Chatroom Log Monday

[20:13:28] TRC: lots of news
[20:16:56] Tf: yes…let’s hope it is all true….and that it sticks…..
[20:27:24] TRC: Iraq just signed huge contract worth 13 billion dollars
[20:27:31] TRC: with China
[20:27:47] TRC: just in a few hours ago
[20:27:58] TRC: :-c
[20:28:07] Tf sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[20:28:20] TRC: biggest contract in Iraqi history
[20:28:32] Tf: I was thankful to finally hear the tariffs are implemented…..
[20:28:42] Tf: been waiting for that….
[20:29:29] TRC: no details of the deal released yet
[20:29:30] Tf: I am hoping the Kurds don’t change their minds again….
[20:29:56] TRC: UK based reuters released the news
[20:30:04] TRC: tonite
[20:30:14] Tf: we have waited for this day for a long time….
[20:30:35] Tf: what is holding back the rate now????
[20:31:20] Tf: ISIS is being driven out of Iraq….
[20:31:57] Tf: I would like to see Abadi turn the dogs loose on Maliki and his crowd….
[20:32:26] Tf: find those billions of dollars that were stolen from Iraq….
[20:33:24] Tf: well, I will be quiet….
[20:33:57] TRC: lol
[20:35:05] TRC: very hard to get a 50,000 note
[20:35:30] TRC: financial companies are using them for moving large amounts
[20:41:56] TRC: now to look at big picture, in IMF agreement , it said by end of February it is expected that restrictions would be lifted on foreign exchange rate with Iraq’s currency included is the implementing of the amendments with investment law
[20:42:30] TRC: so take this into consideration when reading daily news
[20:43:01] TRC: Was posted the IMF document long time ago now it seems
[20:43:15] Tf sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:43:16] TRC: did anybody read it
[20:43:20] TRC: lol
[20:43:23] AMG: many moons ago
[20:43:36] TRC: also mentioned article VIII
[20:43:45] AMG: thinks he did
[20:43:47] Tf sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:44:04] TRC: seems many forgot, was discussing this with somebody
[20:44:11] TRC: they said what?
[20:44:15] AMG sent an audio message: Are you sure?
[20:44:22] TRC: lol
[20:44:27] AMG sent an audio message: Say What?!
[20:44:34] AMG: lol
[20:45:01] TRC: look at big picture
[20:45:18] TRC: don’t sweat the day to day stuff
[20:45:21] AMG: i do
[20:45:46] TRC: we should see something very interesting by first of March
[20:45:48] fs: /:-c
[20:45:58] AMG: (look at the bigger picture that is) lol
[20:46:06] Tf: well, I was afraid the Kurds weren’t going to get with the program…concerning the tariffs….
[20:46:13] AMG: yes, my pay raise
[20:46:17] AMG sent an audio message: Laugh
[20:46:21] Tf: I was thankful to hear they were….
[20:46:35] AMG: seriously though yes
[20:46:49] Tf: now, let’s hope they follow through this time…..
[20:46:59] AMG: Kurds on board it seems
[20:47:04] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:47:28] Tf: I have felt Abadi is working hard to make this happen….
[20:47:47] Tf: I do wish they would go after Maliki and his crowd….
[20:48:16] Tf: it would help Iraq heal….in more ways than one….
[20:48:18] TRC: yes fs, it is in IMF agreement , there is schedule Iraq must meet to bring the Iraqi currency out of the closet
[20:48:39] TRC: this year
[20:48:52] fs: wow !!!
[20:49:08] TRC: now gurus said before for many years there was schedule but that was false
[20:49:45] TRC: there is actual IMF document signed for this year
[20:50:31] TRC: now on rv, or exchange rate, I cannot give any predictions or expectations
[20:50:55] TRC: just what is typed in document
[20:52:21] TRC: there is rumors out saying currency auctions end in March
[20:52:35] TRC: but CBI denied this
[20:52:36] AMG: rumors yes\
[20:53:10] TRC: but we cannot take the rumors or that CBI denied, either seriously
[20:53:18] TRC: lol
[20:53:29] AMG: lol
[20:53:34] fs: lol ;/
[20:53:46] fs: :-(
[20:53:46] TRC: nature of the investing in currency values, like playing poker
[20:54:14] TRC: is he bluffing? is he not bluffing?
[20:54:35] TRC: look at the facts put your cards on the table
[20:55:42] fs: sounds like life in a fallen world……:whistle:
[20:56:41] TRC: oh?
[20:57:46] TRC: facts are very interesting
[20:58:20] fs: I appreciate the facts very much, and knowing your honest!
[20:58:46] TRC: very interesting indeed
[21:00:41] When is RV?
[21:00:41] Do we have date and rate
[21:00:50] fs: Jesus must have been refering to gurus when he said, forgive them for they know not what they are doing… or something like that. ^.^
[21:01:16] TRC: yes
[21:01:57] fs: :rose: Your great, thank you trc!
[21:02:35] Tf: it won’t be the first time God used Babylon to fulfill His purpose for the hour….
[21:02:51] fs: Amen!
[21:04:24] TRC: :bow:
[21:17:44] Stormy: Are tariffs going to stick this time?
[21:18:44] Tf: they said they are
[21:19:02] Tf: we will know when the dinar is given a rate.,,
[21:19:33] Tf: the Iraqi people are already up in arms….
[21:20:04] Tf: can you imagine what they would do if the dinar is not given more value?
[21:21:37] Tf: these are things I think about…
[21:21:49] Tf: I am no guru…
[21:30:30] Stormy: Tariffs gonna stick this time?
[21:31:10] TRC: would think so
[21:31:31] TRC: it has already went longer than last time

Chatroom Log

[19:23:11] TRC: good news today
[19:24:05] ronnie: whats the good news
[19:24:41] TRC: custom tariffs are activated
[19:25:24] ronnie: was that a stipulation
[19:25:29] TRC: global stock market director in Iraq has asked central bank to bring the iraqi dinar into global markets
[19:26:06] TRC: custom tariffs brings revenue into treasury
[19:26:24] ronnie: thats the kind of news i like to hear
[19:27:42] ronnie: I have been dreaming about, always 3.20
[19:27:58] ronnie: dinar
[19:28:05] TRC: not sure what the value will be
[19:28:54] TRC: the budget is still not published but it is supposed to be this week
[19:29:25] ronnie: it would surprise me if over a dollar
[19:30:50] ronnie: what happened to meeting resuming on 16th
[19:31:22] TRC: parliament?
[19:31:31] ronnie: yes
[19:31:36] TRC: 19th
[19:31:45] ronnie: ok
[19:33:06] ronnie: I just have feeling
[19:33:11] TRC: lots of good stuff happening concerning the dinar
[19:33:29] TRC: investment law was published on Friday
[19:33:35] ronnie: I agree
[19:33:56] TRC: allows free movement of money in/out of iraq
[19:34:21] ronnie: IMF advising CBI now
[19:34:33] TRC: yes
[19:35:11] TRC: two groups of experts to guide Iraq into global markets one from US Treasury, other from Worldbank
[19:35:25] ronnie: yes
[19:35:52] TRC: Iraq is scheduled to join global markets early 2016
[19:36:11] TRC: thats all we know
[19:37:30] ronnie: later guys good to chat again TRC
[19:56:54] design: good stuff today
[19:58:08] TRC: :)
[20:07:44] TRC: customs tariffs are being implemented as of today
[20:09:31] AMG sent an audio message: Yahoo!
[20:12:01] AMG: what’s next……………………..Tuesday session
[20:13:36] TRC: you read invitation to link iraqi dinar to global markets
[20:14:22] TRC: global stock rep invited Iraq to link the iraqi dinar to global market
[20:14:35] AMG: good stuff
[20:15:27] TRC: he said linking the dinar to global markets ends the need of currency auction
[20:16:19] TRC: also says individuals can hold the dinar as investment against global currencies
[20:16:27] TRC: :whistle:
[20:17:05] TRC: the dinar exchange rate will be determined by a basket of world currencies
[20:18:49] TRC: european union opened officially political, economic and trade relations with iraq today
[20:18:56] TRC sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[20:19:11] AMG sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[20:19:32] TRC: new EU ambassador delivered his credentials to the President
[20:21:38] TRC: finance minister released official document today to ministry of interior, industry, transport and authority for customs and taxes to apply provisions of article 24 of 2016 budget
[20:22:18] TRC: basically to collect taxes and fees
[20:22:31] TRC: protect national product
[20:22:44] TRC: protect consumer
[20:23:10] TRC: border crossings have ten days to apply all fully
[20:23:19] TRC sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[20:23:48] AMG: yes
[20:23:52] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:23:54] TRC: two border crossings are not open now but will be in a few days
[20:24:13] TRC: Trebil with Jordan and another with Turkey
[20:24:45] AMG: Are we there yet? 😀
[20:24:52] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:25:15] TRC: so if a new mechanism with the dinar is to happen they most likely have two weeks to do so
[20:25:42] AMG sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[20:26:37] TRC: there was another lengthy article too about unifying the iraqi dinar exchange rate, but was very long in official iraqi newspaper
[20:27:02] TRC: basically saying same thing as what was posted last week
[20:27:03] AMG: oh
[20:27:54] TRC: posted last week about unifying dinar rate
[20:29:56] TRC: now that we have customs tariffs started, the CBI can consider stopping auctions
[20:30:20] TRC: the government made commissions from auctions
[20:30:30] TRC: they made money
[20:30:58] TRC: but now they will make money from tariffs they dont need auctions
[20:31:09] TRC: make alot more
[20:31:33] TRC: can enable releasing the dinar
[20:31:36] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:31:54] TRC: we are much closer than ever
[20:32:23] AMG: yes we are
[20:32:38] AMG: loves it
[20:33:10] TRC: I doubt customs tariffs will be cancelled this time
[20:33:21] TRC: Abadi will refuse
[20:33:27] AMG: hope not
[20:34:02] TRC: most likely need two weeks before CBI does act, to see if tariffs stick
[20:36:02] design: :)

Chatroom Log Thursday

[10:16:35] Tf: the dinar moved to 1061.7 at the end of Iraq’s business day….
[10:16:53] Tf: never been this high before….
[10:17:21] Tf: I am hoping and praying we see it revalue soon…
[10:17:51] Tf: hoping and praying is all I can do….
[20:06:03] AMG sent an audio message: Yell!
[20:06:35] AMG: lots of CBI stuff today…….
[20:07:10] TRC: yes
[20:07:23] TRC: CBI governor was on tv
[20:07:34] AMG: good
[20:07:40] TRC: for an hour
[20:07:45] AMG: to reach the masses
[20:08:08] TRC: trying to quell all the rumors which have caused turmoil in currency market
[20:08:21] AMG: hope they understand what the future holds
[20:08:27] TRC: politicians and merchants
[20:08:49] AMG: rumors :-(
[20:08:52] TRC: IQD went way up today on forex charts
[20:09:08] TRC: last look it was 1056, new high
[20:09:34] TRC: went up ten dinars today
[20:09:54] AMG: ohh
[20:10:11] TRC: CBI governor said Warka Bank be back shortly
[20:10:21] AMG sent an audio message: Yahoo!
[20:10:34] AMG: I missed that
[20:10:40] AMG sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[20:11:20] AMG: great news to me
[20:11:31] TRC: they liquidated the Basra branch due to real estate debt
[20:12:23] AMG: oh
[20:12:47] AMG: good to get them in order
[20:12:50] TRC: IMF approved the financial plan for Iraq, it is now activated, will bring Iraq back into global financial system
[20:13:07] AMG: outstanding
[20:13:22] TRC: a group of experts have begun duty in guiding them
[20:14:05] TRC: in fall I believe it said when it began will take a few months to complete task
[20:14:24] AMG: you just made my day TRC ^.^
[20:14:37] TRC: remember it said Iraq will rejoin global financial system in 2016
[20:14:46] AMG: yup
[20:14:53] TRC: :)
[20:15:24] TRC: maybe thats why forex charts showed the IQD going up a record ten dinars in one day
[20:15:40] TRC: this is price outside Iraq
[20:15:49] AMG: ^.^
[20:16:10] TRC: maybe it will go up another twenty before end of week
[20:16:54] TRC: it has been rising over the last couple months but only a couple dinar a week
[20:17:17] TRC: this week it has went up 15 thus far
[20:17:57] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:19:49] AMG: it’s a sign i tell you!!!
[20:19:53] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:21:09] TRC: the CBI governor said on another article which was not didn’t posted that he thinks many do not like him, spreading so much false info
[20:22:12] AMG: the rumor mill in full effect
[20:22:49] TRC: lots of stuff out there
[20:22:53] design sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:23:02] TRC: but had a feeling it was not true
[20:23:13] design: good stuff!
[20:23:20] AMG: yes it is
[20:23:39] TRC: even Reuters had one saying government would begin drawing down reserves at CBI
[20:23:49] design: :)
[20:23:51] TRC: governor said not true
[20:23:54] AMG: Warka is coming back ^.^
[20:23:59] AMG sent an audio message: Yahoo!
[20:24:22] TRC: many articles said IQD was being devalued
[20:24:25] TRC: not true
[20:24:27] AMG: listen to the governor
[20:24:50] TRC: another said CBI was broken into
[20:24:52] TRC: not true
[20:24:54] AMG: EF Hutton
[20:25:00] AMG: saw that
[20:25:04] AMG sent an audio message: Laugh
[20:25:24] TRC: got to just stay calm reading the news
[20:25:35] TRC: ask Me if its true
[20:25:39] TRC sent an audio message: Laugh
[20:25:59] AMG: is calm as a cucumber
[20:26:04] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:26:15] TRC: it did drive IQD price up on the street in Iraq
[20:26:48] design sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:26:49] TRC: another rumor was CBI had stopped auctions due to running out of USD
[20:26:59] TRC: not true
[20:27:01] AMG sent an audio message: Laugh
[20:27:24] TRC: never seen so many false stories in a week
[20:27:38] AMG: amazing ain’t it
[20:28:57] design: lol
[20:29:20] TRC: something has got to be brewing
[20:29:25] TRC: :whistle:
[20:29:38] design: 😉
[20:29:47] AMG: I agree TRC
[20:32:23] TRC: I did say when investment law was activated, the currency would be free, but was assuming customs tariffs would also be activated
[20:34:01] AMG: early 2016
[20:34:08] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:35:26] TRC: not sure how high the IQD will go on forex charts before we will see something with CBI site
[20:35:51] TRC: the distance is increasing in the swings from 1166
[20:36:12] TRC: 110 dinars now
[21:00:27] AMG: thanx for the updates
[21:01:10] TRC: yw
[21:01:28] TRC: was all about CBI
[21:01:31] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[21:01:44] AMG: yes and all good
[21:01:49] TRC: good luck
[21:01:56] TRC: 😛
[21:01:59] AMG: back at ya
[21:31:18] Tf: sounds like it was a big day…
[21:31:34] TRC: interesting
[21:31:38] Tf: a whole lot of shaking going on…
[21:45:07] TRC: just moved to 1054
[21:45:16] TRC sent an audio message: Drumroll
[21:45:47] Tf: thank you, TRC…I haven’t checked it since this morning…
[21:45:53] Tf: it is moving now….
[21:46:53] Tf: did it go back to 1166 today?
[21:48:41] TRC: don’t know
[21:58:54] Tf: I wasn’t able to watch it today..
[22:00:05] When is RV?
[22:00:05] Do we have date and rate
[23:08:51] Tf: we are in uncharted territory now…
[23:09:16] Tf: we know we need to see some postings in the Gazette..
[23:09:32] Tf: we know they need to implement the customs tariffs….
[23:10:01] Tf: we know they need to continue to take their country back from ISIS…
[23:11:35] Tf: we know Baghdad and Erbil need to solidify their agreements….and follow through with the HCL…
[23:12:13] Tf: I say they need to turn the dogs loose on Maliki and his crowd….
[23:13:11] Tf: IMO, that would help Abadi, and all of Iraq….not to find a scapegoat….but, to hold people accountable….whoever they are….
[23:13:42] Tf: so, from what you read today….does it look like Allaq is one of the good guys…
[23:13:59] Tf: he is not part of the corruption?
[23:14:19] Tf: someone said he was funneling money to Maliki….
[23:14:31] Tf: I was hoping it was not true….
[23:14:53] Tf: your thoughts, TRC?
[23:15:37] TRC: what is a good guy
[23:15:48] Tf: Allaq
[23:16:04] TRC: think he is ok
[23:16:13] Tf: I mean good….in that he is working for the good of Iraq…
[23:17:32] TRC: I hope so
[23:17:38] Tf: me, too
[23:17:58] Tf: things are moving now….
[23:18:22] Tf: Abadi is making it happen…
[23:18:39] Tf: in spite of all the setbacks of last year…
[23:19:04] Tf: the IMF article was good news….
[23:20:03] Tf: we have waited for these times….
[23:20:25] Tf: remember when we went for months….never seeing any change…
[23:20:37] Tf: we just talked about what needed to happen….
[23:21:02] Tf: now, we are seeing changes on a daily basis….
[23:21:26] Tf: still waiting for the rv… but, things are moving in that direction…
[23:21:37] Tf: it all is good….
[23:23:01] Tf: Uncle Sam will get almost double the capital gains tax now….it went from 15% to 28%
[23:23:40] Tf: Trump is holding his own…

Chatroom Log Wednesday

[19:20:43] TRC: looks like they want to decrease budget expenses,
[19:20:56] Tf: oh
[19:21:34] Tf: another day….anyway….
[19:21:40] TRC: but they failed to realize that most products are imported thru government owned companies, which will increase expenses for the iraqi citizen
[19:22:10] Tf: I thought they were just making a test run…
[19:22:18] TRC: devaluing the official price against the dollar
[19:22:24] Tf: for the real thing…
[19:22:46] TRC: we really dont know, what CBI is doing
[19:23:03] Tf: yes…
[19:26:33] AMG: TRC quote: we really dont know, what CBI is doing. So we wait to see what happens next
[19:26:39] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[19:26:45] TRC: will this change close the distance between street rate and official rate
[19:27:09] TRC: forex charts show increasing value
[19:27:17] Tf sent an audio message: Drumroll
[19:27:41] AMG: nothing for AMG to get excited about…………………………………………yet
[19:27:48] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[19:29:18] TRC: then there is budget, decreasing value of currency lessens expenses supposedly, but in Iraq most imports are purchased by government owned companies, so imports will cost more with lower value
[19:29:50] TRC: so.. are they increasing prices for citizens to fill gap
[19:30:18] TRC: purchasing power is less for iraqis
[19:30:40] TRC: it is only 14 dinars de-valuation in official price
[19:30:52] AMG: hmm, not what they want
[19:31:54] TRC: maybe it will change again tomorrow, not sure what exactly is going on
[19:32:08] TRC: but Thursday is holiday
[19:32:20] TRC: not sure if CBI is closed
[19:36:53] TRC: iraqi cabinet have been meeting this week to cut 5 trillion from the 2016 budget
[19:37:32] TRC: so from what it looks right now, devaluing the dinar helps to reach the target
[19:38:24] TRC: now in long term as I said before this will not cut expenses, but to get budget passed it will
[19:38:37] TRC: temporary
[19:39:00] TRC: if you are crunching numbers
[19:39:36] TRC: IMF said they would not get 2 billion dollar loan if they did not cut more expenses
[19:39:55] TRC: but they advised not devaluing the dinar
[19:39:59] TRC: lol
[19:40:09] TRC: so thats where we stand
[19:42:20] AMG: whoa
[19:43:11] AMG: thanks
[19:44:02] TRC: it is one of those interesting moments the official exchange rate changed
[19:44:17] TRC: last time was a few years ago
[19:44:54] TRC: it has never been adjusted in December, so that tells you they can change it anytime
[19:47:26] TRC: also we must see if street rate remains same
[19:47:42] TRC: been hanging around 1200
[19:48:28] TRC: if it does not change the 2% difference between official/street rate would be met
[19:49:10] TRC: is this what is need to lift restrictions on the currency
[19:49:39] AMG: hmm
[20:11:20] Stormy: Just waiting for Iraq to take over Ramadi
[20:12:27] TRC: they are preparing to take Sharqat
[20:12:35] TRC: north of Baiji
[21:04:22] teledive sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[21:11:43] teledive: news a little suspect but still moving along!
[21:11:53] TRC: suspect
[21:13:20] AMG: :*-/
[21:14:05] teledive: just lots of noise surrounding it
[21:14:06] teledive: :)
[21:15:58] TRC: devaluing currency is not what we were looking for
[21:16:00] teledive: I suspect it will be the calm before the storm
[21:16:07] teledive: :)
[21:17:03] teledive: forex closed out today at 1107…
[21:19:22] TRC: forex trate is seperate from official/street rate in Iraq, because IQD is not officially traded
[21:20:16] teledive: by far I am not happy over but it is what it is….
[21:20:33] TRC: IQD is not allowed to trade
[21:24:40] TRC: Iraq needs to activate some laws most notably the investment law
[21:28:59] TRC: lift restrictions on the currency
[21:34:40] TRC: am thinking investment law will be soon along with custom tariffs
[21:55:04] TRC: was mentioned December 15th
[22:13:49] Tf: read an article today talking about the 250 and 500 dinar notes….
[22:14:23] Tf: we never talk about the lower denoms being issued anymore….
[22:14:41] Tf: The CBI hasn’t said anything about them for some time now…
[22:15:32] TRC: that was so called experts saying that not employed by CBI
[22:15:33] Tf: for all we know, they are ready to be issued….just sitting on a shelf somewhere….waiting….
[22:16:44] Tf: we have said all along that Iraq wants the highest rate for its dinar…they know what rate they want…
[22:18:00] Tf: as far as moving this ahead….we used to say they would issue lower denoms when they gave the dinar its rate…..I suppose that thinking still applies??
[22:19:09] Tf: the international rate will give the Iraqis more purchasing power…..
[22:19:57] TRC: IMF advised Iraq not to devalue, but CBI went ahead and did

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Chatroom Log Wednesday

[18:54:15] design: latest post talks of “float!
[18:58:18] design: media leak!
[19:00:37] When is RV?
[19:00:37] Do we have date and rate
[19:00:40] design sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[19:16:39] design: u see post on “float
[19:16:48] design: media leak!
[19:16:49] AMG: slow news day
[19:25:41] AMG: oh, just saw that post……….not sure who that person is talking but……….
[19:26:20] AMG: ……not sure what to think about it
[19:26:41] design: me either lol
[19:26:59] design: don’t really know who said it
[19:28:26] AMG: float or no float………………….just DO SOMETHING Iraq !!!!
[19:28:32] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[19:30:59] design: you bet…. anything! do it…
[20:03:13] TRC: whats new
[20:04:01] AMG: post on the float………………design and I were talking about……………..your thoughts
[20:04:27] AMG: was not sure what to think of it
[20:05:13] TRC: it mentioned the salary scale
[20:05:56] AMG: wonders if a float would be effective at this point in time
[20:06:15] ALE: float will only spur on speculators
[20:06:16] TRC: now Abadi tried to impose salary scale on government officials, per IMF advice or shall we say need to be done to get assistance
[20:06:39] TRC: parliament opposed this
[20:06:48] AMG: but he got pushback on that
[20:07:25] TRC: now media experts are speculating they will see lifting the fixed rate on the dinar
[20:07:38] ale: when?
[20:07:45] TRC: to increase liquidity
[20:07:51] TRC: in market
[20:08:37] TRC: from what it says looks before end of year, but when is not something I can answer
[20:08:38] AMG: liquidity is a problem…………………..hmm, wonder how the sale of gold is working out
[20:09:07] ale: lol was wondering if they said when.
[20:09:22] ale: probably wont ever say too much
[20:09:41] TRC: with investment law activated which it is not yet, free movement of money between states can begin
[20:10:04] ale: has to be announced in gazzette
[20:10:18] TRC: per not relying only on CBI pumping money into economy
[20:11:31] AMG: wonders if they can “finish” before 2016
[20:11:31] TRC: looks like the days of fixed rate is coming to a close
[20:11:46] AMG: nice
[20:12:24] ale: IMO, let it float and let the fun begin.
[20:12:47] AMG: they seriously need to actually DO Something ………….SOON
[20:13:19] design: thanks for the explanation guys
[20:13:21] TRC: iraqi media thinks something is coming
[20:13:34] AMG sent an audio message: Oh ohh!
[20:13:43] design: :)
[20:13:44] AMG: the media
[20:13:46] ale: sure looks like it
[20:14:00] ale: too cautious to get my hopes up
[20:14:05] AMG: yup
[20:14:12] AMG: 😉
[20:14:27] TRC: will not be free float tho by sounds of this article
[20:14:59] ale: I don’t think they will do that. about 10 years ago when Iraq was negotiation the groundwork for the zero plan…
[20:15:10] TRC: more like Kuwait,
[20:15:15] ale: they said they wanted to deter speculation as part of the process
[20:15:18] ale: if they float
[20:15:21] TRC: can only move so much
[20:15:28] ale: and it starts to go up in value
[20:15:39] ale: everyone that didn’t invest will buy up the dinar
[20:15:51] ale: they won’t get their bills back for a while
[20:15:58] ale: they need to rv and buy them all back
[20:16:06] ale: bata boom bata bang
[20:16:07] TRC: but don’t forget, iraqi dinar re-evaulation is also supposed to be to get real value
[20:16:27] ale: sounds good to me
[20:16:44] TRC: UN and IMF experts are to guide Iraq back into global market
[20:16:52] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:16:54] ale: by first of year
[20:17:51] TRC: hard to pick dates, just watch it unfold
[20:18:51] design: :)
[20:19:22] TRC: article said change needs to happen due to financial crisis
[20:19:54] design: that answered that AMG
[20:20:32] TRC: media experts picked the most likely scenario
[20:20:46] ale: love the fact that oil prices are down worldwide
[20:20:52] ale: nothing like a nudge
[20:21:10] TRC: Iraq needs an economy away from oil
[20:21:28] TRC: Iraq used to have such an economy
[20:25:31] TRC: the question would be, when
[20:25:44] AMG: :*-/
[20:26:04] TRC: would not make sense to float without re-evaluation of the dinar first
[20:26:33] AMG: agrees
[20:27:01] teledive: agreed floating Monopoloy money makes it less desirable…
[20:27:07] AMG: lol
[20:27:54] TRC: the UN and IMF are going to put the IQD back on list of currencies
[20:29:23] TRC: but we will notice change before it goes back there
[20:30:04] AMG: real value
[20:30:51] TRC: took a few years to take it off
[20:31:08] TRC: after 2003
[20:33:05] TRC: now we can also ask what happened to the 50,000 note
[20:33:56] TRC: did CBI sell or is selling enough gold they do not need to, release that note, to bring down cash block
[20:36:16] TRC: they want to increase liquidity but also bring down cash bloc
[20:36:59] TRC: that’s why bankers need to go to university to get to be a central banker
[20:37:07] TRC sent an audio message: Laugh
[20:38:13] AMG: lol
[20:39:16] AMG: not much lately on the 50k note or gold sales…………..things that make me go hmmmm
[20:40:39] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:42:17] AMG: more and more speculation on that airplane disaster……………..Putin is probably going nuts….
[20:42:30] AMG: ….was it ISIS or not
[20:42:36] AMG sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[20:43:29] design: becoming very interesting
[20:45:41] TRC: another russian plane went down after take off in Sudan
[20:45:54] TRC: 40 dead
[20:46:30] design: hmmm
[20:48:17] TRC: Putin has been very quiet
[20:48:25] TRC: very unusual
[20:48:39] TRC: must be waiting
[20:49:36] TRC: ISIS is failing now on the battle field
[20:49:57] TRC: will most likely see more terrorists activity
[20:50:24] TRC: outside Iraq and Syria
[20:50:40] design: wouldn’t doubt it, sorry to say
[20:51:49] TRC: iraqi forces stormed Ramadi today
[20:52:07] TRC: told citizens to leave city
[20:54:17] TRC: iraqi forces also have taken much of western Anbar in last two days
[20:54:34] TRC: raising iraqi flag on key bridge
[20:54:53] AMG: awesome
[20:55:14] design: cool
[20:55:25] TRC: they discovered mass grave near Tikrit
[20:55:39] TRC: 600+ bodies
[20:55:54] AMG: I see the al qaeda leader is calling for attacks against Russia and western interests
[20:56:28] AMG: he is still hiding in a hole somewhere
[20:56:37] AMG: wow
[20:57:03] TRC: he does not seem influential , that much, just echoing ISIS
[21:03:58] Tf: Abadi is meeting with Sunnis….

Chatroom Log Sunday

[20:29:02] TRC: someone asked CBI governor about deleting the zeros by looks of it
[20:29:34] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:29:56] TRC: he will not give up answer on that, easily, if ever
[20:30:03] AMG: lol
[20:30:14] AMG: mums the word
[20:31:44] TRC: another article on alsabaah about dinar exchange rate by bunch of economists,
[20:31:54] TRC: speculating
[20:32:03] TRC: very lengthy
[20:32:21] AMG: :*-/
[20:32:45] TRC: talking about increasing value, how and what way
[20:32:57] TRC: creating
[20:33:19] TRC: you would just be more confused reading that
[20:33:33] AMG: lol
[20:33:34] Tf sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:33:42] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:34:01] TRC: more talks this week, with IMF
[20:34:22] Tf: happy to hear that..
[20:34:24] AMG sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[20:34:57] TRC: Iraq does need to do things, they will not be handed anything without doing things to pass IMF rules
[20:35:16] Tf: been thinking about the IMF announcement…
[20:35:30] TRC: like taking a cut in pay for those who work for the government
[20:35:36] Tf: that Iraq will return to world market…
[20:35:47] Tf: yes, I saw that..
[20:36:00] AMG: yup
[20:36:20] TRC: many in parliament refuse to do that
[20:36:37] AMG: :-(
[20:36:51] AMG: spoiled brats
[20:36:53] Tf: how about Maliki?
[20:37:16] TRC: reminds Me of the recognition of Kuwait’s border to get out of Chapter 7, they refused to pass anything pertaining to it for many years
[20:37:42] TRC: yet they complained about being under Chapter 7
[20:37:50] AMG: lol yes
[20:38:25] TRC: there was protests even after it was recognized by parliament
[20:38:26] Tf: he is the epitome of corrupt Iraqis..
[20:38:56] TRC: there is protests now on new salaries scale
[20:39:03] Tf: who do they think they are????Hillary Clinton???
[20:39:15] TRC: yet they complain IMF is not helping Iraq
[20:39:31] AMG: help yourself IRAQ
[20:39:40] AMG: sheeesh
[20:39:43] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:39:53] TRC: Abadi has approved new salary scale but parliament needs to approve it
[20:39:59] Tf: Abadi is trying to change things..
[20:40:12] TRC: will be discussed Monday
[20:40:23] Tf: Maliki says his reforms are unconstitutional..
[20:40:47] TRC: IMF will not meet with Zebari if parliament does not pass it
[20:41:15] Tf: Abadi will help them get it…
[20:41:33] TRC: Maliki’s crowd are definitely a hindrance
[20:41:36] Tf: Abadi has my respect..
[20:41:55] TRC: Abadi is supposed to be present in parliament
[20:42:03] Tf: he needs to find the iron fist the cleric told him to use…
[20:42:35] Tf: I hope they don’t kill him…
[20:43:28] TRC: seems according to IMF, government officials are making too much money
[20:43:32] Tf: If they don’t kill him…I believe he will get it done…
[20:44:01] Tf: Maliki was the highest paid chief of state…of any civilized nation…
[20:44:44] Tf: seems the same here in US…
[20:44:49] TRC: on another area iraqi oil exports are now over 4 million per day in November
[20:45:03] Tf sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:45:19] TRC: 3.8 million from Basra terminals
[20:45:24] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:45:28] Tf sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:45:39] TRC: 3-400,000 from north to turkish port
[20:45:53] Tf: Baghdad and Erbil are coming to terms??
[20:46:18] TRC: yes they are meeting
[20:46:35] Tf: I thought their deal for 1.2 trillion dinar was a game changer….then it fell through…
[20:47:03] TRC: EU has told the parties to work out a deal for Iraq
[20:47:04] Tf: let’s hope they get it right this time…
[20:48:18] TRC: Barzani has lost some support in Kurdistan, maybe he will be more flexible
[20:48:45] Tf: Abadi will make it happen, if anybody can…
[20:48:49] Tf: IMO…
[20:49:01] Tf sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:49:21] Tf: he is a good man, I believe…
[20:49:32] Tf: I respect him…
[20:49:46] Tf: he tries to do what will help Iraq…
[20:49:51] Tf: it seems…
[20:50:00] Tf: he is not a puppet on a string…
[20:50:05] Tf: a US string…
[20:50:12] Tf sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:51:01] Tf: I thought it was good that he let Russia help Iraq….fly in Iraqi airspace….without Washington’s approval…
[20:51:44] Tf: It seems to me that Obama has looked and acted very small in this theater…
[20:52:08] Tf: I guess one can’t give what one doesn’t have…
[20:52:14] AMG: :whistle:
[20:52:20] TRC: Russia can follow ISIS convoys from Syria into Iraq to finish them off
[20:52:28] Tf: yes
[20:52:33] AMG: 😀
[20:52:35] TRC: nothing more
[20:52:46] Tf: you think?
[20:52:48] AMG: nice
[20:53:19] TRC: kurdish forces took Sinjar over weekend
[20:53:30] Tf: my point is Abadi will accept and take help from where ever he can get it…
[20:53:50] Tf: if the US refuses to help….
[20:53:58] TRC: they are on verge of blocking road that is main supply route between Syria and Mosul
[20:54:30] Tf: one can’t fault him for that…
[20:54:47] TRC: Sinjar overlooks road ISIS uses as main artery
[20:54:51] Tf: there have been too many political games being played, IMO…
[20:54:58] Tf: too many players….
[20:55:13] Tf: Abadi is smarter than that…
[20:55:17] Tf: IMO..
[20:55:24] Tf: good for him…
[20:55:25] TRC: kurds now setting up gun batteries to blast road
[20:56:13] Tf: If what that they say about Maliki is true….he will hang…IMO…just a matter of time…
[20:56:24] TRC: Mosul was surrounded from three sides previously before weekend, road to Syria was only exit point
[20:57:05] Tf: there again…they say Maliki is responsible for ISIS taking over Anbar…
[20:57:13] TRC: on verge of blocking only exit from Mosul to Syria
[20:57:44] Tf: Abadi is having to pick up the pieces…
[20:57:53] Tf: that were handed to him…
[20:57:58] Tf: Maliki blames
[20:58:09] Tf: Maliki blames Abadi…
[20:58:21] Tf sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:58:32] Tf sent an audio message: Bogus
[20:59:47] Tf: in a way….this scenario with Maliki is an example of what was wrong with Iraq all these years…
[21:00:04] Tf: things are coming to light…
[21:00:05] AMG: sounds like very good progress on ISIS
[21:00:17] When is RV?
[21:00:17] Do we have date and rate
[21:00:18] AMG: ^.^
[21:00:22] Tf: unbelievable….
[21:00:33] Tf: if it is true…
[21:00:41] AMG: security is a key…………….IMO
[21:00:58] Tf: and…the half hasn’t been told yet…
[21:01:20] Tf: no wonder Iraq couldn’t make more progress…
[21:01:37] TRC: iranian backed militias still have too much independence, they were allowed to launch rockets at MKO refugee complex near airport killing 20
[21:02:02] Tf: and Maliki is just an example of what many of the Iraqi politicians are…
[21:02:21] Tf: getting back to what you were saying earlier, TRC
[21:02:53] TRC: poor people in those complexes, they were former anti khomeini rebels from Iran backed by Saddam and Washington in 1980’s
[21:02:54] Tf: they want to blame the IMF….anyone except themselves…
[21:03:13] TRC: now are outcasts
[21:03:58] Tf: one can only hope for Abadi and the Iraqi people….
[21:04:41] Tf: one can only hope the Malikis of Iraq are being found out and exposed for what they are…
[21:05:25] Tf: one can only hope the dirty politicians inside and outside of Iraq are being brought to light and exposed…
[21:05:59] Tf: I hope the US government isn’t found out to be part of the dirty problem….
[21:06:06] Tf: it wouldn’t surprise me…
[21:06:12] TRC: you think that russian plane was brought down by ISIS bomb?
[21:06:26] Tf: they say they did it..
[21:06:44] Tf: I believe them..
[21:06:51] Tf: why wouldn’t they…
[21:07:02] TRC: evidence points to it exploding in the air
[21:07:07] Tf: yes

Chatroom Log Sunday

[17:58:02] teledive: trc the countdown to the 29th is on!!!
[17:58:16] teledive: :) like a chicken bone…lol
[17:58:17] teledive: :)
[17:59:16] TRC: news seems like urgent need to move ahead, but will it pass on to the politicians
[18:04:44] teledive: I’m for whichever one moves it forward!!!!!
[18:04:50] teledive: just saying!!!
[18:05:12] teledive sent an audio message: Yahoo!
[18:06:21] When is RV?
[18:06:21] Do we have date and rate
[18:08:17] TRC: they still on holiday
[19:32:03] TRC: Abadi is off to New York city
[19:32:33] design: good news for sure
[19:35:50] TRC: main subjects will be daash, and terrorism
[19:36:09] TRC: also wanting more weapons from USA
[19:36:40] TRC: Washington is still hesitant to give the apache to iraqi forces
[19:37:40] TRC: Russia mean while fills the vaccuum
[19:39:15] TRC: in a couple weeks the IMF meetings are scheduled
[19:40:42] design: ok thanks
[19:41:01] design: see what comes out of IMF meetings
[19:41:31] design: when is investment law next scheduled
[19:42:42] TRC: they can schedule it, but means very little if it is postponed, the 29th next session with house/parliament
[19:43:58] TRC: been talk of Minister of Health attending, but nothing concrete on agenda yet
[19:53:24] AMG: isis is definitely in he forefront in the ME…………………and on everyone’s radar IMO
[19:53:44] AMG: IMO they are in for a rude awakening
[19:53:51] AMG sent an audio message: Yell!
[19:54:29] TRC: Washington and Moscow fighting same foe but yet are not allied together, leaves a hole for isis to manipulate
[19:55:09] AMG: i see Iraq is supposedly going to share isis intel w/Russia, Iran, Syria
[19:56:06] TRC: yes Russia is letting all regional powers outside the saudis and USA coalition, they are about to go on the offensive
[19:56:11] AMG: with Obama’s and Putin’s meeting this week……..maybe, that will be resolved somewhat
[19:57:21] TRC: Putin will put his cards on table, how Obama reacts time will tell
[19:57:39] AMG: for sure
[19:58:06] TRC: maybe Obama will say cant we just be friends?
[19:58:15] AMG: is not sure what to expect from O
[19:58:24] TRC sent an audio message: Laugh
[19:58:52] AMG: lol
[20:00:01] TRC: Putin will get a little bit angrier and ignore USA all together, which may increase danger in Syria with russian airforce about to begin massive air campaign
[20:01:16] TRC: Putin also wants those 2500+ russian citizens who joined isis
[20:01:39] AMG sent an audio message: Oh ohh!
[20:02:17] AMG: wow, that many from RS
[20:02:18] TRC: russians make up one of the largest percentage from foreign countries
[20:02:40] AMG sent an audio message: No Way Dude!
[20:03:06] TRC: Putin wants their heads so to speak
[20:04:05] AMG: and use as examples?
[20:04:36] TRC: Putin truly despises isis
[20:05:20] TRC: Putin said Washington is blocking any UN security council joint action
[20:06:23] When is RV?
[20:06:23] Do we have date and rate
[20:06:37] TRC: so Russia is going it alone if necessary with all that is necessary to wipe isis off map of Syria
[20:07:43] TRC: russian military will work with iraqi forces
[20:07:51] AMG: hopefully it wont spill over into Iraq
[20:09:09] TRC: Iraq has given permission for russian migs to pursue isis convoys into Iraq to finish them off
[20:09:35] AMG: ohh
[20:09:50] TRC: along with syrian airforce
[20:10:31] AMG: wow, time to get nervous ?
[20:10:48] TRC: Monday meeting with Obama is important so US airforce so does not accidentally come into conflict
[20:11:08] AMG: as long as it doesn’t impact (negatively) our investment
[20:12:47] TRC: has some impact on investment, as isis loses its impact, investment improves
[20:14:00] TRC: thinking russian pushing, should help, since russians are also putting boots on the ground
[20:14:29] TRC: russia has large investment in Iraq as well
[20:14:56] TRC: russian company runs the biggest oil field in Iraq
[20:15:09] TRC: “west qurna”
[20:15:53] TRC: Abadi will ask for more help from Washington per weapons
[20:16:20] TRC: but if they get nothing but hot air Russia will fill vaccuum
[20:29:47] AMG: yes they will, gladly
[20:29:53] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:30:37] TRC: Iraq has been waiting for the apache but Washington refuses to give
[20:31:49] AMG: that’s American politics for ya
[20:32:28] TRC: Iraq will just extend order on russian nite hunters
[20:32:33] AMG: :-(
[20:32:39] TRC: and cancel apache
[20:32:51] AMG: yup
[20:33:14] TRC: must be a couple dozen nite hunters now operating
[20:43:14] TRC: IMF meetings start in a few weeks
[20:43:31] TRC sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:44:15] TRC: we usually see update on restructuring the iraqi currency around this time published for the media
[20:45:23] TRC: every October for years this has been the case
[20:47:21] AMG: we’ll see
[20:48:39] AMG: it appears that Iraq may have to wait for WTO
[20:49:06] TRC: oh?
[20:49:58] AMG: thinks their window of acceptance is closing……….fast
[20:50:59] TRC: well news says urgent, but will politicians act
[20:51:18] AMG: hmm
[20:51:46] AMG: if they are like US, they’re screwed
[20:51:56] AMG sent an audio message: Laugh
[20:52:03] TRC: they seemed to move fast with anti money laundering law
[20:55:28] Tf: Fall is in the air
[20:55:56] Tf: I will be 58 this week
[20:56:17] AMG: nice
[20:57:28] Tf: keep hoping to hear something good
[21:02:10] Tf: as close as we have ever been..
[21:02:24] Tf: we still have a chance for this year??
[21:02:31] Tf: I believe so…
[21:02:55] TRC: investment law
[21:02:59] TRC: looms
[21:03:14] TRC: ever larger
[21:03:15] Tf: they have the infrastructure in place…
[21:03:28] Tf: ready…
[21:03:34] Tf: and waiting…
[21:04:08] Tf: Maliki just won’t quit…
[21:06:34] TRC: it is October next week, IMF meetings, CBI will release update on currency restructuring
[21:09:15] Tf: many factors in play…
[21:09:34] Tf: also, many players…
[21:10:11] Tf: if one really knew….
[21:10:27] Tf: everything that factors in…
[21:10:46] Tf: we know more than we used to…
[21:10:57] Tf: but, still….
[21:11:11] Tf: it is complicated….
[21:12:20] TRC: every October CBI releases what is planned in next few months into next year
[21:16:07] TRC: but investment law needs attention pronto
[21:17:00] AMG: YES
[21:17:05] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[21:17:29] Tf sent an audio message: Drumroll
[21:27:42] AMG: well this week should be interesting on so many fronts
[21:59:39] TRC: what you think of the dong
[22:00:06] TRC: this is huge, Vietnam has always suffered hyper inflation
[22:00:22] TRC: the inflation is now under control
[22:01:00] TRC: the new central bank governor who took over a few years ago deserves a raise
[22:01:07] TRC sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[22:01:48] TRC: he accomplished what he said he would do
[22:02:02] TRC: seemed to be impossible task
[22:02:08] TRC: at one time
[22:02:26] design: yes, agree
[22:02:45] AMG: indeed
[22:02:55] TRC: will allow easing monetary policy now
[22:03:10] AMG: 😉
[22:03:13] TRC: plus the economy is booming
[22:03:24] design: :)
[22:03:34] TRC: expecting double digit growth in GDP this year
[22:03:50] TRC: the Vietnam miracle
[22:03:57] TRC: has happened
[22:04:04] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[22:04:27] AMG: there’s hope for VND after all
[22:04:32] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[22:04:41] AMG: lol
[22:04:53] TRC: lowest value currency in world could increase in value
[22:05:22] AMG sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[22:05:27] TRC: it is a member of WTO also
[22:05:50] TRC: full member
[22:05:59] AMG: yup
[22:06:26] When is RV?
[22:06:26] Do we have date and rate
[22:08:50] TRC: it is an export based country of agricultural produce and manufactured goods
[22:09:20] TRC: so ..they will want to keep currency down somewhat
[22:10:04] TRC: but their competition, is China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia
[22:10:17] TRC: basically
[22:10:43] TRC: their currency is by far much lower
[22:11:07] TRC: Indonesia is next on low end
[22:14:00] TRC: 22,000 dong per dollar, 14,000 ruppiah per dollar
[22:14:47] AMG: :-c
[22:17:23] TRC: lots of hindrances to starting business in Indonesia
[22:17:51] TRC: Vietnam seemed to have grasped China model quicker
[22:18:41] TRC: of course Japan leads as biggest investor in both these countries

Monday Chatroom Log

[19:11:51] TRC: Moody’s finally issued credit rating
[19:12:54] TRC: when investment law gets approved you may see adjustment to credit rating by all 3 agencies
[19:33:11] TRC: Fitch B-, Standard & Poor B- , Moody’s Caa
[19:35:09] teledive: A week from today is the 29…:)
[19:37:19] TRC: took a month to get credit rating for Iraq by all 3 agencies
[19:37:42] teledive: and a week to approve the investment law…lol
[19:37:55] teledive sent an audio message: Laugh
[19:38:12] TRC: yep things move slowly
[19:38:36] teledive: hey but they move…:)
[19:39:15] teledive: and IMF blacklist date of Oct 15 is looming
[19:39:48] teledive: or one of the acroynms
[19:39:51] teledive: :)
[19:40:42] teledive: which ever one it is it is looming!
[19:40:47] TRC: the law for money laundering has been passed so Iraq is fine
[19:41:09] teledive: that was last week’s big news…lol
[19:41:18] teledive: :)
[19:42:15] TRC: it is in government’s hands now
[19:42:24] TRC: and CBI
[19:42:28] teledive: no way…:)
[19:42:39] teledive: that is music to my eyes…:)
[19:42:53] TRC: according to post today it is up to CBI to activate money laundering law
[19:43:23] teledive: yahoo!
[19:43:32] TRC: they are soley in charge of anti-money laundering
[19:44:08] TRC: supposedly hiring new legal officials to over see
[19:44:09] teledive: so investment law while important can wait a week
[19:44:10] teledive: :)
[19:45:00] TRC: CBI can then proceed to begin currency restructuring
[19:45:45] TRC: terribly slow process, but it is moving
[19:45:50] TRC: like you say
[19:45:51] teledive: meanwhile we wait!!!
[19:46:30] teledive: agreed we have moved faster in a year than the 10 under Malaki
[19:47:06] TRC: oh yeah, am wondering what we talked about before Abadi came to office
[19:47:23] teledive: lol
[19:47:24] teledive: :)
[19:47:48] TRC: nothing happened for months
[19:48:04] teledive: years even…:)
[19:48:28] teledive: except his bank account bet HUGE
[19:48:35] TRC: I suppose we talked about rumors
[19:48:43] teledive: he was trying to match his ego
[19:48:54] teledive: he fell short
[19:49:30] TRC: both Maliki and Allawi supporters are trying to remove Abadi from office
[19:49:54] teledive: It’ll never happen….
[19:50:00] teledive: :)
[19:50:09] teledive: my optimistic side…
[19:50:17] TRC: unless he is assassinated
[19:50:43] teledive: :( nah then abadi becomes a marytr
[19:50:56] TRC: Iraq will be mess if that happens
[19:51:26] teledive: Abadi would still win…with that scenario
[19:51:43] teledive: Abadi did state that in a speech
[19:52:34] teledive: or at least alluded to it
[19:53:02] TRC: Abadi has lots of support, but the political old guard in place since 2003, do not like how fast he is reforming things
[19:54:02] teledive: hence the fights over the laws investment law….
[19:54:30] TRC: in every aspect of Iraq Abadi is reforming
[19:55:09] TRC: the young generation love him, they make up largest segment
[19:55:25] TRC: 20ish
[19:55:41] teledive: wow that can be crazy
[19:56:13] TRC: thru all the turmoil iraqis still had lots of babies
[19:56:45] teledive: hey no money no work lots of play….as they say
[19:57:20] teledive sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[19:57:29] TRC: the children during saddam over throw are now looking for jobs
[19:58:15] teledive: 😀
[19:58:17] TRC: they grew up freedoms previous generations never had
[19:58:46] TRC: but also lots of local wars
[19:58:57] TRC: they want job and peace
[19:59:11] TRC: they want to be modern
[19:59:52] TRC: but some groups dont like aka badr organisation
[19:59:55] teledive: can’t say I would blame them
[20:00:30] TRC: they are against a unified armed forces under Baghdad, so is Kurdistan
[20:00:52] TRC: hard to pass the national guard law
[20:01:26] teledive: you can’t blame the 20 year olds for that
[20:01:27] TRC: badr org. is linked to Iran
[20:02:04] teledive: the younger generation not wanting more wars
[20:02:25] TRC: majority loves Abadi’s ideas
[20:02:41] teledive: with good reason
[20:02:45] TRC: only takes one enemy to end it
[20:02:54] teledive: a light at the end of the tunnel to them
[20:03:23] TRC: as Tf says hopes abadi has top notch security team
[20:03:52] TRC: he is a man of the people for the people
[20:04:09] teledive: and will survive at all costs…
[20:04:17] teledive: it is the will of the way…
[20:04:37] teledive: can’t imagine it any other way
[20:05:06] TRC: leaders who try to change things, always hit brick walls
[20:05:31] TRC: but some break down those walls
[20:05:36] TRC: and live
[20:05:44] teledive: correct just look at maliki it is over for him
[20:06:13] teledive: his brick wall was Abadi..
[20:06:46] TRC: maliki should have stayed in Iran when he was there not too long ago,
[20:07:19] TRC: instead he came back to challenge Abadi’s reforms
[20:07:42] teledive: I am glad he came back the IMF wanted to
[20:07:55] teledive: hold all accountable…
[20:08:49] teledive: time will tell but can’t see the year of hard work go to waste…
[20:10:20] TRC: hard to believe allawi and maliki are getting together to get rid of Abadi, but neither have the support of the people, like Abadi
[20:11:22] TRC: they are looked on by the youth as the reason Iraq is still having problems keeping hydro on 24 hours
[20:29:34] Tf: Iraq is starting their Tuesday in just a little bit??
[20:29:51] TRC: Iraq has credit rating by all 3 agencies now
[20:30:09] Tf: their Tuesday will be over when we wake in the morning?
[20:30:23] Tf: good for them…another milestone behind them….
[20:30:46] TRC: Fitch B-, Standard & Poor B-, Moody’s Caaa
[20:30:57] Tf: yes
[20:31:10] Tf: they have their work cut out for them…
[20:31:18] Tf: Abadi has his hands full
[20:31:32] Tf: like trying to manage a bunch of children…
[20:31:43] TRC: when investment law is approved could see rise in credit ratings
[20:31:49] Tf: yes
[20:32:04] Tf: they need investment law….
[20:32:26] TRC: but Iraq is now on the board for investors
[20:32:40] TRC: currency cant be too far behind
[20:33:58] Tf: yes, one would think so
[20:34:35] Tf: whatever rate they start with will be a start…
[20:34:50] Tf: I have my doubts about reinstatement now…

Chatroom Log Sunday

[21:11:39] AMG: quiet day in Dinarland
[21:12:00] TRC: yes
[21:12:25] AMG: so they want to sell more bonds in September
[21:13:00] AMG: hmm, wonder why
[21:13:13] TRC: no, they extending deadline to buy them
[21:34:45] TRC: national guard law was postponed,
[21:35:34] AMG sent an audio message: Say What?!
[21:35:37] TRC: Abadi gave lengthy speech
[21:36:12] TRC: threatening the parliament
[21:36:30] TRC: about not passing laws
[21:36:30] AMG: hope the investment law moves forward
[21:37:13] TRC: he said he could impose martial law if they continue to argue over small things
[21:37:54] TRC: he also said if they do not like his rule they could vote to remove him
[21:38:15] TRC: but I think he is chuckling on that remark
[21:38:31] TRC: they could not agree to vote to remove him
[21:38:37] TRC sent an audio message: Laugh
[21:39:06] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[21:39:39] TRC: not sure when next session is, for parliament
[21:40:21] TRC: looks like national guard law is higher on priority list than investment law
[21:43:26] TRC: national guard law seems to include items unifying the iraqi armed forces sectors
[21:43:35] TRC: under Abadi
[21:43:59] design: need investment law too
[21:44:02] TRC: which usa is encouraging to help defeat isis
[21:44:35] TRC: according to schedule national guard law is next then investment law
[21:44:51] design: ok
[21:45:02] TRC: seems there are a few disagreements with national guard law
[21:45:13] TRC: tribal or what have you
[21:45:17] TRC: militias
[21:45:34] design: small things
[21:46:29] TRC: they do not want to give up local command of their militias
[21:46:46] TRC: that is bottom line
[21:52:14] TRC: was supposed to be passed last week, every session it was postponed
[21:52:45] TRC: so Abadi launched a lengthy speech
[21:53:46] AMG: 😉
[21:55:05] TRC: if they cannot move forward without this law approved, it is then bery important
[21:56:00] TRC: not sure when next session is, one said Tuesday next week, another said Thursday this week, another said Saturday
[21:58:08] TRC: so looks like we are at one of those crossroads
[21:58:22] TRC: does Abadi have the stuff
[21:59:22] TRC: about giving up power
[21:59:35] TRC: many do not want to do that
[22:01:04] TRC: they have passed two very important laws the last couple weeks, so is there more good stuff, or does everything stop here
[22:01:31] TRC: labor law and the political parties law
[22:10:52] TRC: you cannot have one country with multiple armed groups under different authorities
[22:16:50] AMG: so true, M is a textbook example :-(
[22:18:11] TRC: yes the national guard law is another biggy
[22:20:25] design: where does money laundering law stand… final vote?
[22:21:09] TRC: they only have 4 weeks to do that
[22:21:35] TRC: that depends on the politicians
[22:21:46] design: oh yeah…. lol
[22:22:01] design: down to crunch time
[22:22:19] TRC: hence Abadi’s speech
[22:22:50] TRC: threatening martial law
[22:23:50] TRC: he can issue decrees allowing these laws approval
[22:23:52] design: they got to get with it
[22:24:04] TRC: under martial law
[22:24:14] design: really!
[22:24:34] TRC: like presidential order in usa
[22:24:44] design: wouldnt put it past him
[22:24:53] design: wants to move forward

Chatroom Log Wednesday

[20:55:49] Tf: about yesterday’s news…
[20:55:58] Tf: the IMF report…
[20:56:06] TRC: oh right,
[20:56:31] Tf: I wasn’t here last night..
[20:56:49] Tf: until afterwards…
[20:56:57] TRC: just IMF repeated previous advice, for Iraq to lift restrictions on currency
[20:57:31] Tf: do you believe the rv is on hold again, TRC??
[20:57:40] Tf: they haven’t said it is…
[20:58:15] Tf: I have hoped they were still trying to make it happen…
[20:58:26] TRC: it is fluid situation
[20:58:31] Tf: yes
[20:59:36] When is RV?
[20:59:36] Do we have date and rate
[21:00:24] TRC: Iraq has to pass money laundering law by end of September
[21:00:48] TRC: investment law should be approved this month
[21:03:14] TRC: I think Iraq is now in third round talks with WTO
[21:04:04] TRC: the labour law passed Monday was important for WTO entry
[21:04:34] TRC: law is internationally recognized
[21:07:36] Stormy: Lots of news today?
[21:07:54] TRC: no, yesterday was busy news day
[21:14:46] AMG: my sis is getting some more IQD…………
[21:14:54] TRC: did you read the associated press article
[21:15:10] AMG: she sold some earlier……………… getting it back
[21:15:21] AMG: no, on what
[21:15:43] AMG: havent checked posts yet
[21:16:07] TRC: talked about bonds Fitch rating
[21:16:15] AMG: oh?
[21:16:19] TRC: and about deleting the zeros
[21:17:18] TRC: could not post it, so just posted title to the article
[21:17:28] TRC: copyrite issues
[21:18:30] AMG: ok
[21:18:58] TRC: anything you find interesting Stormy
[21:19:28] AMG: this one: “Iraq’s Economy in Trouble” ?
[21:19:36] TRC: yes
[21:19:51] AMG: ok,brb
[21:20:10] TRC: lots of stuff to read posted yesterday
[21:20:27] Stormy: I read associated press article.
[21:21:37] TRC: said that deleting the zeros will be implemented by 2017
[21:21:59] TRC: but.. of course no date will be said on the rv
[21:22:28] TRC: talking about in article per the banknotes
[21:23:16] Stormy: I saw ISIS is killing each other in Mosul
[21:23:57] Stormy: 16 dead yesterday due to infighting in Mosul
[21:24:08] TRC: they have had fights between each other many times in various areas
[21:24:32] Stormy: That is what happens when too many chiefs and not enough indians
[21:24:41] TRC: usually the fight stops when one side is defeated
[21:25:51] Stormy: Sounds like they all want to be chiefs. The indians have seen all the fancy jewelry and watches the IS chiefs are wearing
[21:26:22] TRC: it is not a regular army, it is gangs
[21:26:50] Stormy: Kind of like the movie, The Warriors.
[21:27:18] Stormy: A late 70’s cult classic.
[21:27:59] TRC: was reading in Fallujah or Ramadi in Anbar, ISF have discovered hundreds of IED’s
[21:28:27] TRC: ISIS boobytraps everything
[21:29:12] ale: ( he said booby)
[21:29:20] teledive: lol
[21:30:21] ale: TRC, so glad i wasn’t born/raised/ had kids in that part of the world where people blow each other up.
[21:33:35] TRC: so that associated press article, the CBI director said deleting the zeros of the dinar is on
[21:34:01] AMG: sure sounded like it ^.^
[21:34:12] teledive sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[21:34:17] AMG: hopefully this year
[21:34:42] teledive: soon!!!!
[21:34:53] TRC: will be done by 2017, you got to expect the generalisation on years, because they cannot say the exact date
[21:35:08] AMG: true”
[21:35:23] TRC: CBI governor said earlier this year it is a go
[21:35:29] AMG: “done by 2017”
[21:35:39] AMG sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[21:35:41] TRC: we just got to wait like a spider
[21:35:59] AMG: gotta start SOON
[21:36:24] teledive: agreed!!!!
[21:37:01] TRC: they told the world it is a go
[21:42:23] TRC: smart cards/mastercards, gold ingats, the 50,000 banknotes, and the bonds all for the purpose to get iraqis to get rid of the IQD banknotes
[21:42:40] TRC: bring down cash bloc
[21:43:02] AMG: let’s get this party started 😉
[21:43:16] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[21:44:39] TRC: the 100,000 is still up in air, may not come to fruition
[21:45:02] TRC: depends how fast cash bloc drops in next lil while
[21:46:30] TRC: would like to know target number CBI is looking for for rv, in cash bloc numbers
[21:47:34] TRC: they most likely have one
[21:48:30] TRC: gold is climbing right now on markets, maybe the iraqis with money will buy those ingats