The reopening of gas plant after a three-year hiatus

The reopening of the Hit gas plant after a three-year hiatus, the head of the Hitt district council in Anbar province Mohammad al-Mohammadi announced on Sunday.

“The Hit gas plant was reopened in the city of Hit, 70 km west of Ramadi, after a three-year hiatus as a result of criminal acts,” Mohammadi said in an interview.

“The plant started supplying the people of Hit with gas and its production capacity is sufficient” he said.


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Traffic of foreign aircraft return through Iraqi airspace

The Ministry of Transport Sunday, report the recovery of air traffic for foreign aircraft through the airspace of Iraq starting from Thursday.

“We are pleased to see the opening of the new air routes passing through our airspace for the first time since its suspension in 2014 by an unfair decision by the FAA organization, which considered our airspace a serious international taboo and classified it war zones,” the ministry said in a statement.

“Thursday will be the scheduled time to restore the traffic of foreign aircraft flying over the skies of Iraq.”

The statement said that the ministry will hold a ceremony on this occasion at 10 am Tuesday, at the Baghdad International Airport near the VIP Business Hall.


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Iraq and Serbia sign agreement for opening of an air route between the two countries

Baghdad revealed that the Ministry of Transport on Friday, announced the signing of an agreement with Serbia for the opening of an air route and the granting of free visa between the two countries, indicating that it reinforced a previous agreement signed in 1975 between Iraq and Yugoslavia.

The ministry said in a statement Economy News received a copy of it, Transport Minister Kazem Hamami signed yesterday, Air Services Agreement with the Deputy Serbian Prime Minister and Minister of Construction and Transportation and Infrastructure Zoran Mihajlovic, explaining that the agreement will give an opportunity to begin the organization of air traffic between the two countries.

The statement quoted Hammami as saying that this agreement contains a number of important open air route between Iraq and Serbia axes as well as the granting of entry to citizens of the two free features, explaining that the Iraqi delegation discussed the possibilities of expanding economic cooperation between Iraq and Serbia, there are great opportunities for cooperation between the two countries.

The Convention has strengthened the previous agreement signed in 1975 between Iraq and Yugoslavia, pointing out that Iraq is working on the infrastructure destroyed by the rehabilitation of terrorism and there is great potential for Serbian companies to get some projects.


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New video call service qualifies good competitive position

The agent of the Japanese company in Iraq, Kifah Abdul Sattar, said today that a good marketing and competitive position has been obtained within the Iraqi market.

“This project brings great benefits to the country on various technical, economic, social and international levels,” he said. “The latest Japanese technology will be in Iraq through this project.”

“At the international level, the index, called the International Telecommunication Union (ICT), or the so-called communications lines, is making Iraq at an advanced stage,” he said.

He noted that “the density of communication lines is a measure of the United Nations and the International Telecommunication Institute to the prosperity of the country.”


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The reasons for poor Internet service

The Ministry of Communications, on Wednesday, attributed the reasons for the weakness of the Internet service throughout Iraq to the technical staff of the ministry to connect the optical cable in Iraq, likely to end the link at the end of June.

“The reasons for the weakness of the Internet service throughout Iraq is due to the technical staff of the ministry to connect the optical cable in Iraq,” ministry spokesman Hazem Mohammad Ali said in a press statement.

He added that “the optical cable project contains important services for the citizen, most notably the visual and audio communication, as well as a package of encrypted channels.”

He pointed out that “the project has many economic, security and technical benefits,” likely to “end the linkage at the end of June.”


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Iraq exceeded 1000 tons in the export of liquid gas for the first time in its history

Minister of Oil Jabbar Allaibi on Thursday said that Iraq has exceeded the threshold of 1,000 tons in the export of gas for the first time ever.

“The export rate for the first time in Iraq exceeds 1,000 tons of liquid gas and the capacitors exceed 14,000 tons per day,” Al-Luaibi told a news conference during the opening of the liquid gas unit in the southern refineries.

He added that “the unit of liquid gas in the refineries of the South will operate 200 tons per day of liquid gas to add to the national production capacity and reach the threshold of 6000 thousand tons a day,” stressing that “the gas sector has seen qualitative leaps and accelerated and will be opened during the coming period other projects”.

“Major achievements have been made in the oil, extractive sectors and in the infrastructure, transformation and distribution sectors,” al-Luaibi said, expressing the hope that “these achievements will be in the interest of the Iraqi people.”


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Marlink to build unique hybrid digital network solution with local partners in Iraq

Global satcom specialist Marlink, UK-based service integrator Defaultroute and Iraqi Internet service provider Abr Al Manara have joined forces to deliver a groundbreaking hybrid digital connectivity service resulting in a multi-million US dollar contract for a major Iraqi oil & gas company.

Overcoming the challenges of poor terrestrial infrastructure, the partners will seamlessly integrate Marlink’s Terralink VSAT service with MEO satellite services in addition to fibre Internet connectivity. The hybrid digital network approach provides levels of redundancy and service available not seen before in Iraq, with the end-customer enjoying a near-100% SLA for always-on connectivity.

Harnessing the power of Marlink’s extensive global network, the integration of Marlink’s advanced Terralink VSAT services within the sophisticated hybrid digital network enables the partnership to deliver unmatched high-speed connectivity.

As the Service Integration partner, Defaultroute’s Quality Assurance and Service Delivery Management expertise will ensure smooth running of all aspects of the network, working closely with Marlink to deliver high bandwidth on Terralink VSAT that will support end-users in Iraq to develop a more collaborative work environment through connectivity.

The hybrid digital network creates the platform for more digitalisation of commercial and industrial operations in Iraq, with provision of high bandwidth for a variety of applications including logistics operations, safety & security with surveillance and remote monitoring, and emergency response.

Defaultroute will co-operate with Abr Al Manara on delivery of the MEO satellite services and fibre connectivity part of the network. Abr Al Manara operates 70% of the commercially available MEO satellite bandwidth over Iraq and is able to provide in-country compliance, licensing and logistics due in part to its eight-year partnership with Alsalam State Company / the Ministry of Communication.

“Defaultroute set out nine months ago to bring together key partners that were aligned with our quality standards and could be open and flexible with us to ensure that we could give our customers the best possible service,” said Vince Davies, Defaultroute. “Our partnerships help to provide ‘Peace of mind’ to the customer regarding quality and compliance while ensuring we can deliver the best technical solution for the most reliable service.”

“A big part of the success of this joint venture is the mutual understanding between the partners when it comes to operating together within the complex Compliance and Licensing laws in Iraq. Abr Al Manara and its parent company have been operating in Iraq since 1976 so we know this better than anyone. We believe this is just as important as the technology we bring together as partners,” said Michael Iwanow, COO Abr Al Manara.

“Our partnership with Defaultroute and Abr Al Manara is the foundation for delivery of the fastest, most reliable Internet connectivity available in southern Iraq. Terralink VSAT adds significantly to the value proposition as it provides the most stable bandwidth and redundancy for the development of hybrid digital networks in the region,” said Danny Côté, President Enterprise, Marlink.

For further information, please contact:
Knut Natvig, Marlink
T: +47 48 030 911


Prime Minister arrives in Mosul

Prime Minister’s Office announced the arrival of the Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Haider Abadi to the city of Mosul to inspect the operational units.

Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi, headquarters of the security forces on the west side of the city of Mosul.

A statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office, received by the agency {Euphrates News}, a copy of it, Abadi “inspected the headquarters of heroes in the anti-terrorism and the ninth division and the federal police and the popular crowd.”


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