Chatroom Log Thursday

[19:32:41] TRC: the economic and investment committee agreed with CBI to issue 7 lower categories including metal coins over next few years
[19:33:06] teledive sent an audio message: No Way Dude!
[19:33:44] TRC: that would be the 100, 50, 25, 10, 5, 1, 1/2 dinar, 1/4 dinar
[19:34:06] teledive: dude they can’t do that at the current rate…:)
[19:34:12] teledive: oboy
[19:34:29] AMG: need a real rate
[19:34:33] TRC: they said they would issue one category at a time gradually
[19:35:07] teledive: only saw the wait 5 year plan news…:)
[19:35:31] TRC: looks like CBI has convinced the members of parliament, that everything would work
[19:35:37] teledive: gracias amigo…brushing up on my espaniol
[19:36:16] TRC: the article after that one
[19:36:35] teledive: I foresee travel down south in the near future…lol
[19:36:36] TRC: was latest release
[19:37:31] TRC: the 5 year article was from late Wednesday
[19:38:20] TRC: on Thursday nora, the speaker for the committees , of late said new currency will be released
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[19:38:45] TRC: so CBI seemed to have gotten thru their thick heads
[19:39:07] TRC: they cannot postpone it
[19:39:19] TRC: if they want in WTO pronto
[19:39:29] teledive: I can appreciate that as ISX won’t wait either
[19:39:31] teledive: :)
[19:41:32] TRC: ISX up about 11% this week
[19:41:34] Madison: great! I am good just confused by all the yes we are.. no not for 25,000 more years..OMG!
[19:42:30] TRC: they have been discussing changing the currency last couple weeks
[19:42:30] Madison: I did see that at least they agree upon that;)
[19:43:04] Madison: I imagine they want us confused and they are good at their job
[19:43:05] TRC: every person involved was published in iraqi media
[19:43:23] teledive: was working on me…lol
[19:43:24] TRC: they shared their opinions
[19:43:30] teledive sent an audio message: Laugh
[19:43:51] TRC: the last article published
[19:43:54] Madison: I try not to read too much into all the opinions but…
[19:43:58] AMG: liked the video on Rabee Securities/ISX ^.^
[19:44:05] TRC: looks like they have come to agreement
[19:44:21] AMG sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[19:44:35] TRC: they will issue 7 lower categories currency and coins
[19:45:07] TRC: 100,50,25,10,5,1,1/2 dinar,1/4 dinar
[19:45:24] Madison: I did see that but do you think it will be soon… or within another 5 years?
[19:45:34] TRC: will be gradual one at a time
[19:45:41] AMG: sooner rather than later IMHO
[19:46:01] TRC: they need to revalue currency to make it convertible
[19:46:17] AMG: absoutely
[19:46:23] TRC: also in order to release new banknotes
[19:46:41] AMG: :whistle:
[19:46:57] TRC: as in previous years which were delayed the plan states releasing the 100 in December
[19:46:58] Madison: I thought that too…that the RV had to happen to make the currency convertable.. but my head has been in a spin with all the articles.
[19:47:07] AMG: they will need to make change….like we do
[19:47:07] teledive: lol I was typing the same thing but more as a computer dweeb
[19:47:39] TRC: right, the currency is not convertible outside Iraq,
[19:48:06] TRC: that should happen shortly
[19:48:14] Madison: the RV?
[19:48:52] TRC: especially with Reuters and Bloomberg set up, and ISX using new OMX global electronic trading platform
[19:49:25] TRC: yes they will reset the value of the IQD
[19:49:42] teledive sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[19:49:50] TRC: closer to Jordan and Kuwait
[19:50:22] Madison: Yep… I thought it has been unfold exactly as it has been and I thought we were almost there! Then the last couple days I read articles and my head was spinning. lol
[19:50:29] TRC: two main partners in currency
[19:51:14] TRC: well as I said before, everyone involved in the discussions made public media
[19:51:24] Madison: I always expected them to match up close to Kuwait’s value
[19:51:26] TRC: very transparent
[19:52:07] Madison: transparent is good
[19:52:09] TRC: I thought , Myself that there would be no talk of lower denominations until a rv had happened
[19:52:18] TRC: so I was surprised
[19:52:57] TRC: but they have not given a day it will reset, so we still need to wait
[19:52:57] Madison: I expected that they would keep us guessing until it happened
[19:54:04] TRC: large window now is 6 months, because WTO is watching, Iraq needs a credit rating at Worldbank
[19:54:22] TRC: small window is by end of year
[19:54:57] TRC: Iraq cannot get a credit rating unless their currency is convertible outside the country
[19:55:29] Madison: Okay end of the year… to 6 months is fine. 5 more years? I was not happy about the thought of another five years :-(
[19:56:25] TRC: the economic and investment committee mouth piece was very clear the change /release of lower categories must be gradual
[19:56:37] TRC: not overnite
[19:56:58] TRC: do not want to confuse the people, or shock the economy
[19:57:15] TRC: original plan was for two years
[19:57:41] Madison: I get that it needs to be gradual.. but if they RV they need it to have the lower denominations available to use on a daily basis, right?
[19:58:02] TRC: I think the CBI will say they agree with the committees and still follow the original plan in the end
[19:58:25] TRC: one new category a month
[19:58:40] Madison: Oh.. one a month is good.
[19:59:04] Madison: That would ease the people into the transition
[19:59:26] TRC: explained previously, if you change exchange rate, there is not an instant change in purchasing power for iraqis in country
[19:59:46] TRC: it takes time to trickle down
[19:59:59] TRC: inflation will gradually drop
[19:59:59] Madison: Yeah, I forgot that TRC… you did say that.
[20:00:14] TRC: purchasing power will slowly rise
[20:00:32] TRC: enabling the use of the new lower categories
[20:00:48] TRC: phasing out the larger ones
[20:01:34] Madison: That makes sense.. actually the US did that when they phased out the $500 bill etc.
[20:02:28] TRC: releasing 7 new categories..may tell you something on estimated value , in a reset
[20:02:52] TRC: nothing smaller than 1/4 dinar planned ..
[20:03:13] AMG: ^.^
[20:03:18] TRC: so would assume the value will not be higher than a dollar
[20:03:28] Madison: ^.^
[20:03:42] TRC: maybe only 50 cents
[20:03:42] AMG: .86
[20:03:54] TRC: but in a few years
[20:04:01] AMG: works for me
[20:04:04] TRC: they could do another rv
[20:04:19] AMG: TY Warka
[20:04:40] TRC: enabling the issuing of .10, .05 .005 fils coins
[20:06:42] Madison: 50 cents no complaints here and I will hold back part of what I have until the value raises more down the road :whistle:
[20:08:08] Madison: $3 would be a whole lot better… but 50 cents is still a lot of return on my investment
[20:09:03] TRC: well what do I know
[20:09:13] TRC: just My opinion
[20:09:57] Madison: Aw you know plenty TRC.. lol
[20:10:53] TRC: :’)
[20:11:33] Madison: You have always remained grounded in the facts. That is the reality of the situation. That is what is real.
[20:12:17] Madison: I get bits and pieces of this article then another. So my facts aren’t so straight. lol
[20:12:53] TRC: likes to keep informed
[20:14:03] Madison: That is why I like to touch base with you TRC! You stay informed and understand most of the articles.
[20:14:45] TRC: :)
[20:59:48] TRC: economic committee agreed with CBI , to release 7 new lower categories
[21:00:12] TRC: over next few years gradually
[21:00:15] design sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[21:00:51] design: thats good!
[21:01:11] design: :)
[21:02:11] TRC: looks like the numerous meetings are fruitful

Chatroom Log Tuesday

[20:10:05] design: whats new
[20:10:16] TRC: not much
[20:10:29] TRC: more zeros articles
[20:10:34] TRC: :-D
[20:10:49] design: yes , was reading…lol
[20:11:07] design: popular subject
[20:11:41] TRC: now its next year
[20:12:07] TRC: these articles die off when October ends
[20:12:28] design: printing anything seems
[20:12:37] TRC: they are discussing it, thats why so many articles
[20:28:20] TRC: ha
[20:28:38] TRC: still talking about the rv anyway
[20:29:06] AMG: who is
[20:29:41] TRC: politicians
[20:30:00] AMG: ohh
[20:30:26] TRC: CBI is finally going to destroy all the damaged currency
[20:31:14] AMG: they should have been doing that
[20:31:28] TRC: supposedly they were not
[20:31:45] AMG: :-(
[20:32:16] TRC: CBI released news today saying they want to pull in all damaged notes to destroy , and issue new currency
[20:33:20] AMG: about time……………………….US treasury/banks does that
[20:33:35] TRC: they were charging a fee , it seems on banks which held, damaged notes.. the fee has been dropped..
[20:33:48] TRC: no more fees
[20:34:06] TRC: CBI wants all damaged notes out of circulation
[20:34:12] AMG: perfect sense – no fee
[20:34:34] AMG: ^.^
[20:34:37] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:35:16] TRC: now that should show more accuracy on what actually is the numbers in cash bloc, without damaged and wornout currency sitting around
[20:35:34] AMG: yes
[20:36:21] AMG: I see Abadi wants M replaced
[20:36:26] AMG sent an audio message: Yahoo!
[20:37:23] TRC: not sure on accuracy of that news
[20:37:34] TRC: only seen it once
[20:38:18] AMG: same here
[20:38:37] TRC: Abadi is busy man, he is trying to bring country together
[20:38:52] TRC: seems like he is everywhere
[20:39:04] TRC: :-o
[20:39:40] TRC: he went to Jordan to meet with leaders of the sunni rebels not affiliated with ISIS
[20:40:05] TRC: trying to bring into the government formation
[20:40:52] AMG: good man….good sense
[20:41:26] TRC: he is creating an army in Anbar
[20:41:48] AMG: really!!
[20:41:59] TRC: trained and armed by government to fight ISIS numbering 30,000
[20:42:29] TRC: will be made up of a number of tribes from Anbar
[20:42:55] TRC: lots of the leaders are in Jordan due to obvious reasons
[20:43:47] AMG: yup
[20:43:57] TRC: Abadi will give Anbar and the rest of the provinces more self determination
[20:44:25] TRC: he is promising Anbar more self determination
[20:45:09] TRC: leaders must come back and lead the new army against ISIS allied to Baghdad
[20:46:13] AMG: yes, more boots on the ground
[20:46:24] TRC: a new national guard is being planned as well by local people trained and armed by Baghdad
[20:46:37] TRC: in all provinces
[20:47:36] TRC: a conscription is also being worked on until ISIS has been eliminated as a major threat in the north of the country
[20:48:19] AMG: ^.^
[20:49:09] TRC: Iraq cancelled the apache helicopter deal, due to too many delays on Washington’s side
[20:49:41] TRC: most likely will extend the Russian nite hunter contract adding more
[20:50:00] AMG: :-( US politics
[20:50:53] TRC: Russia seems to be winning most of the weapons deals
[20:51:30] TRC: Iraq is buying planes, tanks and other armor from Russia
[20:53:35] AMG: is one day closer ;)
[20:53:43] teledive: awesome!
[20:54:22] TRC: seems the new OMX trading system at ISX is a success
[20:54:33] AMG sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[20:54:47] TRC: ISX is up almost 5% in three sessions
[20:55:01] AMG: ^.^
[20:55:27] teledive: just caught latest post!
[20:55:34] TRC: ok
[20:56:09] teledive: just cause it reads well!
[20:57:01] TRC: changing the currency is beginning very soon
[20:57:30] teledive: from the read of it…:)
[20:57:46] teledive: CBI is on board works for me!
[20:58:07] TRC: the other article said same thing from parliament saying it must begin soon
[20:58:25] TRC: must prepare now
[21:00:20] AMG: is prepared
[21:00:22] teledive: parliament just wants to make it look like they are the ones instigating the deletion thats my thinking…
[21:00:23] teledive: :)
[21:00:23] AMG sent an audio message: Laugh
[21:01:23] TRC: many politicians do not know what needs to be done,
[21:01:41] TRC: media is publishing all comments
[21:01:56] teledive: exactly my point…just a gig at them since I can…lol
[21:02:23] TRC: schedule is July 2015, WTO will decide on whether Iraq gets full membership or not
[21:02:47] TRC: CBI governor knows this
[21:03:08] TRC: Abadi knows this too
[21:03:40] TRC: Abadi was chairman of finance committee in previous government
[21:03:51] teledive: the 2 that count the most!
[21:04:45] AMG: yup
[21:04:46] teledive: and maliki has sour grapes the money was confisgated by the us…
[21:04:48] teledive: :)
[21:05:19] teledive: confiscated
[21:05:34] TRC: if they are going to raise value of the currency before it is tradable/convertible.. then they better get deciding on when
[21:05:58] TRC: if they want in WTO
[21:06:45] TRC: they need to activate new investment law too
[21:07:11] teledive: did Allawi really get replaced? or just media hype
[21:07:25] TRC: national investment law, which contains sections in it , that allows free movement of money
[21:08:09] TRC: it must be activated to activate all of the 60 trade pacts they signed over last two years+
[21:08:48] TRC: Allawi took job as vice president
[21:09:03] TRC: so his seat in parliament must be filled
[21:09:42] TRC: or deputy prime minister.. cant recall
[21:10:26] TRC: so yes Allawi is being replaced in his job as member of parliament
[21:10:35] TRC sent an audio message: Drumroll
[21:10:41] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[21:15:23] TRC: see IMF says Iraq’s GDP will shrink by 2.7% this year
[21:15:44] TRC: but they said next year it will increase by 1.5%
[21:16:04] teledive: yes as maliki is out now i have the rest of the story
[21:16:12] teledive: :)
[21:16:21] AMG: ;)
[21:16:27] TRC: cannot keep Iraq back.. IMF thinks
[22:19:15] TRC: Germany says approximately 450 people came from there to join isis
[22:19:37] TRC: yet they are not joining in the air strikes
[22:20:52] design: :-(
[22:29:03] TRC: Turkey said again today they would not join either
[22:29:25] TRC: unless Turkey’s interests coincide with the coaltion
[22:40:34] TRC sent an audio message: Drumroll
[22:41:28] TRC: expert said the current situation will not help the Iraqi dinar , unless they change monetary policy
[22:41:52] TRC: allowing the dinar to be convertible outside Iraq
[22:42:02] TRC sent an audio message: Drumroll

Chatroom Log Wednesday

[20:08:00] AMG: cmon next week!!
[20:08:08] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:13:42] teledive: who ticked off the economic commitee?
[20:22:15] TRC: just look at what CBI Governor says
[20:22:37] TRC: he said deleting the zeros is in the plans of CBI
[20:22:55] TRC: they will not give day of rv
[20:24:00] TRC: Iraq becomes full member of WTO middle of year,they need credit rating , and a convertible currency
[20:27:56] AMG: sure do
[20:28:53] TRC: dont get too involved in politician’s statements
[20:30:06] AMG: dislikes politics :-(
[20:30:08] teledive: thanks trc never crossed my mind to not their politicians are as bad as ours
[20:30:27] AMG: lol
[20:30:49] AMG: ours lowers the bar
[20:30:55] AMG sent an audio message: Laugh
[20:31:16] teledive sent an audio message: Say What?!
[20:31:22] TRC: :-D
[20:31:25] teledive sent an audio message: Laugh
[20:31:53] TRC: CBI Governor said deleting the zeros are in the plans of the bank..
[20:32:07] TRC: what else do you need to know
[20:32:08] AMG sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[20:32:32] TRC: a date? he will never share that
[20:32:38] TRC: :whistle:
[20:32:49] AMG: can’t
[20:33:07] TRC: there will just be a rv.. then they will announce the rest
[20:36:03] TRC: its good news to see the Governor of CBI say it is in the works!
[20:36:22] AMG: sure is…………very good
[20:36:22] TRC: thats all he can say
[20:36:28] AMG: ^.^
[20:38:46] TRC: what central bank ever told public they were going to rv , at certain date, or within certain time period ever?
[20:39:21] TRC: you got to do your research
[20:39:32] TRC: make due diligence
[20:39:40] TRC: on your own
[20:42:30] TRC: :)
[20:42:49] TRC: of course I will give My opinion if asked
[20:42:52] TRC sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:43:05] TRC: :-D
[20:43:08] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:47:10] AMG: is just waiting for IT to appear like a light in the dark
[20:48:44] AMG: Voila!!!!!
[20:48:50] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[21:07:33] TRC sent an audio message: Drumroll
[22:20:48] ronnie: TRC does Iraq have to revalue currency before x-stream
[22:21:40] TRC: well, would think so, it makes sense..
[22:21:57] TRC: but it is not something they have to do
[22:22:11] TRC: they dont have to do anything
[22:23:29] ronnie: well i have heard all kinds people say yes and no
[22:23:36] TRC: lol
[22:23:50] TRC: got to make your own mind up,
[22:24:02] TRC: but we got to see what happens
[22:24:24] ronnie: I know
[22:24:52] TRC: did you read chatlog yesterday
[22:25:01] ronnie: yes
[22:25:23] TRC: makes perfect sense to bring currency online also next week
[22:25:49] ronnie: I am going to read it again
[22:28:08] ronnie: I know but my brain is on overload from reading all the articles on zeros
[22:28:40] TRC: every October they decide whether they are moving forward or staying put
[22:29:16] ronnie: 26TH, next year, 5 years
[22:30:11] TRC: dont know what to say on 5 years
[22:30:17] TRC: :whistle:
[22:30:54] TRC: according to the plan on changing to small denominations it is supposed to take 2-3 years
[22:31:24] ronnie: I had high hopes for this but those hopes are fading fast
[22:31:40] ronnie: goverment
[23:23:40] TRC: Governor of CBI announced
[23:24:04] TRC: stressed that the new currency which will be issued soon, with the fifty thousand dinars will be in both Arabic and Kurdish –
[23:24:24] TRC: including coins

Chatroom Log Tuesday

[19:54:10] TRC: liked that article saying parliament approved deleting the zeros begining in 2015
[19:54:58] AMG: early 2015?
[19:55:27] TRC: well, deleting the zeros is issuing lower denominations remember
[19:55:50] TRC: thats what they are talking about
[19:56:06] TRC: rv should be much sooner
[19:57:10] AMG: yup
[19:58:21] AMG: before EOY ^.^
[19:58:27] TRC: Zebari officially takes on his new job Wednesday as minister of finance
[19:59:45] AMG: nice
[20:03:33] TRC: lots of good things happening
[20:03:54] TRC: feels like we are on threshold
[20:17:34] AMG: feels that way too
[20:18:25] AMG: tic-toc tic-toc goes the rv clock :whistle:
[20:19:00] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:20:50] TRC: but closer we feel harder time seems
[20:21:17] AMG: for sure
[20:29:17] TRC: not good to see rv and people keel over in heart attack
[20:29:49] AMG: bummer for sure
[20:31:48] AMG: I thought that same thing……………rv then I get a stroke………but i’m cool
[20:32:51] AMG: I sure do want it…………but it won’t hurt me if it goes sideways
[20:35:35] TRC: everyone is invested to various degrees some more than others
[20:36:52] AMG: yes
[20:48:04] AMG: is eagerly waiting to see actually occurs on the 26th…………..
[20:48:32] Mighty Mouse: I haven’t heard you say what you did last October, TRC
[20:49:02] Mighty Mouse: I have waited to see if you would, but….you haven’t….
[20:52:11] TRC: say what
[20:52:19] Mighty Mouse: You told us that if it didn’t happen last October, that it would be another year. And, you were right….at the time, I thought you were wrong….but, you were right. I am holding you to your word…..
[20:52:38] Mighty Mouse: :-D
[20:52:49] TRC: well no delay this time around
[20:52:58] AMG sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[20:53:08] Mighty Mouse sent an audio message: Drumroll
[20:53:13] Mighty Mouse sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[20:53:25] Mighty Mouse sent an audio message: Yahoo!
[20:56:44] TRC: news this morning..
[20:57:20] TRC: parliament announcing new lower denoms will be printed released in 2015
[20:57:32] AMG: oh
[20:58:09] AMG: is not excited, just very encouraged ^.^
[20:58:27] TRC: ok
[20:59:17] TRC: if you recall last year in October, economic commission announced this is not good time to delete the zeros.. if you forgot
[20:59:40] TRC: will be postponed until next year
[20:59:49] AMG: senior moment
[20:59:52] TRC: lol
[21:00:23] TRC: this year, they are saying we will begin in 2015, which means they will begin now
[21:02:44] AMG: ^.^
[21:02:48] TRC: they are starting preparations to delete the zeros
[21:03:11] TRC: in those preparations there is rv, I assume
[21:03:51] TRC: that was talked about , for how many years
[21:04:47] TRC: but we dont know much of the process.. like foreign holders, time limits , etc.
[21:05:22] TRC: so we have to wait and see, on the value also
[21:05:58] Mighty Mouse: I knew you would say that.
[21:06:19] Mighty Mouse: :-D
[21:06:41] AMG: it’s what we do….for not much longer IMO
[21:06:57] Mighty Mouse sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[21:07:05] AMG: before Xmas??
[21:07:52] Mighty Mouse: I hope so….I remember you telling me this months ago, AMG
[21:08:16] Mighty Mouse: your thoughts, that is……
[21:08:19] AMG: yup before EOY
[21:08:39] TRC: muslim new year starts October 24th
[21:09:25] TRC: fiscal year ends December 31st
[21:10:13] AMG: u r right trc
[21:10:43] Mighty Mouse: We have been talking about a possible date tonight….is anyone up to talking about a possible rate?????????????????
[21:11:06] AMG: nope
[21:11:32] Mighty Mouse: I remember the first time someone here asked me my thoughts on a possible rate.
[21:11:46] Mighty Mouse: I hadn’t been here long.
[21:11:59] Mighty Mouse: It might have been barnstormers….
[21:13:04] TRC: after all this time, would be happy if we get 1979 rate, but hoping for best
[21:14:23] AMG: is not greedy
[21:14:37] AMG: gimme .50
[21:15:35] design: 1 buck….
[21:17:06] Mighty Mouse: I think it will at least be $3…..
[21:17:43] Mighty Mouse: for the record………..
[21:18:08] AMG: $3 is TOO much……….imo
[21:18:27] TRC: according to ministry of finance, official rate is 3.20
[21:18:38] Mighty Mouse: I don’t think so, AMG……..jmho
[21:19:01] TRC: but whether we see it right off is question mark
[21:19:11] Mighty Mouse sent an audio message: Drumroll
[21:19:32] AMG: they will get there $3+
[21:21:46] TRC: there really is no official exchange rate right now, it is artificial value locally traded only

Chatroom Log Monday

[20:41:23] TRC: Iraq has new government, except defense and interior
[20:41:49] TRC: still sensitive posts
[20:41:57] AMG: it does ^.^
[20:42:28] AMG: hopefully they will be filled sooner
[20:42:29] TRC: interior is in charge of federal intelligence and police, defense in charge of the army
[20:42:31] teledive sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[20:43:02] TRC: but we got minister of finance
[20:44:24] AMG: and maliki thrown in there …with little power
[20:44:58] AMG sent an audio message: Bogus
[20:46:19] teledive sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[20:46:23] TRC: indeed, must have been a political deal to prevent legal action against him
[20:46:45] AMG: it has been nice to see Huge progress made ….without the usual curve ball thrown at us
[20:47:11] teledive: maliki should be used to little power; he is so used to doing very little
[20:47:18] design: lol
[20:47:22] AMG sent an audio message: Laugh
[20:47:40] AMG: Dr dolittle
[20:47:54] teledive: seems like it may just represent a little in other areas of his life…
[20:48:03] teledive sent an audio message: Laugh
[20:48:21] teledive: that was for the dr. dolittle
[20:48:24] teledive: …lol
[20:49:00] AMG: is just happy to know that M is no longer a pain in our arse
[20:49:12] TRC: many legal cases were pending against him
[20:49:15] teledive sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[20:49:38] teledive: as well they should have been
[20:49:46] TRC: with vice president position, they are once again on hold
[20:50:09] teledive: waiting for him to step down
[20:50:11] TRC: :)
[20:50:12] teledive: :)
[20:51:09] AMG: why do they need 3 VPs??
[20:51:20] AMG: we don’t
[20:51:32] TRC: sunni shiite and kurds want defense position,
[20:51:32] teledive: do appease the masses
[20:51:34] AMG: and we have 10x the people
[20:53:36] TRC: during two terms, maliki could not get a defense minister, without appointing one
[20:53:49] TRC: nobody could agree
[20:54:40] teledive: abadi is the interim of both minister’s correct
[20:55:30] TRC: for tonite
[20:56:33] AMG: tic-toc tic-toc…………..our rv clock is ticking louder :whistle:
[20:56:52] design: :)
[21:00:28] TRC: see Vietnam bought three subs , latest technology , to watch chinese ships in south china sea
[21:00:43] TRC: 3 billion dollars
[21:01:08] TRC: huge spending for them
[21:01:25] AMG: yes
[21:01:37] TRC: will be based in south
[21:01:46] TRC: old us naval base
[21:02:21] TRC: one is supposedly already operating
[21:02:43] TRC: what is funny about this,
[21:03:18] TRC: Russia is supplying the subs, but also supplying China with naval vessels
[21:03:25] TRC sent an audio message: Laugh
[21:03:29] AMG: hmmm
[21:04:08] TRC: China-Vietnam tensions stoked by Russia
[21:04:23] AMG: they just want (need) the money
[21:05:13] TRC: France is building naval ship for Russia, told Russia the deal is on hold, it is almost ready to be shipped
[21:05:29] AMG: sanctions
[21:06:03] TRC: back in olden days , major powers built their own ships
[21:07:03] TRC: Germany still builds their own, but they dont build for other countries
[21:07:48] TRC: did you see Germany had record export surplus in July
[21:08:04] TRC: must be cars
[21:10:26] TRC: ISX should be up Tuesday
[21:10:35] TRC sent an audio message: Yell!
[21:11:22] TRC: Planning Ministry PUSHES implementation of Five-Year Plan, despite the security conditions
[21:11:39] TRC: not stopping the 5 year plan
[21:11:53] TRC: everything is going according to plan
[21:12:23] TRC: going to be some repairs needed to catch up in the north
[21:12:57] TRC: like the baji refinery, and wheat production
[21:13:44] TRC: canadian warship in black sea was buzzed by a russian air force jet
[21:14:24] TRC: canadian guns were ready
[21:15:17] TRC: Iraq the ninth globally in terms of the size of wealth
[21:15:24] TRC sent an audio message: Bogus
[21:15:42] TRC: yet last in currency value
[21:15:50] TRC: next to last
[21:15:53] TRC: lol
[21:16:00] TRC: Vietnam is last
[21:17:24] AMG: the VND needs a realue
[21:17:32] AMG: revalue
[21:18:04] TRC: Afghanistan is much higher
[21:18:11] TRC: :*-/
[21:35:02] TRC: Iraq has a new government!
[21:35:10] driftwood sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[21:35:17] driftwood sent an audio message: Drumroll
[21:36:50] driftwood: This transition was less dramatic?
[21:37:01] TRC: INDEED
[21:39:05] driftwood: Even with the ISIS factor….
[21:39:50] driftwood: It sounds like they are taking the fight to them.
[21:40:14] TRC: yes
[21:40:30] driftwood: Why did Saudi Arabia build the wall?
[21:40:42] driftwood: Are they at odds with Iraq?
[21:41:27] TRC: building fence
[21:41:40] TRC: to keep out ISIS
[21:41:54] driftwood: oh, I see
[21:43:30] TRC: like the huge fence in Texas, with watch towers
[21:43:40] TRC sent an audio message: No Way Dude!
[21:44:00] driftwood: oh
[21:44:40] AMG: very long
[21:45:51] driftwood: It seems ISIS is loosing momentum?
[21:46:30] AMG: we call it – the squeeze play ;)
[21:46:40] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[21:46:41] driftwood sent an audio message: Yahoo!
[21:46:48] TRC: well we havent seen anything yet
[21:47:25] TRC: this week we should see increased activity, with at least part of new government seated
[21:47:40] driftwood sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[21:48:09] TRC: both Obama and NATO, said they cant really do much, until Iraq has a government
[21:48:21] driftwood sent an audio message: Drumroll
[21:49:42] TRC: TAtalking about air strikes
[21:49:51] TRC: stuttered
[21:49:54] TRC sent an audio message: Laugh
[21:50:01] AMG sent an audio message: Laugh
[21:50:07] driftwood sent an audio message: Laugh
[22:07:01] TRC: next parliament session September 16th

Chatroom Log Saturday

[09:54:31] TRC: news is moving forward
[09:54:59] TRC: looks like its true , the leader of ISIS is dead
[09:55:13] TRC: seeing more news on that
[09:55:51] TRC: along with more leaders.. of ISIS in various areas
[09:56:13] TRC: must have gotten some intel
[09:56:50] TRC: had posted reports in past that he was killed, but was not true
[09:57:55] design: yea , just herd that on fox news
[09:58:15] design: regarding leader is dead
[09:58:29] TRC: Canada is sending troops to Iraq
[09:58:48] design: yes, just read that……
[09:59:09] TRC: canadian foreign minister was in Iraq this past week
[09:59:18] design: ok
[09:59:40] TRC: lots of foreign ministers have been in Iraq the last couple of weeks
[10:00:05] design: obama trying to get all leaders to buy in
[10:00:35] TRC: yes got ten countries
[10:01:04] design: guess thats good, dont know…
[10:01:37] TRC: german luftwaffe plane arrived carrying equipment
[10:02:05] design: most other us presidents would never have done that, would have went alone
[10:04:37] TRC: ceasefire in Ukraine, but tension on Estonia border
[10:04:58] TRC sent an audio message: Drumroll
[10:05:22] design: good
[10:05:51] TRC: supposedly russian forces crossed border,
[10:06:04] TRC: during nite
[10:06:32] design: hmmm
[10:06:55] TRC: that is where NATO is meeting
[10:07:02] TRC: :-D
[10:07:17] TRC: in Estonia
[10:07:50] TRC: going to build a military base to house 4,000 NATO troops
[10:08:24] TRC: Estonia was part of `soviet union for many years
[10:09:11] design: lol
[10:10:12] TRC: Putin is most likely a lil pissed on that
[10:10:17] TRC sent an audio message: Drumroll
[10:10:32] design: too bad…
[10:11:11] TRC: Estonia is paranoid.. they think Russia will try to return it to its motherland
[10:11:31] design: yea
[10:12:03] TRC: meanwhile a large NATO fleet is on its way to black sea
[10:12:26] TRC: and war games begin in a few days in west Ukraine
[10:12:39] design: hmmm
[10:12:57] TRC: very tense
[10:13:38] TRC: Russia says NATO is trying to push Russia into conflict
[10:13:58] TRC: people believe him in Russia
[10:14:02] design: better look in the mirror…lol
[10:14:21] TRC: he has large public support
[10:15:31] design: so, budget approval next week… finalize gov to follow??
[10:15:47] TRC: everything is close , yes
[10:16:10] design: :)
[10:16:11] TRC: supposed to announce government today
[10:16:20] TRC: we will see
[10:16:54] design: rv to follow !!!! lol
[10:23:28] design: wait and see………
[10:33:47] TRC: parliament is adjourned
[10:33:53] TRC: until Monday
[10:34:18] TRC: looks like no new government announcement officially today
[10:34:33] TRC: but day isnt over yet
[10:34:54] TRC sent an audio message: Bogus
[10:39:34] TRC: they discussed the budget today
[10:39:46] TRC sent an audio message: Uh urh
[10:39:56] TRC sent an audio message: Are you sure?
[10:45:25] design: lol…
[10:45:48] design: never know….i guess.
[11:41:42] teledive: cabinet named is progress..
[11:42:49] TRC: PM named the candidates, but not official
[11:43:16] TRC: got to be named in parliament
[11:43:17] teledive: at least parliment is meeting
[11:43:35] TRC: parliament discussed budget today
[11:43:53] teledive: Monday next at noon to reconvene
[11:43:54] teledive: :)
[11:44:10] teledive: abadi is pushing them harder than ever!
[11:46:19] TRC: everything is progressing
[11:46:26] teledive: in parliment of old you would question whether the meeting would take place now you get the sense IT will take place
[12:24:46] TRC: cant believe Canada is sending force to Iraq
[12:25:00] teledive: that shocked me as well
[12:25:01] design: surprise you?
[12:25:15] design: thats good
[12:25:21] teledive: like they say everybody wants to get in the act!
[12:25:32] TRC: Australia too
[12:25:59] TRC: talk of sending airforce and maybe combat troops
[12:26:24] teledive: I judge they have all been helping behind the scenes
[12:26:50] teledive: now it is time for all to unite and move forward…
[12:30:00] TRC: there was lengthy post out recently in iraqi news paper, opinions of iraqis on deleting the zeros
[12:30:52] teledive: that works for me
[12:30:59] TRC: talking about how it will happen etc.
[12:31:16] TRC: many iraqis concerned
[12:31:37] TRC: was not posted , was too much mumbo jumbo
[12:32:12] TRC: probably would not understand what was being said in many cases
[12:32:35] TRC: just saying , many are expecting it ,
[12:32:36] teledive: agreed
[12:32:56] TRC: many still not sure how it will happen
[12:33:12] TRC: and talk about the value of the IQD
[12:33:22] TRC: what it was etc.
[12:33:28] TRC: in 1980’s
[12:34:01] TRC: we are not only ones talking about it
[12:34:07] TRC: iraqis too
[12:35:11] TRC: I already shared what I think will happen
[12:36:05] teledive: Iraq has recovered from years of prior regime; when it does fully recover it DIDN’t happen overnight
[12:36:10] TRC: from reading CBI plan over last 4 years
[12:36:37] TRC: gradual
[12:37:09] TRC: but, how much will be rv ..the first one? if there are many
[12:38:02] TRC: many iraqis want to know too, but CBI keeping fine points like that close to the heart
[12:38:36] teledive: even if it goes to .01 it is huge
[12:39:44] design: will be very interesting for sure!

Chatroom Log Tuesday

[19:45:09] TRC: CBI has new governor
[19:45:27] TRC: but needs to be made official by parliament
[19:45:46] AMG: what are your thoughts on: THAT
[19:45:51] AMG: OH
[19:46:23] AMG: wonders what if any impact that has on us
[19:46:53] TRC: Turki retired I believe,
[19:47:00] AMG: we know that Turki’s signature is to be on the new notes
[19:47:15] TRC: Turki was busy man holding two offices
[19:47:26] AMG: oh – retired………..i misssed that memo lol
[19:47:58] TRC: this new guy is fairly young
[19:48:02] AMG: That article caught me off-guard this morn
[19:48:09] TRC: should be there a while
[19:48:15] AMG: he is
[19:48:42] AMG: to see the Event take place
[19:48:45] TRC: dont know if he is just a figurehead or has any education in economics
[19:49:39] TRC: there is a board at CBI , that runs the show, been there since Shabibi
[19:50:22] TRC: even Turki did not run the show, the board makes decisions concerning monetary policy
[19:50:37] TRC: Turki just signs his name
[19:51:13] AMG: k
[19:51:16] TRC: but Shabibi created the CBI
[19:51:32] AMG: ^.^
[19:51:40] TRC: and the plan
[19:52:14] TRC: there is talk with new PM Ebadi, of lifting the charges on Shabibi
[19:52:38] TRC: once his cabinet is formed
[19:53:41] TRC: Ebadi is lifting charges on alot of people , charged during Maliki’s term
[19:55:47] TRC: we are going to see alot of changes over the next couple months
[20:03:59] AMG: ok
[20:04:28] AMG: hope he does for Shab
[20:05:26] AMG: and may one of those changes be…………..the rate lol
[20:05:46] TRC: :P
[20:08:31] AMG: one week remains for Abadi
[20:08:46] AMG: show me the GOI
[20:11:30] TRC: emergency session of parliament Wednesday
[20:11:46] TRC: maliki is attending
[20:11:49] AMG: thnx
[20:12:10] TRC: concerning the massacre at spyker army base
[20:12:10] AMG: that may be interesting event
[20:12:29] AMG: wow
[20:12:35] TRC: parliament was broken into by citizens Tuesday
[20:13:08] AMG: oh crap
[20:13:13] TRC: protesting the parliament’s actions concerning the massacre
[20:13:30] TRC: relatives of the victims
[20:14:00] TRC: ISIS executed 200 air cadets,
[20:14:14] TRC: a month or two ago
[20:14:32] TRC: maliki may take the blame
[20:15:09] TRC: the families want someone to blame, either the military or the prime minister
[20:15:35] AMG: I vote for M
[20:15:41] AMG: lol
[20:16:35] AMG: ISX contiues to grow ;)
[20:17:10] AMG: can’t reach Warka lately…
[20:17:26] TRC: looks like Germany and USA will be biggest arms suppliers in the coming period to iraq
[20:18:06] TRC: germany approved shipping arms
[20:18:41] TRC: shortly after that washington released they are shipping more tanks to Iraq
[20:19:09] TRC: might see leopard and abrahams side by side in Iraq
[20:19:27] AMG: yup
[20:19:45] TRC: two best tanks in the world
[20:20:14] AMG: no doubt
[20:20:30] TRC: ISIS is having trouble now, holding territory
[20:20:46] TRC: a number of offensives are on
[20:21:18] TRC: Mosul, area , Tikrit,
[20:21:26] AMG: yes, they are starting to feel the squeeze effect
[20:21:54] AMG: as was the plan
[20:22:04] TRC: kurds are coming from one area iraqi forces from another, and air power from the sky
[20:22:27] AMG: love it when a plan comes together lol
[20:22:57] TRC: but looks like any kind of cooperation with syrians is not in the works
[20:23:21] TRC: pentagon or nato refuses to work with assad
[20:24:21] TRC: nato released, they are still waiting for an approval from Baghdad to assist them
[20:26:52] AMG: Baghdad should pick up the TAB for all this assistance to secure their country IMO
[20:27:10] AMG: …they can surely afford it
[20:35:40] TRC: obama just announced sending 350 more troops to Iraq

Chatroom Log Wednesday

[20:08:11] TRC: Ebadi is getting visits by alot of countries foreign ministers
[20:08:34] TRC: and phone calls by others who cant visit
[20:08:55] TRC: everybody is kissing his bottom
[20:09:42] TRC: even the Saudis
[20:17:50] TRC: obama going to pull a bush?
[20:18:39] AMG: lol
[20:19:41] AMG: a bush?
[20:20:20] TRC: obama said he is going to crush ISIS
[20:20:47] AMG: hmmm
[20:20:59] TRC: you missed his tv speech
[20:21:08] AMG: hopefully no more ground troops
[20:21:15] AMG: yes i did
[20:21:24] TRC: pulling out all the stops
[20:22:34] TRC: some Iraqis are probably pleased
[20:23:01] AMG: ISIS showed to the entire world that they have no respect for anyone
[20:23:05] TRC: assad may be also
[20:24:08] AMG: assad on one side … US/ISF on the other: perfect scenario for a squeeze play IMHO
[20:24:53] TRC: rumors out of Washington, is more carriers will be heading to the region
[20:25:27] AMG: hadn’t heard that one
[20:25:29] TRC: Russia is backing the operation
[20:25:54] AMG: yup, they’ve been backing Assad
[20:25:56] TRC: all NATO is as well
[20:26:26] TRC: might be biggest organised operation since d day
[20:26:41] AMG: they see now ISIS/ISIL must be dealt with
[20:27:06] TRC: will be 90% air operation too,
[20:27:49] AMG: and they will…………cuz they’re messing with the US dollar……………a no-no!!!
[20:27:50] TRC: biggest air operation since blitz of england by luftwaffe in 1941
[20:28:05] TRC: lol
[20:29:15] AMG: that’s why Saddam was dealt with……………messing with our dollar
[20:29:59] TRC: himmler said while watching thousands of bombers flying over english channel, towards england, if we loose this war we should go to hell for this..
[20:30:07] TRC: lol
[20:34:50] TRC: the US air force is causing damages to them thats why they did the execution
[20:35:53] TRC: you seen the news about the beheading on video
[20:37:21] AMG: yup
[20:37:34] AMG: :-(:-(
[20:38:25] TRC: pissed off UK as well
[20:39:01] TRC: they want to find out who the guy is holding the knife
[20:39:34] AMG: me too……………
[20:40:01] TRC: he was obviously born in uk
[20:40:14] AMG: oh
[20:40:26] TRC: yes he had english accent
[20:40:51] AMG sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[20:40:53] TRC: clearly raised in uk
[20:42:23] TRC: all major powers will be getting together on this
[20:42:35] AMG: i didnt see that…..just saw a couple of news photos
[20:43:12] TRC: Germany even announced they have begun shipping arms to kurdistan
[20:43:17] AMG: yup, they could be victimized as well………………they know\
[20:43:43] AMG: ……..a common enemy of sorts
[20:43:54] TRC: Germany has not done this since 1940’s
[20:44:29] AMG: this is serious – as a heart attack :-(
[20:45:01] TRC: new phase in world history begining
[20:46:57] TRC: Germany even said they suspect Qatar is the main funding nation for ISIS
[20:47:53] TRC: not the silent ally any more
[20:48:29] TRC: no comment from Qatar
[20:50:39] TRC: on the other hand, if major air campaign begins, Russia might make their move on Ukraine
[20:51:12] TRC: Ukraine forces are close to taking back all territory lost
[20:52:16] AMG: never a dull moment
[20:52:36] TRC: Russian forces are all along border
[20:52:51] TRC: just look like waiting for the nod
[20:53:37] TRC: Putin has 70% support in his policies by public
[20:54:08] TRC: so he is just looking for some other world event to take eyes off of him
[21:14:02] barnstormers: are they really considering maliki for a post in new government
[21:16:00] barnstormers: no idea how he made it as far as he did
[21:17:06] TRC: who is considering maliki?
[21:17:56] barnstormers: read earlier he is being considered by the new pm
[21:18:01] TRC: oh
[21:18:19] TRC: deputy maybe
[21:18:21] TRC: lol
[21:18:25] AMG: lol
[21:18:33] TRC: deputy bottle washer
[21:19:10] AMG: or ……..camel dung engineer
[21:19:12] TRC: seen list of speculitive names for ministers..his name wasnt there
[21:19:15] AMG sent an audio message: Laugh
[21:19:47] TRC: only one guy held a minister’s job previously
[21:20:23] TRC: minister of finance jabr..he was minister of finance, previously
[21:20:52] barnstormers: i think it said defense minister
[21:21:24] TRC: he held that job previously before maliki
[21:21:30] AMG: good to see that they want to get qualified candidates to fill those slots
[21:21:42] AMG: hope it works
[21:21:57] TRC: nope his name wasnt there barn
[21:22:16] barnstormers: good
[21:22:28] TRC: that article, of the list because it was supposedly leaked
[21:22:38] TRC: not official
[21:22:51] TRC: official list will be in a few days
[21:22:54] barnstormers: i looked on facebook couldn’t find it just now
[21:22:59] TRC: Monday says..
[21:23:22] TRC: should be out on weekend
[21:23:50] barnstormers: if he is involved the kurds may not want any part of it
[21:24:16] TRC: maliki may get Ebadi’s shoe shine job
[21:24:25] barnstormers: but everything else in the news looks great
[21:24:59] TRC: if he doesnt get a post , he may be up for legal charges against him
[21:25:20] TRC: so his party is trying to get him a post
[21:25:34] TRC: lol
[21:26:03] barnstormers: he didn’t make it easy for them to fit him in
[21:26:33] TRC: state his party
[21:26:55] TRC: I tend to ignore their news
[21:27:10] barnstormers: they can’t keep things the way he had them
[21:28:37] TRC: state law should get one post, but dont think maliki will get one
[21:28:50] TRC: maybe deputy minister
[21:28:50] barnstormers: budget should be settled right after the new government seated
[21:29:05] TRC: but his power will be very little
[21:29:49] TRC: you would think being in a ministry as a deputy would be degrading, to former leader of a country
[21:30:12] barnstormers: better than prison lol
[21:30:16] TRC: lol
[21:30:47] barnstormers: and being sued to death
[21:30:57] TRC: first reading of the budget was finished , so second reading can happen anytime
[21:31:38] barnstormers: but can’t be ratified until new gov is formed?
[21:32:06] TRC: parliament can pass it,
[21:32:25] TRC: but new government supposed to be complete Monday
[21:33:04] TRC: President signs it into law, after cabinet ratifies it
[21:33:09] barnstormers: good so it can still be passed even with a delay in seating the government?
[21:33:31] TRC: cabinet will be , by Tuesday
[21:34:50] barnstormers: this new guy seems to be running full speed getting stuff done
[21:35:12] TRC: he is smart guy
[21:35:35] TRC: was chairman of parliament’s finance committee
[21:36:23] barnstormers: think he will cater to the kurds a bit to get things done?
[21:36:43] TRC: supposed to let kurds sell their oil,
[21:37:14] TRC: but will be included in iraqi exports
[21:37:29] TRC: just giving kurds some say on things
[21:37:31] barnstormers: so is that hcl?
[21:37:44] TRC: officially no
[21:38:15] TRC: that is a law needs to be passed, but things look good to getting that passed in near term
[21:38:20] barnstormers: temporary?
[21:38:56] TRC: hcl , federal court law and budget are priorities
[21:39:24] barnstormers: he is calling for Iraq to unite so i guess he needs to do stuff like this
[21:39:35] TRC: talking of passing budget for 6 months, then the 2015 budget will go into effect
[21:39:56] barnstormers: yes
[21:45:04] TRC: Ebadi was part of finance committee so budget will be high on agenda
[21:45:36] barnstormers: what do you think of reducing the currency from 4 billion to 1 billion
[21:45:48] TRC: thats the plan
[21:45:57] barnstormers: doable?
[21:46:16] TRC: will take a couple years
[21:46:31] TRC: process starts next month
[21:47:04] barnstormers: that article says delete 3 zeroes this year
[21:48:05] Stormy: Just in for a little bit. Still working. All because of a bunch of ISISholes
[21:48:58] AMG: Stormy……….they are gonna get their due
[21:49:12] AMG: soon
[21:49:14] Stormy: None too soon
[21:49:25] TRC: barnstormers, Turki announced begining of the year , new currency will be printed this year
[21:50:02] TRC: the process starts next month will the launch of the 10000 banknote
[21:50:06] Stormy: Brits are upset ISIS hack in Foley video is English
[21:50:51] AMG: yup
[21:50:54] TRC: they will release one or two new banknotes a month
[21:51:37] TRC: will not stop releasing new categories of currency banknotes/coins for two years
[21:52:07] TRC: I think the new 100 will be launched around November to December
[21:52:37] barnstormers: should be fun watching the news for a little bit
[21:52:58] TRC: thinking some kind of rv around October
[21:52:58] AMG: ^.^
[21:53:49] TRC: new IQD Central Bank bonds on sale in January 2015
[21:53:49] barnstormers: i’ll be ready
[21:54:05] TRC: new 50 banknote as well
[21:54:56] TRC: of course the official news has not been released yet..just refering to what was said late last year
[21:55:22] barnstormers: amazing how different Iraq is today with this guy as opposed to last month with maliki
[21:55:51] TRC: Iraq is exporting record amounts of oil, as long as that is happening the IQD is solid
[21:56:34] barnstormers: i’d think better for us
[21:58:59] barnstormers: not to mention all the other commodities they have quickly gotten to self sufficient levels
[21:59:38] TRC: we have not seen such political stability in Baghdad since 2003
[22:00:16] TRC: everybody is happy with the people chosen to hold the reigns
[22:01:11] TRC: ISIS is not part of the political make up, they are for most part a foreign entity
[22:02:02] barnstormers: i’m thinking they won’t be in Iraq much longer
[22:02:03] TRC: they are also in north of country not much of make up of the economy
[22:02:17] TRC: it is mostly desert
[22:02:28] AMG: ISIS is a disease in search for a cure :-(
[22:02:40] TRC: thats why money keeps coming in to Iraq
[22:03:14] barnstormers: exciting seeing the money moving the way it is
[22:03:22] TRC: they may have a small oil field, but thats it
[22:03:51] TRC: IQD value increased on the street Wednesday from 1217 to 1212
[22:04:29] barnstormers: nice little hop
[22:04:38] TRC: ISX has went up about 14% in last 7 days
[22:04:50] AMG: ^.^ nice
[22:05:07] barnstormers: crazy money

Chatroom Log Sunday

[20:59:26] TRC: great news
[20:59:39] AMG: is hoping for more good news this week…………..
[20:59:43] TRC: ISX is linked to global investers
[20:59:58] AMG: yup, saw that…………….good stuff
[21:00:07] TRC: linked last week with new xstream
[21:00:24] TRC: up 14% in three sessions
[21:00:38] AMG: nice gain
[21:00:49] TRC: foreign investers are flooding into ISX
[21:01:14] AMG: no surprise there………………..but we already knew that was coming
[21:01:48] TRC: foreign brokers can buy iraqi shares on internet, so money is coming in now
[21:02:12] AMG: OUR day is coming…………… IMO
[21:02:13] teledive: agreed !
[21:02:16] TRC: just started
[21:02:36] teledive: love that parliament is being held accountable
[21:02:43] TRC: yes
[21:02:51] AMG: ^.^
[21:02:53] teledive: long over due
[21:03:00] AMG: bout time
[21:03:17] TRC: mp’s will be penalised big time if they make habit of being absent
[21:03:36] TRC: penalty goes up each time
[21:03:45] AMG: hope they follow up on that
[21:04:08] teledive: I have a feeling it will be enforced
[21:04:10] TRC: I think they mean business, they seem like it
[21:04:22] AMG: agrees
[21:04:42] TRC: new PM means business too, he is cutting back on size of the ministries
[21:05:12] teledive: and the cabinet WILL be in place no longer than 15 days
[21:05:21] TRC: he thinks far too many are getting paid for doing very little
[21:05:24] AMG: good move there as well
[21:05:55] teledive: budget as well will be cleaned up!
[21:06:18] teledive: and most of all Barzani will play with others…
[21:07:13] TRC: UN security council imposed sanctions on anyone associated with or supplying funds for ISIS
[21:07:16] AMG: maybe a Kurd as Dep PM……………………..would be nice
[21:07:34] AMG: hitem in the purse
[21:10:23] TRC: kurds had taken mosul dam area
[21:10:59] TRC: ISIS has explosive devices on or near the dam,
[21:11:04] AMG: well my personal forecast of rv before summer’s end looks doable
[21:11:32] AMG: yup US airstrikes helped
[21:13:07] TRC: we have many interesting news items the last week, with 15 days, stated for new foreign currency trading rules , to take effect, and MasterCard soon will be activated
[21:13:54] AMG sent an audio message: Yahoo!
[21:14:24] TRC: am pretty sure this mastercard is different from cards used previously, which used dollar , in global transactions, new one is iqd I assume
[21:15:19] TRC: how many stock markets go up 14% in three days, that you can remember
[21:15:54] AMG: ;)
[21:16:09] TRC: they halted trading on north bank shares, because they went up 20% in two sessions
[21:16:15] TRC: lol
[21:16:29] AMG sent an audio message: Bogus
[21:16:42] TRC: dont see that too often
[21:16:59] TRC: they want to know why it went up so fast
[21:17:15] TRC: have to see how Monday looks
[21:18:35] TRC: Iraqi Ministry of Oil anounced that Basra set new export record since 2003.. at 2.95 million bpd .. in July
[21:20:01] AMG: ^.^
[21:20:40] TRC: the operation of all new export terminals at full , allowed this
[21:21:36] TRC: with new pipeline finished to maysan oil fields, exports should remain high
[21:22:07] TRC: allow oil to flow to Basra without interuption
[21:37:58] teledive: trc the end is nigh!
[21:38:11] teledive: at least my thoughts
[21:39:14] teledive: the new PM is wanting to prove a point!
[21:39:20] teledive: on so many levels
[21:46:48] TRC: things are moving along
[21:47:20] TRC: felt like things were at standstill, in May and June
[21:48:03] TRC: but not really close to what it felt like in 2010, no government for 10 months
[21:49:24] teledive: so it begs the question did maliki keep it at a stand still
[21:51:08] teledive: and if so why,,,
[21:58:38] TRC: last year they seemed ready, but postponed it to this year, can assume it was to replace all the banknotes, and have the political stability of new government to go with it
[22:00:23] TRC: they can start change with all new banknotes from 25000 to .005 IQD
[22:01:08] TRC: they will be up to date technology for next 5-10 years
[22:17:42] TRC: they start releasing new currency end of month, will not stop for a couple years
[22:20:33] teledive: the end of the beginning
[22:25:44] TRC: Ebadi has followed the currency status and changeover plan for last few years, he was chairman of the finance committee
[22:27:20] teledive: which is great he won’t have to be brought up to speed.,,,,
[22:31:55] TRC: he may already have idea of things.. what Turki is doing, but CBI already told us last December, what they are doing
[22:32:12] TRC: releasing new currency
[22:32:21] TRC: not a secret
[22:33:05] teledive: but why didn’t maliki play well with others?
[22:33:16] TRC: also said the new lower denominations , but said most likely closer to end of year..
[22:34:10] TRC: you tell Me, I dont know
[22:36:39] teledive: sorry just makes no sense this could have been over if allawi had been allowed to be pm 8 years ago
[22:48:24] teledive: TRC do you feel this is almost at it’s end? i.e. better than soon..
[22:57:19] TRC: should be a rv this year
[22:57:59] TRC: Turki said, change will happen middle of this year
[22:58:13] TRC: he was right
[22:58:29] teledive: works for me
[22:58:30] TRC: ISX new Xstream system is up n running
[22:58:43] TRC: Iraq is on Bloomberg
[22:59:11] teledive: working overtime today(isx) just because it keeps rising
[22:59:13] teledive: :)
[22:59:23] TRC: new banknotes will be issued one or two a month from now on
[22:59:40] TRC: will not end til we see the fils coins

Chatroom Log Tuesday

[17:07:16] Oliver: I am still waiting for this dinar to revalue
[17:07:49] Oliver: We have not had any bad news that I know of.
[17:07:51] teledive: the new pm may do just that
[17:08:02] Oliver: I believe Iraq is still on track.
[17:08:12] teledive: so do I
[17:08:27] teledive: soon is finally getting here
[17:08:40] Oliver: little did we know all that this process entailed…
[17:08:57] teledive: agreed
[17:13:33] teledive: the next 3 weeks will be interesting
[17:27:02] Oliver: yes
[21:42:11] AMG: is still feeling good about my EOY rv forecast
[21:42:36] AMG: despite the drama over there
[21:42:47] TRC: global credit card, getting closer
[21:43:09] AMG: a great positive
[21:43:30] TRC: dollar denominated iraqi bonds are getting good returns,
[21:43:51] TRC: went down in June but are back up
[21:43:53] AMG: ^.^
[21:44:10] AMG: settling down
[21:44:25] TRC: ISX finally up again, after a long trend down
[21:46:31] AMG: more US arms to the Kurds…..more firepower ;)
[21:46:42] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[21:47:36] AMG: thinks the govt is seated by EOM
[21:47:48] AMG: hoping at least
[21:48:13] TRC: supposed to meeting today to select ministers
[21:48:40] TRC: might give Maliki a position
[21:53:48] AMG: gasp……………..
[21:54:01] AMG sent an audio message: Yell!
[21:54:30] TRC: so he is immune to prosecution,
[21:54:34] TRC: lol
[21:55:08] AMG: grrr
[21:55:11] TRC: many cases have been sent to judicial department since yesterday
[21:55:27] AMG: he should b held accountable
[21:55:31] TRC: many more probably on the way
[21:56:10] Suharto: WE ARE RICH NOW
[21:56:24] AMG: if it helps things move faster, AMG is all for it
[21:56:41] AMG sent an audio message: Say What?!
[21:56:59] Suharto: Maliki removed
[21:58:37] TRC: who thought we would have new government by now
[21:59:21] Suharto: iraqis verry happy now and dancing in the street celebrating for removal maliki
[21:59:49] Suharto: TRC, will it going to mora faster now for RV?
[22:00:54] TRC: I think Turki, has not delayed anything,
[22:01:21] TRC: his plan to change the banknotes was to begin in August
[22:01:40] TRC: he announced earlier this year new banknotes
[22:01:42] teledive sent an audio message: Oh ohh!
[22:01:48] teledive sent an audio message: Oh Boy!
[22:02:00] AMG: yup
[22:02:11] TRC: large ones then the new categories lower denominations
[22:02:51] TRC: there will be a new banknote or two every month for next couple years
[22:03:37] AMG: show us the money!!!!
[22:03:49] TRC: a rv will be thrown in there, not sure when
[22:04:30] TRC: most likely this year
[22:04:50] teledive: the sooner the better…:)
[22:04:58] TRC: before they release the new 100 banknote
[22:05:38] AMG: smile
[22:05:55] TRC: I assume the 10000 was more needed than the 25000
[22:06:37] AMG: thinks the 5k is next
[22:06:40] TRC: not sure if they will issue the 25000 next or the 5000
[22:07:21] TRC: 25000, is not as used , much more for larger purchases than regular day to day
[22:07:31] AMG: yes
[22:08:27] TRC: they issued fresh 1000 and 500 last fall
[22:09:26] TRC: so yes 5000 , in September most likely
[22:09:53] TRC: then 25000 in October
[22:10:11] TRC: the 1000, and 500 same month in November
[22:10:20] TRC: My visions
[22:10:27] TRC: :-o
[22:10:40] TRC: then the 100 in December!
[22:10:44] TRC sent an audio message: Drumroll
[22:10:55] AMG sent an audio message: Drumroll
[22:10:57] TRC sent an audio message: Laugh
[22:11:26] TRC: then new IQD bonds released to market in January
[22:11:27] teledive sent an audio message: Yahoo!
[22:12:00] TRC: and new 50 dinar banknote too
[22:12:17] TRC: which means, rv , in fall?
[22:13:30] TRC: I strongly believe the new 10000 is the start of releasing all denominations , right down to .005 dinar coin
[22:13:45] TRC: but it will take time
[22:14:00] teledive: fall 2015
[22:14:16] TRC: longer maybe
[22:14:35] TRC: they will release one or two categories a month
[22:14:48] TRC: two years ..
[22:15:32] TRC: but even releasing the 100 is pointless without a rv
[22:16:32] TRC: we dont know what sort of rv , rate wise they have planned, which they do
[22:16:46] TRC: there is a plan
[22:16:56] AMG sent an audio message: Yahoo!
[22:17:00] TRC: has been written for a few years now
[22:17:19] TRC: just looking to be prepared to intiate it
[22:17:32] TRC: was postponed last fall
[22:17:38] teledive: i.e. soon…:)
[22:18:08] TRC: of course the original plan was adjusted slightly
[22:18:22] TRC: things change as time passes
[22:18:52] TRC: decided to change all the denominations because it has been ten years
[22:19:13] TRC: my as well do them all
[22:19:19] AMG: was about due
[22:19:27] TRC: from 25000 to .005 IQD
[22:19:54] TRC: thats the way I see what is happening
[22:20:09] AMG: likes that
[22:20:33] AMG: also thinks a fall rv starting
[22:20:49] TRC: as long as they are exporting oil, IQD is solid
[22:21:29] TRC: former CBI Deputy Governor Saleh said that a couple months ago
[22:21:55] AMG: gas here is around $3.35 Gal now……….dropping
[22:22:15] teledive: down south is 3.11
[22:22:18] teledive: :)
[22:22:28] AMG: nice
[22:22:49] teledive: summer is over should drop a bit more
[22:22:58] AMG: yup