is RV?
[20:59:24] Do we have date and rate
[21:06:45] AMG: News that makes me go Hmmmmmm
[21:07:26] TRC: things keep moving forward
[21:07:39] TRC: need some voting on Tuesday
[21:08:00] AMG: this is from MSNBC – “Iraqi city of Ramadi falls to IS”
[21:08:43] AMG: is leary of US news reports………
[21:09:26] AMG: saw a report that ISF deployed a brigade-size unit to Ramadi
[21:09:31] AMG: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[21:10:23] TRC: Ramadi was under attack, but iraqi forces pushed them back
[21:10:46] AMG: thought so………………..
[21:10:52] TRC: it is on going battle, changes day to day, and lots of propaganda
[21:11:07] AMG: agrees, lots
[21:11:28] TRC: some western media listen to isil supporters from what I see
[21:12:03] TRC: I watch what Abadi says
[21:12:23] TRC: he is on top of things
[21:12:33] AMG: yup , and CBI governor
[21:12:53] TRC: Abadi is on top of everything I think
[21:13:13] TRC: his fingers are very long
[21:13:19] AMG: lol
[21:13:31] TRC: they say he only sleeps an hour per day
[21:14:20] AMG: he wants to get IT done!!!!
[21:14:49] TRC: he asked Anbar council to put a proposal to pass, an agreement allowing volunteers from other areas of Iraq to join in the fight against daash
[21:15:04] TRC: it was passed
[21:15:18] AMG sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[21:15:39] TRC: before now volunteers were not allowed to take part, only Iraqi army and local tribes
[21:16:15] TRC: thousands from all over Iraq have volunteered to fight daash
[21:16:35] TRC: they took part in Tikrit battle
[21:16:48] TRC: will be now in Anbar
[21:16:54] AMG: awesome
[21:17:50] AMG: loves the news about the ISX and the telecoms
[21:19:18] TRC: CBI governor said in January, that foreign cash reserves would be between 80-100 billion by July, looks like he was correct, they are on the way up
[21:20:01] TRC: oil exports for June are set to be 3.8 million per day
[21:20:39] TRC: expected to break historic record
[21:21:02] TRC: which means big jump in CBI foreign cash reserves
[21:21:39] TRC: oil price seems to be stable at 66 dollars
[21:22:16] AMG: prices have edged up here
[21:23:08] TRC: 66 is ten dollars above budget price, which means financial surplus should be showing it’s head in July
[21:25:57] AMG: surplus is good for all of us
[21:26:39] TRC: seems all the whining about custom tariffs has quieted down
[21:27:11] TRC: they think Abadi will not budge
[21:28:40] TRC: waiting for parliament I think
[21:28:50] TRC: to pass investment law
[21:29:23] TRC: parliament mp said in a couple months , deleting the zeros begins
[21:29:30] AMG: hope it’s passed – soon
[21:29:45] TRC: July, start of second half fiscal year, I assume
[21:30:14] AMG: and Rahmadan is coming up fast
[21:30:47] TRC: WTO schedule to be judged too
[21:43:17] TRC: activating trade agreements is on agenda
[21:43:29] TRC: second half of fiscal year
[21:44:26] TRC: those trade agreements pertain the free movement of money, within them
[21:44:49] AMG: we can only hope they finish IT first
[21:45:35] AMG: and I don’t mean Information Technology (IT) lol
[21:46:00] TRC: :’)
[21:48:17] TRC: I would imagine free movement of money is part of the WTO rules
[21:52:19] AMG: brb, checking something on Warka………………
[21:59:26] When is RV?
[21:59:26] Do we have date and rate
[22:08:21] AMG: hmmm
[22:08:33] TRC: right
[22:09:33] AMG: it appears that Warka has reduced their interest rates
[22:09:45] TRC: ok
[22:09:51] TRC: on savings
[22:10:11] AMG: not 100% on that tho………….
[22:10:25] TRC: but there is larger fee on money transfers
[22:10:30] AMG: savings, cds
[22:11:52] AMG: hmm………………………still a LOTs better than US banks
[22:12:06] AMG: which pay next to nothin
[22:13:06] AMG: i’ll know better in July when they post the interest
[22:13:16] TRC: inflation rate is slightly higher in Iraq
[22:13:30] AMG: yup, noticed that
[22:13:50] TRC: but deleting zeros is supposed to end that
[22:14:03] AMG: so what are they gonna do about it……….. lol
[22:15:06] TRC: do it
[22:18:29] TRC: deleting zeros is supposed to put Iraq on same footing as major western economies
[22:23:39] AMG: :*-/
[22:25:50] TRC: inflation wise
[22:26:02] TRC: and banking
[22:27:39] AMG: Noticed that Citibank is not listed as a correspondent bank anymore
[22:28:08] AMG: – for Warka…………….hmm
[22:40:37] TRC: hmm
[22:40:54] TRC: must go thru Deutsche Bank
[22:47:17] AMG: or Commerzbank

Chatroom Log Sunday

[21:46:16] design: hows things
[21:47:37] TRC: good
[21:48:14] TRC: no talk of custom tariffs today
[21:48:19] TRC: :*-/
[21:48:28] TRC: whining stopped?
[21:49:53] design: whining?
[21:50:14] design: complaining?
[21:50:21] TRC: last week, every day, there was complaints
[21:50:37] TRC: they wanted it cancelled
[21:50:46] design: right
[21:51:01] design: done deal
[21:54:13] TRC: by the time parliament goes back, will be about two weeks of new fees
[21:56:30] design: ok…. when is parliament back
[21:56:35] TRC: 19th
[21:59:28] When is RV?
[21:59:28] Do we have date and rate
[21:59:51] design: thought Abadi cancelled leaves
[22:00:40] TRC: no leave, was president of parliament cancelled vacations, not Abadi
[22:00:59] TRC: there will be meetings daily
[22:01:22] TRC: but no official session to read any laws or vote
[22:01:46] design: i c
[22:01:56] TRC: they trying to get agreements to pass laws
[22:02:33] TRC: more work is done outside an official session than during, same with your congress
[22:03:26] design: guess so….
[22:06:58] TRC: a number of laws are ready for final vote
[22:07:20] design: should be focusing on investment law…lol
[22:07:28] TRC: hopefully 19th will get it done
[22:07:40] design: hope so..
[22:07:43] TRC: vote on all
[22:07:55] design: yep
[22:08:07] TRC: federal court, national guard, investment law
[22:09:00] design: then maybe cbi can do something.
[22:09:07] TRC: supposed to be a program on CNN , on Monday nite I think, on isis
[22:09:50] design: ok
[22:09:56] TRC: a reporter got into Mosul or a city in Syria, not sure which,
[22:10:12] TRC: had interviews with isis
[22:10:25] TRC: he must have had some balls
[22:10:37] TRC: most those guys do not get out
[22:10:41] design: don’t usually watch CNN….. but will look for it
[22:11:03] TRC: noticed it this morning was talking bout it
[22:11:46] TRC: very rare footage
[22:12:03] TRC: isis do not like western media
[22:12:16] design: guess not
[22:12:31] TRC: CNN got inside some how
[23:05:43] whippersnapper: you are faithful, TRC
[23:05:52] TRC: faithful?
[23:06:02] whippersnapper: yes, faithful
[23:06:17] TRC: hmm, just following the news
[23:06:46] whippersnapper: no, you do much more than just follow the news here
[23:06:58] TRC: ๐Ÿ˜‰
[23:07:36] TRC: customs tariff is in effect
[23:07:56] whippersnapper: yes, I read your posts
[23:08:28] TRC: lots of protest but they went ahead
[23:09:06] TRC: now we need cbi to rv
[23:09:07] whippersnapper: good for them
[23:09:23] whippersnapper: change is painful
[23:09:32] whippersnapper: but necessary
[23:09:37] TRC: it will take some time for imports to affect pricing in market
[23:10:00] whippersnapper: Iraq needs a viable rate for the dinar
[23:10:12] whippersnapper: more than anything now
[23:10:27] TRC: but some businesses may hike prices right away
[23:10:40] whippersnapper: without that, they are dead in the water
[23:11:03] TRC: government said they would be fined if they take advantage of situation
[23:12:07] whippersnapper: they have been working to set things in order and in place for the dinar to take its rightful place in the international currency exchange
[23:13:28] whippersnapper: As each milestone is passed…..
[23:14:04] whippersnapper: It has unfolded just as you said that it would..
[23:14:06] TRC: :)
[23:14:27] TRC: Abadi wants into WTO
[23:14:41] whippersnapper: now we are here….waiting for the gates to open and the race to start…
[23:15:14] whippersnapper: good for him
[23:15:44] whippersnapper: any Iraqi with any sense or understanding wants this also…
[23:15:44] TRC: in June they start getting rid of ration card
[23:15:52] whippersnapper: yes
[23:16:05] TRC: cannot use it as member of WTO
[23:16:42] TRC: they will start handing out amounts of money thru smart card
[23:16:57] whippersnapper: yes
[23:17:18] TRC: they need credit rating too, maybe by June
[23:17:42] whippersnapper: let’s hope for them
[23:20:27] whippersnapper: we can only still hope…
[23:20:44] whippersnapper: yet, things have unfolded as you said they would, TRC
[23:21:23] whippersnapper: I have no reason to believe we won’t see this finished…..soon
[23:21:50] TRC: I believe Abadi will follow thru
[23:21:55] whippersnapper: yes
[23:22:48] TRC: he said to parliament , you do not like my work, you can vote to remove me, i will leave
[23:22:50] whippersnapper: Iraq has no choice but to follow through, IMO
[23:23:10] whippersnapper: it is time
[23:25:18] TRC: everyone is just waiting
[23:33:31] whippersnapper: I truly believe that we could see a rate any day now, TRC
[23:34:19] TRC: definitely
[23:34:26] whippersnapper: the dinar is listed on Forex….it just needs a rate….a viable rate
[23:34:59] whippersnapper: a rate that will hold its own on the international currency exchange of currencies
[23:35:58] whippersnapper: that is all Iraq needs now to move forward, IMO….when they have a viable rate for the dinar….everything else will follow
[23:36:30] whippersnapper: without a viable rate for the dinar, IMO, they are dead in the water….
[23:36:56] whippersnapper: you would think every Iraqi would understand this…
[23:37:10] whippersnapper: but, it seems that some do not understand this…
[23:37:27] whippersnapper: by what they say and write….
[23:37:38] TRC: was discussed a couple years ago, why not delete the zeros when you activate tariffs
[23:37:54] whippersnapper: yes
[23:38:45] TRC: seems that is the idea, but will not be like a light switch, maybe over next couple weeks
[23:39:36] whippersnapper: nothing in this dinar revalue process has been like a light switch, IMO
[23:40:06] TRC: many expected that
[23:40:13] whippersnapper: I for one used to think it would be like a light switch….
[23:40:43] whippersnapper: remember when we waited for the UN to lift chapter 7 sanctions???….
[23:40:54] TRC: took long time
[23:40:59] whippersnapper: yes
[23:41:26] TRC: mainly because Iraq refused to recognize Kuwait’s border
[23:41:37] whippersnapper: all I can say is that we have passed many milestones along the way….
[23:41:59] whippersnapper: milestones that we don’t have to go back and pass again….they are behind us….
[23:42:37] whippersnapper: we may still have a few milestones ahead that I am not aware of….
[23:42:42] TRC: many protested when parliament voted to recognize border with Kuwait
[23:42:50] whippersnapper: yes
[23:42:58] TRC: had to be done
[23:43:03] whippersnapper: yes
[23:44:40] TRC: seeing same thing now, with custom tariffs
[23:44:53] TRC: but, was quiet Sunday
[23:45:49] whippersnapper: yes, you are right, TRC….we are seeing the same thing now with the customs tariff law…
[23:47:15] whippersnapper: like we said, change is painful…
[23:47:20] whippersnapper: but necessary
[23:47:37] whippersnapper: to move things forward….for the good of all Iraq
[23:47:59] whippersnapper: again, you would think that the Iraqis would understand this…
[23:48:35] whippersnapper: about the time you think they are working together for the good of all Iraq,,,then someone gets selfish….
[23:49:40] whippersnapper: well, let’s hope for them….that they can get it done…
[23:50:04] TRC: they will

Chatroom Log Thursday

[19:48:53] teledive: another busy news day?
[19:49:38] TRC: news on the tariffs, was interesting
[19:50:16] teledive: albeit confusing…lol
[19:50:19] TRC: seems to say, Kurdistan has lower tariffs at borders than Basra region
[19:50:41] TRC: does not make sense indeed
[19:51:27] teledive: no wonder folks feel it’s unfair..:(
[19:52:10] teledive: because it isn’t
[19:52:27] TRC: am sure it will get straightened out
[19:52:38] teledive: I agree
[19:52:39] teledive: :)
[19:55:22] AMG: is it just me or is there less news coming out of Iraq this week
[19:55:45] TRC: what sort of news
[19:55:54] teledive: it leaks out to protect the innocent…:)
[19:55:58] AMG: general stuff
[19:56:16] teledive: or guilty as it were…
[19:56:47] AMG: guess it’s just me……….workin too hard
[19:57:13] TRC: well, lots of war news
[19:58:38] TRC: Anbar battles going on
[19:58:56] TRC: around Ramadi and Fallujah
[19:59:27] TRC: baghdadi supposedly is wounded again
[19:59:36] TRC sent an audio message: Laugh
[19:59:48] AMG sent an audio message: Laugh
[20:00:12] TRC: someone else is leading them now so says news
[20:00:28] AMG: gimme an M-14, I’ll make it permanent
[20:00:37] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:01:01] AMG: M-16s suck IMO
[20:01:07] TRC: al douri is dead by looks of it, although baath party says he is not
[20:02:17] TRC: german intelligence says isis was formed by saddam’s former intelligence agency
[20:02:51] TRC: al baghdadi is just figurehead
[20:03:16] TRC: al douri was true leader
[20:03:26] TRC: or is..
[20:03:51] TRC: DNA tests are being done to confirm if al douri is truely dead
[20:05:02] TRC: pentagon calls al douri Ace of Spades
[20:06:27] AMG sent an audio message: Say What?!
[20:06:50] AMG: ๐Ÿ˜‰ yup, at the top of the deck
[20:07:13] TRC: he must have been or is one slippery dude
[20:07:19] TRC: :whistle:
[20:08:03] TRC: supposedly the architect of whole insurgency
[20:11:51] AMG: well, on another note, May is a week away…….
[20:12:28] AMG: the 50 notes pulled in, what will be the next move???
[20:12:35] AMG: hmmm
[20:13:58] TRC: investment law should be passed on 28th
[20:14:36] AMG: finger Xed
[20:14:36] TRC: allowing it to be activated following few days
[20:14:41] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:16:06] TRC: yesterday government activated government payments thru private banks,
[20:16:46] AMG: nice
[20:16:49] TRC: and Trade Bank of Iraq will issue lines of credit to private banks
[20:17:24] TRC: this goes in hand with the smart card payments,
[20:17:57] AMG: just got MY first smart card……….cool
[20:18:19] TRC: but remember the Rasheed and Rafidain banks will be restructured, to become private banks as well
[20:18:41] AMG: didn’t know/remember that
[20:18:49] TRC: all of this stuff is connected,
[20:19:23] TRC: since the investment law has section per free movement of money in and out of Iraq
[20:19:50] TRC: private banks must take lead in free market economy
[20:20:14] TRC: and currency markets
[20:20:15] AMG: yup
[20:20:25] AMG sent an audio message: Yahoo!
[20:20:45] TRC: government banks cannot partake, lets say in Forex
[20:21:13] TRC: so unleashing private banking in all trade, is very important
[20:21:23] AMG: makes sense
[20:40:20] TRC: all of these things also lead to the WTO scheduled judging Iraq’s progress in July, in order for full membership
[20:41:22] AMG: ๐Ÿ˜‰
[20:45:28] TRC: per the 50,000 banknote, purpose is to make a smaller number of banknotes, it is part of the deleting the zeros
[20:46:16] TRC: remember the deleting the zeros is shrinking numbers of banknotes from 4 billion to 1 billion
[20:46:22] TRC: typos
[20:46:28] TRC: ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
[20:46:56] TRC: that and payrolls using smart cards
[20:47:08] TRC: no need to use cash
[20:51:02] AMG: yup lowering the note count………………………..awesome ^.^
[20:51:06] AMG sent an audio message: Oh ohh!
[20:59:04] When is RV?
[20:59:04] Do we have date and rate
[20:59:26] TRC: also CBI ordered the drawing in of worn banknotes, to be destroyed
[21:26:24] AMG: ….a fellow dinarian sold their last several million IQDs…………………makes me feel :(
[21:27:15] AMG: sure they had a very good reason
[21:27:18] design: :(
[21:27:55] AMG: being sooooooooooo close
[21:28:03] design: yes
[22:58:15] TRC: signs are definitely showing, they are preparing to change the currency
[22:58:39] design: yes…. agree

Chatroom Log Wednesday

[21:10:25] AMG: is having lunch with Abadi tomorrow…………..we’ll discuss the RV ๐Ÿ˜‰
[21:10:41] TRC: Abadi knows you
[21:11:16] AMG: he will ๐Ÿ˜€
[21:11:19] AMG sent an audio message: Laugh
[21:12:26] TRC: anything on tv in USA
[21:12:35] TRC: Fox or cnn
[21:12:40] AMG: haven’t seen much on the local news……..maybe hush hush
[21:15:18] AMG: WASHINGTON (AP) โ€” The White House says Iraqโ€™s prime minister didnโ€™t make any specific request for additional military help in the fight against Islamic State militants, as he met today at the White House with President Barack Obama.

Obama expressed support for that effort, but made it clear that ultimately, Baghdad must be in charge of its own destiny.

He pledged $200 million in humanitarian aid

[21:16:24] TRC: seen that post, someplace
[21:16:46] TRC: thought I would wait see what else comes out
[21:16:56] TRC: ๐Ÿ˜‰
[21:17:29] AMG: not much else
[21:17:57] TRC: Abadi said earlier if USA does not supply Iraq, they will look elsewhere
[21:18:11] AMG: for sure
[21:18:24] TRC: but Abadi may have jetlag, need a day to focus
[21:18:46] TRC: just flew in late last nite
[21:41:44] ale: whens rv
[21:41:48] ale: date and rate?
[21:52:11] TRC: end of the month, could be a shot
[21:52:24] TRC: when the 50’s are void
[21:52:59] ale: was a bit discourage with parliament saying they have no plans of removing zeros any time soon
[21:55:44] TRC: they never said that, at current time
[21:55:59] TRC: meaning this week
[21:56:14] TRC: they will not tell you when
[21:56:44] ale: an economist said that the deletion of zeros and the issuance of large groups will help to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar, ruling out the implementation of the project in current time. – See more at:ย
[21:57:11] ale: agreed tho, they wont pretell us
[21:57:13] TRC: CBI wont tell you, they may say not this week, then do it next day
[21:57:39] TRC: nature of the investment
[21:58:23] ale: yup
[21:59:10] When is RV?
[21:59:10] Do we have date and rate
[22:02:44] TRC: they are trying to bring down cash bloc now
[22:03:16] TRC: all payments now by government banks will now be thru smart card, no more cash
[22:03:54] TRC: cbi has ordered banks to start bringing in damaged currency to be destroyed
[22:05:20] TRC: talking of printing 50,000 banknotes, to bring down the number of banknotes in circulation, and easier storage
[22:05:53] TRC: this is all preparations to delete the zeros

Chatroom Log Wednesday

[20:54:22] TRC: yesterday was busy day, lots of posts
[20:54:49] TRC: looks like they are planning the change of the currency
[20:54:55] design: was good post yesterday, parliament and governor of cbi
[20:55:06] design: cool
[20:55:12] AMG: Nike says: Just Do It
[20:55:18] AMG sent an audio message: Yell!
[20:55:32] TRC: well, we got to wait
[20:55:50] design: if we only new when…lol
[20:55:53] AMG: no more planning, discussing, meeting :-(
[20:56:06] AMG: damnit!!
[20:56:08] TRC: daily meetings is good
[20:56:10] AMG sent an audio message: Laugh
[20:56:28] TRC: before they met once every few months
[20:56:47] design: got to be right around the corner….. lol
[20:57:18] TRC: they been meeting almost every day for over a week
[20:57:18] AMG: is just glad his retirement is not hindging on the IQD/VND lol
[20:58:11] TRC: yesterday that was good post, they specifically discussed the new categories, of currency
[20:58:33] TRC: but also said there is large cash block
[20:58:38] design: yes
[20:59:02] TRC: CBI governor said we will implement when time is right to begin
[20:59:24] TRC: also discussed the money transfer companies
[20:59:49] When is RV?
[20:59:49] Do we have date and rate
[20:59:50] design: so when is the right time ๐Ÿ˜›
[21:00:10] TRC: now by coincidence two or three are supposed to start trading on ISX April 28th, the last of the group, I think
[21:00:38] TRC: a bunch started trading in March
[21:01:26] TRC: like 20 new money transfer companies starting operation in March and April
[21:01:35] AMG: wow
[21:02:02] design: no kidding!
[21:02:16] TRC: why all of these companies starting up now on ISX
[21:02:26] AMG: why?
[21:04:03] design: everything sure pointing to end of april!
[21:05:10] AMG: ^.^ would really be nice
[21:06:58] TRC: project to delete the zeros and its implications and the development of financial categories facilitates the storage and study of new factors and appropriate market conditions and the effects of standards inflationary and technical ways to keep the currency from counterfeiting before proceeding with implementation.
[21:07:24] TRC: this was on iraqi parliament site
[21:07:29] TRC: typos
[21:07:34] TRC: :(
[21:07:42] TRC: am on drugs
[21:08:02] AMG: ๐Ÿ˜€
[21:09:31] design: before proceeding with implementation !!!
[21:09:33] design: cool
[21:09:42] TRC: senior Bank staff oil economy property in exchange reserve and related economic characteristics between international reserves and the exchange market and the impact of price inflation rate
[21:10:21] TRC: which affects the rate of the dinar, and the deterioration of the competitiveness of the country’s industry, agriculture and the real exchange rate and bilateral changes in it, and the pressures of demand for currency.
[21:11:51] TRC: Governor of the Central Bank justified in replying to the ladies and gentlemen questions the committee members not to carry out the project to delete the zeros because paper the size of likely benefit to export more to reduce the number of categories in advance
[21:12:31] design: meaning??
[21:14:41] TRC: reduce cash bloc
[21:14:53] design: ty
[21:15:12] TRC: but 50’s will be gone end of month
[21:15:30] TRC: not sure what they have up their sleeves
[21:15:34] design: yes
[21:16:26] design: something completely different maybe
[21:17:19] TRC: as is expected dealing with a central bank and talk of deleting the zeros, without a lop,
[21:17:43] design: yes
[21:17:52] TRC: a lop would be scheduled down to the exact time,
[21:18:11] design: ok
[21:18:11] TRC: would be announced, and all notes changed
[21:18:39] AMG: yup
[21:19:31] TRC: would happen at beginning of fiscal year
[21:22:22] AMG: meetings and more meetings
[21:22:33] AMG: could be a good thing
[21:22:56] AMG: the 50s on their way out
[21:23:21] AMG: the rv on the way in
[21:23:28] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[21:24:30] TRC: seemed like very important meeting between finance committee and cbi, the whole board of directors attended
[21:24:42] AMG: awesome
[21:24:50] AMG sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[21:25:08] TRC: directors of each sector in monetary policy
[21:25:32] TRC: included the one who is in charge of delete the zeros
[21:26:40] AMG sent an audio message: Yahoo!
[21:27:06] TRC: cbi governor is just a figure head
[21:27:38] TRC: except shabibi, he helped plan the process
[21:28:46] TRC: not sure how cbi figures on making cash bloc smaller
[21:28:58] TRC: as stated yesterday
[21:32:22] design: hmm, be interesting
[21:33:33] design: other than 50’s gone
[21:36:00] TRC: we know its coming
[21:38:13] TRC: tomorrow is anniversary of overthrowing saddam
[21:38:34] TRC: some iraqis want it to be another holiday
[21:40:48] design: yes for sure… we know it is now
[21:48:49] design: kind of getting exciting… lol
[21:49:57] TRC: yes
[21:51:04] design: surely wasn’t like this a year ago…
[21:53:19] TRC: can’t recall last year
[21:53:34] design: like someone told me years ago, we’ll wake up one day it’ll be done, maybe that’s true now
[21:53:38] TRC: seems like long time ago
[21:54:59] TRC: had gut feeling last year that it was postponed
[21:55:31] TRC: after CBI and politicians saying it would be next year
[21:55:42] design: really
[21:55:56] design: were right
[21:56:03] TRC: knew it wasn’t delayed this year, last fall
[21:56:19] design: :)
[21:56:26] TRC: they make these decisions in the fall
[21:56:37] design: right again…lol
[21:56:40] TRC: was no mention by cbi of delay
[21:56:59] TRC: some politicians of course
[21:57:24] TRC: abadi wants to move ahead
[21:57:38] design: finalizing now
[21:57:54] design: yes , he sure does
[21:57:59] TRC: seems he has army and parliament believing in him
[21:58:44] design: has everyone on his side… seems like
[21:59:31] TRC: in a couple days he goes to washington
[21:59:43] design: yes
[21:59:50] When is RV?
[21:59:50] Do we have date and rate
[22:00:25] design: tell obama what is happening?
[22:01:08] TRC: abadi was in anbar province today, planning offensive with army
[22:01:33] TRC: he goes right to the front
[22:02:48] TRC: this attack will supposedly move isis out of anbar
[22:02:59] TRC: when completed
[22:03:44] TRC: then mosul….comes next
[22:04:04] design: ok
[22:08:30] TRC: in a couple days, supposed to be announce the construction of two towers in basra by UAE firm
[22:08:52] TRC: will be tallest buildings in Iraq
[22:10:19] TRC: shaped like a guitar
[22:10:33] TRC: not sure if they are sticking to design
[22:10:55] TRC: will see if I can find it
[22:12:14] TRC: called the Iraq gate
[22:16:13] TRC: will be showpiece on gulf
[22:17:32] TRC: height of up to 225 meters
[22:17:55] TRC: 37 meters bridge
[22:18:21] TRC: supposed to start construction this month
[22:19:11] TRC: will be the highest and longest bridge between two buildings in the world
[22:19:17] TRC sent an audio message: Drumroll
[22:19:52] TRC: ceremony is this week
[22:20:31] TRC: one side is offices , the other hotel and residences
[22:21:50] TRC: not sure if they are sticking to this design
[22:22:00] design: showpiece is right…lol
[22:22:02] TRC: will know in a few days
[22:22:37] TRC: calling the towers the harp tower
[22:23:00] TRC: not sure what 225 meters is in floors
[22:23:16] TRC: supposed to be pretty high
[22:23:53] TRC: will be able to see basra from a ways away in a boat
[22:23:56] design: looks like it
[22:26:09] TRC: the guy who designed that weird building in london, is doing this one
[22:27:17] TRC: Dubai is financing project
[22:31:00] TRC: 61 floors, with bridge at top
[22:32:03] TRC: lots of job opportunities
[22:32:16] TRC: will take two years to build
[22:34:15] design: guess so…
[22:34:42] TRC: they said it would be first of many towers in basra
[22:35:01] TRC: they have been building times square
[22:35:13] TRC: with stock exchange..
[22:35:43] TRC: basra stock exchange supposed to launch later this year

Chatroom Log Saturday

[20:58:53] When is RV?
[20:58:53] Do we have date and rate
[21:05:59] TRC: TS2 Satellite has recently launched new KA-SAT satellite services. Using the HYLAS 2 spacecraft, the company now provides high-speed data services to Iraq, Syria and Armenia
[21:06:17] TRC: just launched
[21:08:07] teledive sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[21:08:18] teledive sent an audio message: Are you sure?
[21:08:33] teledive sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[21:08:40] TRC: am only as good as My source
[21:08:44] teledive: lol
[21:08:44] TRC: :whistle:
[21:08:51] teledive: you da best!
[21:09:16] TRC: must have been just launched in last few days
[21:13:26] TRC: this will increase data speeds and potential for Iraqi business
[21:13:41] TRC: private banks
[21:18:02] teledive: and yet another reason to say rv ready at (light) speed…warp as it were!
[21:22:01] teledive: Iraq is now connected via satellite as well!
[21:22:36] AMG: well, next week has some interesting news to be had
[21:22:52] AMG: nice
[21:23:05] TRC: yes, iraqi banking now can move with the big boys at lightening quick data speeds
[21:23:56] teledive: as well as telephone
[21:24:00] TRC: will also get 4G launched too in Iraq
[21:24:04] teledive: :)
[21:24:05] AMG sent an audio message: Yahoo!
[21:24:40] teledive sent an audio message: Say What?!
[21:25:29] TRC: been talking about this for over a year
[21:25:35] TRC: in Iraq
[21:26:24] TRC: maybe two years
[21:26:33] AMG: wow, they are on a mission………….full speed ahead
[21:27:35] TRC: I think Iraq had to pay 500 million , to get satellite service, was launched from Russia ..if I recall correctly
[21:27:47] TRC: sometime ago
[21:28:35] TRC: now Iraq has satellite service
[21:29:17] TRC: hmm, have to see if this gets our rv , next week
[21:30:14] AMG: satellite launched back in 2012 it seems
[21:30:25] TRC: oh?
[21:30:32] teledive: 2 years to tweek it!…lol
[21:35:48] AMG: let’s see what the new week brings us ^.^
[21:35:49] TRC: well its working now, field tests have been completed
[21:37:06] TRC: ๐Ÿ˜›
[21:37:11] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[21:38:48] TRC: see the middle east got a little more complicated
[21:39:16] TRC: Egypt and Saudis may send ground troops to Yemen
[21:39:59] TRC: Egypt sent warships and Saudi troops are massing on Yemen’s border
[21:40:22] TRC: the sunni president of Yemen is in Egypt now
[21:40:51] TRC: shiite rebels have taken the capital
[21:41:30] AMG: Sunni vs Shiite…………………………..will it ever end
[21:41:32] TRC: Iran is supplying weapons to them
[21:41:36] AMG: :-(
[21:41:54] TRC: wonder if any iranian warships are in vicinity
[21:42:11] AMG: and US is on :-(both sides
[21:42:17] TRC: Egypt is strongest sunni country
[21:42:50] TRC: Egypt’s warship confronts Iran in Arabian sea
[21:42:56] TRC: ?
[21:43:08] TRC: do they fire upon each other
[21:43:33] AMG: :whistle:
[21:44:11] TRC: the GCC voted 100% support of Egypt and Saudi actions
[21:44:28] TRC: Yemen a member of gcc
[21:44:39] TRC: not sure if they were
[21:44:53] TRC: knows Oman is
[21:45:28] TRC: will this cause greater conflict between GCC and Iran
[21:45:55] AMG: hmm
[21:46:24] TRC: will this cause oil to go back up
[21:46:46] TRC: a few thoughts as the week progresses
[21:47:37] AMG: never a dull moment in the ME
[21:48:23] TRC: Iran has been relatively quiet
[21:48:38] TRC: but for good reason, they have been busy
[21:48:51] AMG sent an audio message: Laugh
[21:48:53] TRC: nuclear talks
[21:48:58] AMG: yes
[21:49:19] TRC: they can’t be launching military or verbal attacks
[21:49:30] AMG: mmuch to Israel’s displeasure
[21:49:36] TRC: would not help lift sanctions
[21:50:17] TRC: Iran does anything, little chance of sanctions getting lifted
[21:50:55] TRC: the people want back in the global market
[21:50:56] AMG: check
[21:51:25] TRC: leadership want more clout on global scene, tough spot
[21:53:12] TRC: according to GCC law, they can come to defence of one member
[21:53:48] TRC: I think Yemen is not full member, but partial member
[21:54:46] TRC: main membership is Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar
[21:55:23] TRC: Jordan, Egypt and Yemen are not full members
[21:55:42] TRC: but they all signed defence agreement
[21:56:55] TRC: 6 countries in heart of GCC
[21:57:08] TRC: economically
[21:57:08] AMG: ahh a
[21:57:34] TRC: but the others are included in defence agreement
[21:58:28] TRC: Iraq would like to join, too.. but could be difficult, since shiites politically are dominant
[21:58:53] When is RV?
[21:58:53] Do we have date and rate
[21:58:59] TRC: GCC for most part are sunni led nations
[22:01:45] TRC: if Abadi remains Prime Minister for next two terms , Iraq could join GCC
[22:02:21] TRC: he has done remarkable work in bringing back good relations with the saudis
[22:02:49] AMG: he has
[22:05:05] TRC: he went to Tikrit, was loved by the troops,
[22:05:34] TRC: still some isolated pockets of resistence,
[22:05:42] TRC: but he still went
[22:13:48] TRC: I noticed Saudis have been very quiet on the so called debt, Iraq supposedly owes them , since Abadi has taken office
[22:14:28] TRC: kept telling maliki , they owed 15 billion
[22:14:35] TRC sent an audio message: Laugh
[22:15:04] TRC: it is not part of paris club ,
[22:22:14] AMG: show me the money

Chatroom Log

[21:53:06] AMG: saw that article about – United Arab money transfer company – on the ISX soon, free for 3 sessions hmmmm
[21:54:13] AMG: would like to get in on that ๐Ÿ˜‰
[21:54:22] TRC: many companies offer free shares when they first start up
[22:07:39] TRC: companies give out free shares in order to help advertise new business
[22:07:48] TRC: before it begins
[22:09:18] TRC: you sign up as affiliate, and you then try to get others to sign up, or post link on facebook, kind of free advertising if you like
[22:09:46] TRC: you receive one or more more shares for every new sign up
[22:14:35] TRC: actually was some interesting news out on weekend
[22:15:30] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[22:15:41] TRC: gold trading has been changed on Friday, for first time since 1919
[22:16:02] TRC: opened up market to more traders
[22:16:25] TRC: was set at 4 traders for almost 100 years
[22:16:36] AMG: how so?
[22:17:32] TRC: Since 1919, the gold price has been determined through trading sessions per day to representatives of the four largest banks in the world (ScotiaMocatta, HSBC, Societe Generale, Barclays Capital) are members of the London market Precious Metals Association.
[22:18:18] TRC: not sure how they expanded it, or who is now participating
[22:18:27] AMG: oh, I see that post
[22:18:30] TRC: maybe know Monday
[22:19:04] TRC: remember IMF said they are resetting how currencies are valued
[22:19:18] TRC: resetting gold market too
[22:19:35] AMG sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[22:19:48] TRC: lots of changes going on
[22:20:15] AMG: that can be a good thing – for us
[22:20:46] TRC: did you notice change at ISX
[22:21:41] AMG: yes, was not sure what to think until today
[22:21:47] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[22:22:07] TRC: ISX37 ended
[22:22:17] TRC: ISX60 began
[22:36:55] AMG: Rafidain Bank launches SMS service for disbursement of pensions – nice, things are moving forward ^.^
[22:38:20] AMG: nice to see
[22:48:40] TRC: global reset
[22:48:43] TRC: lol
[22:48:50] TRC: gurus were right
[22:48:57] TRC: but very slow
[22:48:58] AMG: lol
[22:49:08] TRC: not overnite
[22:49:43] AMG: maybe this year
[22:49:53] TRC: maybe this year?
[22:49:58] AMG sent an audio message: Yell!
[22:50:41] Suharto: TRC, I heard isx rise 1000%, is that true?
[22:51:52] AMG: a guy at work was wondering about a window of opportunity……………….I told him…
[22:52:36] AMG: I don’t think like that anymore……….too frustrating
[22:53:02] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[22:53:04] AMG: it happens when it happens
[22:54:54] TRC: ISX changed its index Suharto
[22:55:04] AMG: end of 2014 was my last WOO ๐Ÿ˜‰
[22:55:58] Suharto: ouw
[22:56:31] TRC: volume increased big time
[22:56:49] Suharto: I seen iraqi dinar doesn’t move, it like freezing
[22:57:09] TRC: its been frozen since 2009
[22:57:51] AMG: been trying to thaw it ever since
[22:58:22] TRC: CBI changed rate 4 dinars a few years ago
[22:58:29] TRC: ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
[22:58:47] TRC: might see few more dinars knocked off soon
[22:58:53] TRC sent an audio message: Laugh
[22:58:59] AMG sent an audio message: Bogus
[22:59:30] TRC: was in March they changed it, but March only has couple weeks left
[22:59:54] When is RV?
[22:59:54] Do we have date and rate
[23:00:10] Suharto: last chat you said, they ready for Forex, why not move like dollars?
[23:00:33] TRC: have to see what happens,
[23:00:47] TRC: Forex just started this week
[23:01:12] TRC: according to one post last week, it said they were testing
[23:02:57] Suharto: still testing, must be patient again :(
[23:03:08] TRC: lots of changes going on, more than we have seen in last ten years , stay tuned
[23:05:37] TRC: CBI already said they are changing the currency starting this year
[23:13:47] Suharto: Ministry of Finance said changing the currency must do earlier in year
[23:14:28] Suharto: it like CBI still confuse to do that under governor Allaq
[23:15:20] TRC: when did Ministry of Finance say that
[23:15:42] Suharto: one year ago before Maliki was removed
[23:17:07] TRC: well, dont know what he was talking about
[23:17:26] TRC: who was Minister of Finance, they had a few
[23:18:13] Suharto: I am forget who is the minister, but he comes from sunni
[23:19:24] TRC: maybe he not know what he was talking about
[23:19:46] Suharto: I dont know trc, it confusing now
[23:23:33] TRC: IMF announced a week or so ago
[23:23:41] Suharto: I hope so more faster trc, because I need money now :)
[23:23:59] TRC: they were changing the way currencies are based
[23:24:29] Suharto: is true about gold standard announcement from IMF?
[23:24:30] TRC: instead of fiat based, will be asset based
[23:25:11] Suharto: I still don’t trust it hehehe
[23:25:36] TRC: it is investment, got to wait like everybody else
[23:26:04] Suharto: hmmm
[23:26:30] TRC: CBI said they agreed to change the currency
[23:26:51] TRC: nothing we can do,
[23:26:58] TRC: but wait
[23:29:46] mike: Doing Good Suharto. Why do we have to wait ? HaHa
[23:30:11] TRC: because we don’t know when CBI will do something
[23:30:48] mike: Ok Sounds good to me.
[23:31:07] TRC: last time they changed the exchange rate it was in March, but ..we really don’t know their time frame
[23:34:25] Suharto: TRC, I don’t see they changed the exchange rate it looks same
[23:34:47] TRC: they changed rate from 1170 to 1166
[23:35:26] TRC: this year March looks fantastic, but..we will see
[23:35:39] Suharto: only 4 dinars increased
[23:37:23] TRC: yes
[23:37:39] TRC: a few years ago
[23:38:32] Suharto: do you think we can rv this month? :)
[23:39:07] TRC: yes
[23:40:29] Suharto: I hope this month too
[23:42:00] mike: liked the Parliamentary Committee on Economy and investment demands on CBI post.
[23:43:12] TRC: yeah
[23:43:33] TRC: but CBI has its own agenda, they have plan
[23:44:19] TRC: they are in charge of monetary policy, decided they will change currency
[23:44:29] TRC: we got to wait
[23:45:31] TRC: things are happening
[23:45:47] mike: Yep, but Parliament can strong arm them if thing continue to deteriorate.
[23:46:17] TRC: CBI agreed to change the currency, government supports it
[23:47:18] TRC: nothing we can do, but wait
[23:48:26] TRC: :)
[23:49:25] TRC: we are much better off than last few years, we speculated if they are going to do it
[23:49:42] TRC: now they say they are doing it
[00:08:45] TRC: a few guys are thinking Iran’s currency
[00:08:56] TRC: after sanctions lifted
[00:09:37] TRC: but Iran is long shot right now
[00:16:57] TRC: seen a tweet
[00:17:03] TRC: PM Abadi will unveil an important private sector investment program on Wednesday at 9am in Rasheed hotel

Chatroom Log Thursday

[20:16:03] AMG: what’s new(s)??
[20:16:07] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:16:15] TRC: lots of meetings
[20:16:26] TRC: banking, tariffs etc
[20:16:36] AMG: but no rv :-(
[20:16:41] AMG sent an audio message: Laugh
[20:18:33] TRC: tariffs are fixed at all border crossings
[20:18:48] TRC: lots of meetings on tariffs
[20:19:22] TRC: IMF expected increase in inflation due to import tax
[20:19:39] AMG: yeah a little
[20:19:58] TRC: but increase in revenue by government up to 400%
[20:20:37] TRC: price of oil is below the budget rate of 56 dollars
[20:21:10] AMG: also saw post about Mandali border crossing with Iran
[20:21:32] TRC: the sale of bonds on global market in two weeks or abouts is expected to bring in a few billion dollars to treasury
[20:21:57] AMG: some say it may go lower
[20:22:58] AMG: equality
[20:23:28] TRC: goes by value up to 10,000 dollars
[20:23:59] AMG: oh
[20:24:39] TRC: up to (10) thousand, on (8) thousands deduct tax of 15 percent, 5 thousand to 5 percent or less
[20:25:21] TRC: also on what is being imported
[20:25:33] TRC: somethings are very high
[20:25:51] AMG: oh yeah tobacco etc
[20:25:51] TRC: but the fixed rate is above on general imports
[20:26:32] TRC: doing this, they have accomplished another item in criteria in joining WTO
[20:26:39] TRC sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:26:58] TRC: took three years to accomplish
[20:26:59] AMG sent an audio message: Yahoo!
[20:27:17] TRC: started trying to impose tariffs in 2012
[20:27:53] TRC: its done finally
[20:28:19] AMG: good stuff
[20:30:14] AMG: April 15th is a big day for us
[20:30:20] TRC: they have began to restrict to the iraqi currency , in force at CBI, from leaving the country
[20:30:44] TRC: too much is leaving the country
[20:30:46] AMG: oh my
[20:31:01] AMG: gotta nip that in the bud
[20:31:02] TRC: they say is being smuggled out
[20:31:18] TRC: heavy fines will be implemented
[20:31:30] TRC: maybe even jail time
[20:31:43] AMG: good for them
[20:32:00] TRC: seems there is a thirst for IQD outside Iraq
[20:32:04] TRC: why?
[20:32:24] AMG: hmm, speculation
[20:33:11] TRC: remember a year or two ago, numbers estimated at 7 trillion IQD outside Iraq
[20:33:28] TRC: probably 8 trillion now or more?
[20:33:52] AMG: last minute investors??
[20:36:03] TRC: Ibrahim Salman Mayali governor of Muthanna to a reporter for the Iraqi News / Nina / National Agency that โ€œthe oil companies operating exploratory patches displaying in Samawah, discovered large quantities of natural gas in various areas Samawah,โ€ pointing out that โ€œit gives reason for hope and optimism for the future of economic prosperity.โ€
[20:36:42] TRC: Iraq most likely has alot more gas than any numbers have shown
[20:37:01] AMG: yup
[20:37:46] TRC: Iraq is far behind in getting this stuff, just began
[20:38:46] TRC: in future it could bring in more revenues than oil
[20:39:03] AMG: ๐Ÿ˜‰
[20:39:32] TRC: especially with that pipeline being built from Armenia, Iran to germany
[20:39:51] TRC: will link up in northern Iraq
[20:40:05] AMG: long pipeline!!
[20:40:34] TRC: yes, thru Turkey
[20:41:12] TRC: will give Europe an alternative to Russia
[20:41:34] TRC: most importantly Germany
[20:41:35] AMG: ^.^
[21:03:08] TRC: Finance Minister met with Citibank and Deutschbank reps Thursday
[21:03:21] TRC: about global bonds
[21:03:41] TRC: to be released in two weeks
[21:04:02] AMG sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[21:04:11] TRC: original amount to sold is 5 billion
[21:05:33] AMG: what term length are they 5, 10 years??
[21:07:42] TRC: yes 5/10 years
[21:07:54] AMG: oh, ok
[21:08:38] TRC: still awaiting the CBI bonds to support monetary policy talked about last year
[21:09:02] TRC: nothing official on that
[21:09:29] TRC: will be IQD based
[21:34:54] TRC: The Association commends the central bank actions but ensure that clear implementation mechanisms to be applied properly, ensure smooth implementation and achieve high economic viability of the country.

Representative of the general body of taxes stressed the importance of applying this system and address all gaps, indicating that the country is moving in the regulatory process
[21:35:51] TRC: we are proceeding with the Central Bank and the Association of private banks and those with ties to the success of this approach.

The Director of the public corporation Major General Hakim Jassim said the executive circle and application instructions is the first step on the regulation, pointing out that the customs fees fixed in all the ports, we are going to be consolidated with the Kurdistan
[21:36:35] TRC: referring to the approaching global company to introduce a new electronic system.
[21:39:07] TRC: The Central Bank to prepare strict controls to protect the local currency and the Iraqi economy from collapse and activation mechanisms that undermine money laundering and damage the Iraqi economy operations.

He pointed out that condone any act that affects the Iraqi economy have devastating results and in the interest of expansion in restrictions.
[21:41:37] TRC: Noted that the inflation rate outside areas that are not controlled by terrorists less than 2% by the end of 2014, but the rate may rise after the activation of the tariff law, which imposes a high import duties.
[21:48:19] design: so whats this all mean?
[21:49:16] design sent an audio message: Drumroll
[21:49:32] TRC: what part
[21:49:34] TRC: lol
[21:50:56] TRC: Iraq finally got customs officials collecting duties in efficient manner at borders, restrictions are increasing on iraqi dinars leaving the country
[21:51:11] design: tariff’s, fee’s etc
[21:51:21] TRC: IMF expects inflation to increase due to this,
[21:51:36] TRC: a rv would fix that
[21:51:51] design: ok….i see
[21:52:01] design: i guess it would…..
[21:52:19] TRC: CBI is trying to keep IQD from leaving Iraq
[21:52:50] TRC: was told that cannot get any more out of country
[21:53:04] design: ok
[21:54:09] TRC: โ€œThe Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari received on March 19, 2015, Dennis Flannery representative [Citibank] in Iraq in the presence of a representative [Deutsche Bank] Hussein Qaraghuli, through meeting, they reviewed a number of measures to address the current liquidity crisis in the country, the advancement of the Iraqi regime in light of the economic developments
[21:54:24] TRC sent an audio message: Drumroll
[21:54:44] design sent an audio message: Drumroll
[21:54:49] design: :)
[21:56:36] TRC: lots happening
[21:56:44] TRC: we can only watch
[21:57:01] design: you got that right
[21:57:33] design: a lot happening to watch…
[22:00:36] TRC: just talked to a contact tried to buy reserve of IQD
[22:01:08] TRC: but cannot get it
[22:01:29] TRC: CBI has set strict controls on exit of IQD currency
[22:03:18] design: really!!
[22:03:44] TRC: thats what was said
[22:03:56] design: wow
[22:04:05] TRC: usually comes out to Jordan then to the dealers
[22:04:16] design: oh… ok
[22:05:11] design: what u have is what u get!
[22:08:11] design: maybe something bout to happen…….
[22:10:45] design: never know….lol
[22:16:20] TRC: might see another price increase
[22:25:39] design: hmmm….. ok
[22:31:11] design: we’ll see