The arrival of two aircraft “Airbus” out of four aircraft to Basra oil

Basra Oil Company (formerly South) announced, on Friday, the arrival of two helicopters “Airbus” out of four aircraft contracted to buy for use in the implementation of logistics operations and facilities related to the management of oil fields.

The company said in a statement received by Alsumaria News, a copy of it, “The company announces the arrival of two helicopters to Baghdad International Airport out of four aircraft previously contracted by the company to manufacture and equipment with the company “Airbus” indicating that “the aircraft were transferred of the company’s factories on board an aircraft coming from Munich international Airport.”

The company pointed out that “Basra oil has appointed pilots and engineers and former military technicians to work in the air section, which was established in the company to operate and sustain aircraft,” adding that “the aircraft will be used for transport, emergency and protection, be decided to be central station in Baghdad, with the allocation of airstrips in the oil fields in Basra.”

It is noteworthy that the Basra Oil Company (formerly South) is the largest and most important Iraqi company belonging to the public sector, employs at least 20 thousand employees distributed on dozens of oil fields and administrative facilities, the company, which was founded in 1969 the peak of prosperity in the late seventies when the production But many of its installations and warehouses were destroyed during the first Gulf War (1980-1988). The second Gulf War in 1991 resulted in the destruction of more facilities. In 2003, acts of looting and vandalism have damaged about (80-90%) of them, so that no more than Company of crude oil during the second half of 2003, 150 thousand barrels per day, but the company resumed advancement again and was able to recover gradually.

UAE stresses the importance of linking the GCC with Iraq’s electricity grid

The Minister of Industry and Minerals / Agency / Mohammed Xiaa Sudanese, confirmed the desire of the Iraqi government in cooperation with the UAE in various energy uses areas through the exchange of experiences and transfer of technology and benefiting from successful experiences in the UAE in this field.

He said during a meeting with Undersecretary of the Ministry of Energy UAE Matar Neyadi, in the United Arab Emirates: “Iraq has specialized research centers and advanced in the fields of energy and efficient work with accumulated experience,” stressing “the importance of the use of experiences of Arab and foreign expertise to develop these possibilities and upgrading centers of research and scientific studies as a basic pillar important for the implementation of pilot projects that serve and contribute to economic development.”

Adding “Iraq has overcome the ordeal and is in the last moments of the final declaration of victory and the expulsion of the terrorist Daesh from another inch of its territory.”

Minister Industry expressed desire to develop relations with the UAE in the presence of a renaissance, progress and development which, confirms the existence of plans and management of a successful private sector, confirming the existence of a vision for the advancement of these relations and investment opportunities for all sectors in all provinces with a private sector has a desire to find a partnership with the UAE.

Undersecretary of the Ministry of energy fo the United Arab Emirates for his country ‘s desire and readiness to cooperate with Iraq in all fields and support in all possible ways and means to serve the interests of the two countries.

He stressed the importance of linking the GCC with Iraq’s electricity grid .


National Iraqi News Agency

Iraq ranked fifth Arab in Internet speed

Asian countries such as South Korea and other Scandinavian countries such as Denmark on the list of countries that are available on the Internet quickly.

On the Arab level, topping the first Gulf states, the UAE the list of Arab countries that guarantee their citizens fast Internet, but only two countries, the UAE and Qatar transcend the world average. Internet speed of 5.6 Mbps.

Here’s the list of fast Internet in 2017 Arab states.

1 – United Arab Emirates (6.9)

2 – Qatar (6.7)

3 – Kuwait (4.6)

4 – Morocco and Iraq (3.7)

6 – Saudi Arabia (3.4)

7 – Jordan (3.3)

8 – Tunisia and Oman (3.1)

10 – Comoros (2.2)

Iraq Press

The launch of e-booking from all countries of the world in Karbala hotel


Karbala hotels launched e – booking from all countries of the world to facilitate the movement of visitors and their trips during visits and events and religious service.

The head of the provincial council in Karbala Nassif in a press statement: “It is very important that we invest these numbers and movement of visitors in the service and construction of holy city of Karbala, it is very important to organize a tourist traffic mechanism well and not stay an initial non – organization.”

He added: “This program is an important technology platform that uses modern technology, which works to protect the tourist company well, as well as tourists and gives the right to get a booking and services smoothly”.


National Iraqi News Agency

Iraqi fans jubilant as international football returns

Ali, a jubilant 24-year-old, is finally in the stands himself for an international football match in Iraq — the first to be held in the country in years, France 24 reported.

“Before, I watched these matches on TV. Today I’m at the stadium,” says Ali, wearing an Air Force Club jersey and a flag bearing the team’s falcon emblem around his neck.

The match between the Air Force and Al-Zawraa clubs — part of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Cup, which the former team won last year — marks the return of international play to football-crazed Iraq for the first time since 2013.

“Football is our oxygen — we breath football,” Ali says.

The law student came by bus along with other fans to the Kurdish regional capital Arbil, where the match was held.

“I would have liked it to be in Baghdad, but that’s how it is. We’re so happy,” Ali says.

Arbil and other areas of Iraqi Kurdistan have largely been spared the years of brutal bloodshed that have plagued other parts of Iraq.

Iraqis’ passion for football cuts across the deep religious and political divisions that have fuelled horrific violence in the country for years, and the country’s national teams have brought people together amid some of the worst of the unrest.

But world football’s governing body FIFA and the AFC have periodically banned Iraq from hosting international matches, most recently in 2013 after a coach was killed by security forces.

Violence was rising, part of a multi-year crescendo of bloodshed that culminated in ISIS group’s takeover of large areas north and west of Baghdad the following summer.

At the stadium in Arbil, soldiers patrol and security is tight for a match that is a test of Iraq’s ability to host such events, and which comes during a three-month FIFA-imposed probation period for the country.
In the stands, fans jump, sing and scream, with Air Force supporters and their deafening vuvuzelas winning the battle of decibels.

“The heart is mine but what makes it beat is Al-Zawraa,” proclaims one of their flags.

“We are going to show a good image of Iraqi stadiums, of Iraqi football, says Anwar, a 25-year-old Al-Zawraa supporter.

“We have a responsibility, we the public,” says Ahmed Abdullah, another fan of Al-Zawraa.

He came from Baghdad on one of 15 buses chartered by the club.

“We are so happy, even if it’s far away,” he says, while adding that the ban on international play in Baghdad should be lifted because “it will not always be possible to come this far.”

It is a common sentiment among fans: they want the ban on matches being held elsewhere in the country to be lifted.

“The public is thirsty for matches like this,” says Ali Fadel, a 50-year-old taxi driver.

Founded in 1931, Air Force is the oldest club in Iraq and the current holder if the AFC title, while Al-Zawraa, with 12 Iraqi league championships, is the most titled team in the country.

Fadel, who has been an Air Force fan since he was seven years old, splits his time between Cairo and Baghdad, and came to Iraq especially to watch the match.

For him, the match rights the wrong of the “unnecessary” and “unjust” ban on international play in Iraq.

“We have a good public, beautiful stadiums. We have been deprived of such matches for too long.”


The Baghdad Post

Italy begins procedures for the delivery of two warships to Iraq

Italian authorities have announced that they have begun the extradition of two warships to the Iraqi government after more than a quarter of a century in an Italian port because of a previous UN resolution banning the sale of weapons to Baghdad during Saddam Hussein’s regime after the invasion of Kuwait and the outbreak of the first Gulf War.

A statement by the Italian Navy that the transfer of the two warships, (Tariq ibn Ziyad) and (Musa ibn Nusair), will start on Monday from the Italian port of Aspetcia to the port of Umm Qasr.

The statement noted that by completing the transfer of the two ships to the port of Basra province, the Iraqi elements, which have been entrusted with the duties of guarding, also return to their country after remaining in Italy for 26 years.

In 2014, the Iraqi government announced that it had reached a settlement agreement with the Italian authorities on maritime arms contracts dating back to 1980, including the rehabilitation of the ships concerned for thirty months.


Voice of the Iraqi community

The opening of a new shipping line between Iraq and China

General Company for Ports of Iraq revealed on Monday the opening of a new shipping line between China and Iraqi ports in the shipment the largest since the founding of the Iraqi ports and to the present time.

According to Director General of the company, Mr. Riad Shamkhi: The Ministry of Transport, in coordination and cooperation with the contracting company with Gulftainer ports to hold a joint operation for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the berth number 11.

This line open through ship YM carrying 2,500 containers directly from China towards the ports of Iraq one of largest ships unload their cargo in the nearby regional ports, indicating that the containers are loaded on small ships entering Iraq.

The Director General stressed that the achievements of the Iraqi ports was due to the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Transport Mr. Kazem Hammami and his interest in improving the navigational depths and facades of the pavement to bring it back to the depth of the design of 12.5 m, indicating that it helped giant ships traffic safely and dock in our ports safely expanding imports at developed ports.


Echo Media

A floating bridge on the Tigris River connects west Mosul to its east

Security forces set up today a bridge on the Tigris River linking the west side to the east side of the city of Mosul.

A security source told the {Euphrates News} today that “the heroes of the Directorate of Military Engineering erected a bridge on the Tigris River linking the west side and the east side length of 190 m and within 3 hours.”

“The bridge was erected from the east side to the west of the hotel (Nineveh Oberoi) west side of the area of ​​the Hawi Church.”

“The bridge will be used to transport the units and supplies between the two sides and will also be used to evacuate the displaced from the west side to the east when the liberation of the west side is completed, it will be used for citizens.”


Euphrates News

The liberation of the rest of Mosul


On Monday, the War Media Cell published a map of the rest of the liberation of west Mosul.

The map below shows that “the remaining areas under the control of Daesh are a very small part.”

The joint security forces continue the process of liberating the city of Mosul from the grip of “Daash”, after the announcement of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Prime Minister Haider Abadi starting zero hour (October 17, 2016), to liberate Nineveh.

First agreement to launch electronic health card


The Director of the Department of Women’s Protection at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Hussein Al-Moussawi Sunday, the conclusion of an initial agreement to launch the electronic health check card for beneficiaries taking social benefits and holders of the card in the near future.

Al-Moussawi said in a statement that “the Department of Women’s Protection will provide the Ministry of Health with the names of beneficiaries by taking the amount of social benefits holders of the card circuit registered within the database of the Department.”

“The Ministry of Labor will provide the health services provided by the health services, which will be available to the beneficiaries free of charge. The procedure will be part of the social protection umbrella provided by the Ministry of Labor.

“The project is one of the pillars of women’s economic and social empowerment,” Moussawi said.


The obelisk